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Steve Ardire @Closeit #AugmentedIntelligence will become #futureofwork

  1. now over 117,00 impressions Steve Ardire AI startup advisor 'force multiplier' & 'Merchant of Light' @forcemultsteve 360-868-4435 #AugmentedIntelligence will become #futureofwork There’s lots of anxiety about automation of jobs because machines are learning how humans do things – they’re also learning how to do them better. But this automation is mostly for procedural work that humans don’t really like doing. Augmented Intelligence, where machines and humans work together, allows us to better understand and improve operations too complex for the human mind to manage with faster time to insights. It will redefine management and place greater emphasis on soft skills, that is, critical thinking, cognitive flexibility, emotional intelligence, imagination, and creativity, with a greater emphasis on lifelong learning.
  2. Inside Mind of AI Startup Advisor
  3. what I actually do ;-)
  4. The difference between Intelligent Automation and AI
  5. #ArtificialIntelligence projected to drive $15.7 trillion of global #GDP gains by 2030 By 2020, #AI will a top five investment priority for >30% of CIOs #GartnerAI AI have’s pull ahead of have nots as biggest winners
  6. Bill Gates: ’If you invent a breakthrough in AI , so machines can learn, that is worth 10 Microsofts'
  7. Why companies are reimagining business processes with algorithms “Machines can attend to vastly more information and more complex processes than human beings.” “Data is new oil and #AI is the refinery”……Steve Ardire
  8. Using #AugmentedIntelligence as strategic capability
  9. “What's missing from machine learning is understanding and generalizations” - Yoshua Bengio To Build Truly Intelligent Machines, Teach Them Cause and Effect- Judea Pearl Deep Learning cannot do true conversational AI because 'intent based' NLU lacks meaning, understanding, ability to generalize. Conversational AI service provides meaning - the missing piece - to create positive human-machine interactions where reasoning and 'common sense' are by-products. @EmoShape emotion synthesis script driven chatbots data driven chatbots inference chatbots Let’s talk chatbots #emotionAI defines context of interaction for understanding behavior and perception Competitive Advantage of Emotion Synthesis capable of understanding and generating any emotional state via wave computing controlling in real-time with facial micro expressions and body languages of a robot or an avatar
  10. Amygdala processes positive and negative emotions like fearful and anxious emotional states associated with potential threats. Ray Kurzweil: computers will match or beat human intelligence with emotions & sense of humor Emotions influence learning, memory, behavior processes in the brain The hippocampus and amygdalae regions in brain play key roles in processing both memories and emotions, and interactions between the two may reinforce the link between memory and emotions.
  11. #AI used to analyze language, tone, facial expressions of job candidates
  12. © 2019 All Rights Reserved | Steve Ardire shocking stats! • 20% to 35% of value-added collaborations come from just 3% to 5% of employees • 60% of executives confirmed they’re struggling to keep their workforce current and relevant. Why Machines Will Emerge as Top Collaborators AI + Complexity = A Powerful Strategic Advantage AI with Need for Speed becomes key competitive advantage #AI & Human Intelligence: The Essential Codependency The real power of AI lies in its “contextual awareness” namely its ability to sense and respond to current context. Rise of Strategy Machines via @mitsmr While humans may be ahead of computers in ability to create strategy today, we shouldn’t be complacent AI Will Redefine Management
  13. © 2019 All Rights Reserved | Steve Ardire Case in Point: Machines Will Emerge as Top Collaborators
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  15. © 2019 All Rights Reserved | Steve Ardire Chinese search engine Sogou showing lifelike, artificially intelligent avatars to read the news
  16. © 2016 All Rights Reserved | Steve Ardire ExMachina portrays relationships between humans and machines #AI Will Augment Human Creativity AI Can Predict Your Personality…Simply by Tracking Your Eyes
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  18. Augmented Intelligence is Already Disrupting AI Augmented Intelligence AI Isn't Killing Jobs; It's Killing Business Models
  19. © 2019 All Rights Reserved | Steve Ardire Dispatches from the front lines of human-robot collaboration • Humans and robots complement each other. When they come together, the abstract tasks performed by humans are amplified by AI’s quantitative insights. • Humans tackle all things creative, strategic, intuitive, and emotional, while data in the form of words and numbers is unquestionably the domain of AI. • AI not good at communicating what it’s doing • Humans are not good at not knowing • It’s hard to give AI feedback in laymen’s term
  20. people who make over $350K also can replaced by software Robot CEO: Your next boss could run on code jobs taken over by robots include 'condescending white man’ Gartner: By 2018, more than 3 million workers globally will be supervised by a "robo-boss." AI will make technology more adaptive, more flexible, more creative in solving problems to improve upon human capabilities such as reason, intuition, and imagination.
  21. AI fastest growing advanced technology segment in education globally
  22. Artificial Intelligence’s Role in Classrooms • @ThisIsCentury partnering with Flanders, Belgium, to roll-out CENTURY to all 700 of its state schools - helping 200,000 more pupils to fulfill their potential ! " calls it the “first-ever state-level rollout of artificial intelligence in schools.” • The first schools in Belgium will begin using the program in September of this year, building to a wider deployment around 2024, Century Tech said.
