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Valuation Consulting & Business Support


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Valuation Consulting & Business Support

Published in: Economy & Finance
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Valuation Consulting & Business Support

  2. 2. Consul<ng   • Business  Strategy   • Go  To  Market  Planning   • Business  Development   Opera<onal   Support   • Opera<onal  Review     • Data  &  Analy<c  Review   • Vendor  Source  Audit   Funding   &   Partnership   • Sourcing  Start  Up  &  Growth   Funds   • Distribu<on     • Partnership  Introduc<ons   • Industry  Trends   • Market  Sizing   • Market  Segmenta<on     • Target  Market  User  Needs   • Benchmarking   • Content  Review  &  Analysis   Insight   • Business  Planning   • Content  and  User  Experience   • Target  Client  Iden<fica<on   • Product  Posi<oning   • Go  To  Market  Planning   • Channels  &  Distribu<on     Strategy   • External  Messaging   • Sales  &  Marke<ng  Planning   • Prospec<ng  &  Qualifica<on   • Roadshows  &  Workshops   Execu<on   Consul'ng  &  Business  Support   Ac<onable  Support  
  3. 3. Briefing   •  Prac<ce  Review     •  Vendor  &  Peer   Benchmarking   Survey   •  Industry  Needs   •  Segment  Trends   Reviews   •  Research   •  Whitepapers   Directories   •  Annual  Industry   Directory   Insight  For  The  Community  
  4. 4. Working  with  major  data  vendor   to  review  and  advise  on  build  out   of  Structured  Product  Data   Content     Deliverables  Include:   Overview  Market   Instrument  and  Feature  Data   Model   Database  Review   Working  with  established  Data   Vendor  to  iden<fy,  develop  &   execute  on  a  strategy  and  bring   to  market  new  product  offering   to  Asset  Management  and   Administra<on  Segment.     Deliverables  Include:   Market  Sizing,  Segmenta9on  and   iden9fica9on  of    User  Needs   Funding  Pitch   Business  Opera9on  planning     Go  to  Market  Tac9cal  Planning   Worked  with  a  Start-­‐Up  analy<cs   provider  to  create  targeted   product  collateral  and  materials   for  use  by  new  sales  team  for   prospec<ng  into  Asset   Management  Segment.     Deliverables  included:   Product  Posi9oning  Tac9cs   Online  Video  Blog  &     Whitepaper   Social  Media  Distribu9on   Worked  with  a  European  Data   solu<ons  provider  to  reposi<on   exis<ng  offering  and  target  new   clients  within  the  Hedge  Fund  and   Administra<on  segments.         Deliverables  included:   Segmenta9on  and    targe9ng  of   prospects   Prospec9ng  ac9vity   Thought  leadership  content   Lead  development  &  workshop   Strategic  Consul9ng   Product  Marke9ng   Business  Development   Opera9onal  Data   Review   Consul'ng  Case  Studies  
  5. 5. 5   Contact  Us     Voltaire  Advisors  LLP   No.1  Poultry   London   EC2R  8JR   UK     +44  800  677  1694