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Your brain on sleep to upload


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A brief overview of sleep-physiology, function and sleep hygiene

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Your brain on sleep to upload

  1. 1. Your Brain on Sleep Arpitha Jacob Research Associate NIMHANS
  2. 2. SLEEP! “a readily reversible state of reduced responsiveness to, and interaction with, the environment” - Barry, Connors, & Paradiso (2007)
  3. 3. While we sleep Non Rapid Eye Movement Sleep: an idling brain in a movable body Rapid Eye Movement Sleep: an active, hallucinating brain in a paralyzed body
  4. 4. While we sleep Bear, Connors & Pardiso, 2007
  5. 5. Why sleep? Protection Inactivity & RestorationConsolidation
  6. 6. Why sleep? Memory consolidation Muscle memory Factual memory Plasticity
  7. 7. When we don’t sleep enough: Sleep Deprivation Negative mood Reduced learning Impaired memory Reduced situational awareness Higher risk of accidents and injuries
  8. 8. When we don't sleep enough: Chronic Sleep Restriction Cumulative cognitive deficits Poorer work performance & productivity Increased risk Hypertension Type II Diabetes Belenky et al, 2003
  9. 9. Disordered sleep Insomnia Sleep phase disorders Obstructive sleep apnea Restless leg syndrome Parasomnias
  10. 10. Prioritize Sleep
  11. 11. Restoring your sleep Regular sleep schedule Prepare for sleep No caffeine after 16.00 Wind down before bedtime Nap and exercise early Regulate light exposure More sunlight in the morning Less blue light in the evening Turn your bedroom into a batcave The 20 minute rule
  12. 12. Sleep aides Apps/Tracking devices Sleep diary/Sleep tracking apps Blue Light blocking apps White noise Supplements/Drugs Melatonin
  13. 13. Helpful Resources