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Beyond the Text - ELD 2017


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Beyond the Text: Converging Current Events and Digital Technology
A presentation by Frank Longo and Lisa Johnston, Centenary University

Published in: Education
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Beyond the Text - ELD 2017

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  4. 4. Dialogue as a learning method 4 Accountability and ownership Digital citizenship Carry over from one class to another Interdisciplinary potential Dynamic and timely content Strategic Communications Tools “Information architecture shapes the quality of the academic experience.” Peter Morville
  5. 5. Dynamic content Mental dexterity Resistant to teleology “Learning must be a way of being – an ongoing set of attitudes and actions by individuals and groups that they employ to try to keep abreast of the surprising, novel, messy, obtrusive, recurring events.” P. B. Vaill Textbook Concepts Student Experiences Real World Events Faculty Guidance
  6. 6. Let current events inform but not overwhelm the course.
  7. 7. Select sources that promote effective habits of mind.
  8. 8. 8 Invite discovery through continuous engagement.
  9. 9. Promote critical thought to further the dialogue.
  10. 10. Learning outcomes 10 Purpose Assessment rubrics Role in the broader academic program Sequence of content knowledge Learning strategies
  11. 11. Learning outcomes 11 Purpose Assessment rubrics Role in the broader academic program Sequence of content knowledge Learning strategies
  12. 12. Avoid assumptions about student ability. Habitual practice is not equivalent with skill. OUR TAKEAWAYS Remind students to think about academic work in a way that is not just about grades. Reimagine the role of the instructor as someone who occupies the same space as the student and does not have a monopoly on insight.
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