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Use of unique identification number for universal certification and registration of death in Mauritius


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Presentation by Nasser Jeeanody (Ministry of Health & Quality of Life, Mauritius) at the international conference on innovations in Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) systems - Ottawa on 27-28 February 2018. See more at

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Use of unique identification number for universal certification and registration of death in Mauritius

  1. 1. Use of Unique Identification Number for universal certification and registration of death in Mauritius by Nasser JEEANODY, Chief Health Statistician, Ministry of Health, Mauritius Ottawa, February 2018
  2. 2. Area: 2,040 km² Population: 1.3 million Capital: Port Louis
  3. 3. Generation of Unique ID at birth registration 3 Upon the electronic birth registration, which is compulsory within 45 days after birth according to the Civil Status Act, a Unique Identification Number of 14 digits is automatically generated and allocated to every child. The said unique identification number will be used throughout the lifecycle of all citizens for access to free vaccination, free education (compulsory up to the age of 15 years) and to social aid for those in need; for the application for a national identity card, driving licence and passport; for opening of a saving bank account; etc.
  4. 4. Death Registration • Registration of death is mandatory by law • Earliest death recorded in 1793 - cause of death had to be spelt out by relatives • Certification by doctor as from 01 April 1948 “No interment, cremation or immersion at sea of the body of any dead person shall take place without a permit from an officer in such form as the Registrar of Civil Status may approve”. Section 38 of the Civil Status Act
  5. 5. Certificate of Cause of Death contains the National Identity Card Number, name, gender and age of the deceased and the date, time and place where the death has occurred. As recommended by the World Health Organisation, the underlying causes of death are recorded together with the particulars of the doctor who has certified the death.
  6. 6. The attribution of proper causes of death by medical doctor is the most important element which contribute to the improvement of mortality statistics (the core evidence needed for appropriate public health actions)
  7. 7. • Validation through the use of ID card of declarant and Medically certified cause of death certificate • Registration through the 34 fully computerised Civil Status Offices and using the unique identifier obtained from the system of birth registration • Certification through the civil registration database using on-line verification through the unique identifier.
  8. 8. 8 • Mauritius continuously submit complete cause-of-death database to W.H.O since 1957 • Well established collaboration of the Civil Status Division with Statistics Mauritius (ex Central Statistical Office) and Ministry of Health for compilation of reliable population and vital statistics , including quality cause of death data using the International Classification of Diseases (10th Revision) of the World Health Organisation. • Electronic exchange of data since 2005 among the 3 agencies have greatly improve the timeliness, completeness and accuracy
  9. 9. 9 •Apart from the Civil Status Database, the Registrar of Civil Status is also the repository of the Central Population Database Version 2 (CPDv2). The CPDv2is a system that safeguards the latest information of a Mauritian Citizen. •The goal for the CPDv2 is to store a subset of data from the CSD and National Identity Card systems. The CPDv2 enables the Civil Status Division to share citizen’s data with government agencies through the Information Highway •The Data Protection Act ensures the safeguard of confidential individual information.
  10. 10. 10 Linkages among Ministries and public departments in place in Mauritius for use of civil registration and NIC data, mainly through the use of the unique identification numbers, greatly reduce duplication, improve timeliness, reduce cost and increase efficiency at all levels and for all stakeholders.
  11. 11. 11 Thank you Merci a vous