  23. We are not developing robots designed to take over the classroom CENTURY Tech Data Scientist Michael Ma
  24. Fundraising and Market Cap by Country and Sector
  25. The Hard Truth About Innovative Cultures most Global 2000 fall short or #fail because they do not embody these 4 key values of Digital Culture “Transformation is political ( not rational ) process to subvert process of change” @jhagel @workrebooted
  26. Why ‘Emergent Organizations’ will be the winners IBM Institute for Business Value reports that 60 percent of executives globally confirmed they are struggling to keep their workforce current and relevant. 1.Organize around information flows; ditch hierarchy and bureaucracy. 2.Empower individuals 3. Replace long lists of rules with a good M.O 4. Get Used to Living in the “In Between” 5. Open up new feedback loops 6. Tap into power of minds and machines ( augmented intelligence ) @bethcomstock Vice Chair at GE. meaning-making, creative work with imagination, critical reasoning will be uniquely valuable and require a greater emphasis on lifelong learning
  27. Come on, stop pretending
  28. Reskilling encouragedRemote work is new normal The future is Agile Freelance Adoption Rise of gig economy perhaps with more peeps doing startups Freelancers US workforce majority within decade with nearly 50% of millennial workers already freelancing
  29. © 2018 All Rights Reserved | Steve Ardire How will companies empower their employees in the workplace of the future?
  30. © 2019 All Rights Reserved | Steve Ardire In AI Age ‘Being Smart’ Will Mean Something Completely Different social skills, meaning-making, creativity, critical reasoning will be uniquely valuable and require a greater emphasis on lifelong learning The Fourth Industrial Revolution Is About Empowering People
  31. WRAP UP Quick Reactions from panel & audienceOvertaxed Working Memory Knocks the Brain Out of Sync Women have more active brains than men, according to science Significantly more active in prefrontal cortex involved in focus and impulse control and limbic or emotional areas of the brain responsible for mood and anxiety. However visual and coordination centers of the brain were more active in men
  32. • A brain circuit that suppresses distracting sensory information holds important clues about attention and other cognitive processes. • We attend to only a fraction of the sensory data available to us. New results are helping to explain how the brain filters out the sensations least interesting to it at any moment. • Grounding Cognition in Action To Pay Attention, the Brain Uses Filters, Not a Spotlight
  33. Alpha brain waves related to selective attention and working memory may stem from two different processes in the brain, according to new research.
  34. Your Brain Chooses What to Let You See Beneath our awareness, the brain uses a goal-directed attentional processes: It gets rid of information that’s distracting or less useful in order to make the more relevant inputs stand out.
  35. Every human behavior is tethered to DNA genetic anchor where biology drives every action and personality trait. Genes are the piano keys, the environment plays the song. Why Biology Will Be the Next Great Computing Platform #BiologicalIntelligence #genome engineering and new field of science called “machine behavior” that taps evolutionary biology, anthropology, etc
  36. famous scene from The Terminator (1984)
  37. Cognitive biases influence the way we think and act Humans Don’t Realize How Biased They Are Until AI Reproduces the Same Bias, Says UNESCO AI Chair • Bias baked into in ML algorithms by their designers. • Bias in training data they are given to learn from • Cultural bias in the data that has been collected. • We don’t realize how biased we are until we see AI reproduce the same bias.
  38. This bot read 3.5M books to find out how language perpetuates gender stereotypes
  39. Could AI ethics become superior to humans ?
  40. 12 Ways to Get Smarter Strongest Careers are Non- Linear’ so will reinvent yourself several times to adapt and stay relevant #futureofwork
  41. Major Shift in Education Toward Do-It-Yourself Learning for #futureofwork  Lifelong learning is the new reality
  42. 1966 Children about the future and #futureofwork
  43. Richard Feynman @ProfFeynman quotes • If you cannot explain something in simple terms, you don't understand it • There's a big difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something. • The ultimate test of your knowledge is your capacity to convey it to another • I would rather have questions that can't be answered than answers that can't be questioned. • If you're not having fun, you're not learning.
  44. Transcendence: The Missing Apex of Maslow’s Hierarchy Could Save Us All
  45. Skills Needed to thrive and 2020 and Survive the Robot Invasion of the Workplace ;-)
  46. Toughest one where most peeps will likely #fail 6 Traits All Top Performers Share 1. Intellectual firepower ( crystallized and fluid intelligence ) 2. Values (Integrity first ) 3. Passion ( with clarity & conviction ) 4. Work ethic ( must be proactive and team player ) 5. Experience ( more important is what can you do for me now….past experience not as relevant ) 6. Being yourself ( be REAL not another pretender and/or fakester )
  47. Close: #AugmentedIntelligence will become #futureofwork • Competitive imperative to change way industries operate and businesses compete. • Machines enhance human imagination by connecting concepts, ideas and products. • Greater emphasis on soft skills i.e. critical thinking, cognitive flexibility, emotional intelligence, imagination, creativity and lifelong learning. Chance favors the prepared mind ( Louis Pastuer ) but timing in critical so must train your intuition ! Embrace change because it creates opportunity.