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The Contents of a Content (R)evolution


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Nordic Marketing Director at Santander Consumer Bank Denmark

Jeppe Madsbad Lauritzen will let us in on the journey Santander Consumer Bank have undertaken in the Nordics the last years. In recent years, they've managed to step out of most noisy ad categories and put a big bet on content marketing in owned channels. In this talk, they share how to succeed, through aligning insights, strategy, organisation and agencies. Is about pushing both the boundaries, the c-level and the organizational mindset, to be able to pull the customers into a universe of valuable and relevant content earlier in a redefined journey.

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The Contents of a Content (R)evolution

  1. 1. @ Clever Content 2018, Copenhagen THE CONTENTS OF A CONTENT (R)EVOLUTION JEPPE MADSBAD LAURITZEN Nordic Marketing Director
  2. 2. Video 1: ”Santander employer branding pre-interview cut” (This slide is to be removed)
  3. 3. • 1400 employees and 4 mio customers in 4 countries Santander in the Nordics • Consumer finance set-up • Car loans • Consumer loans • Credit cards • Deposits • Sales Finance • Digital Business • + 10 years history • + 3 years BtC focus
  4. 4. The end of a (r)evolution!
  5. 5. “The contents of content (r)evolution”
  6. 6. Revolution
  7. 7. Evolution
  8. 8. (r)evolution VIVA LA (R)EVOLUCIÓN
  9. 9. The contents of my content (r)evolution • Melt an Iceman • Yield to a consultant • Admiting making the happiest People in the world unhappy • Wrestle 4 CEOs • Build and lead a movement • Kiss a customer
  10. 10. “Melt an Iceman!”
  11. 11. Meet the Iceman!
  12. 12. Video 1: ”Nordics Raikkonen (Hello Denmark)” (This slide is to be removed)
  13. 13. Results Raised awareness + some consideration Boosted buzzword vocabulary + knowledge on “media ecosystems” Excellent results on the campaign KPIs (Ad recall, Ad liking, engagement):
  14. 14. “Yield to a consultant”
  15. 15. That moment…..
  16. 16. Because… Off went Kimi!
  17. 17. Yield to a consultant
  18. 18. ..I shall build my house with bricks!
  19. 19. “Admiting making the happiest people in the world unhappy”
  20. 20. “Dealing” with the happiest people in the world
  21. 21. “Dealing” with the un-happiest people in the world
  23. 23. AWARENESS CONSIDERATION PREFERENCE CONVERSION The Old Approach Straight from TV to Sales The New Approach Relevant and value-adding throughout the entire customer journey PROBLEM/OPPORTUNITY RESEARCH PURCHASE EVALUATION LOYALTY EXPERIENCE VS. IMPORTANT NUMBERS: 71, 96 AND 1,3
  25. 25. From a brand perspective  Customer-centric communication  Build trust  Reposition the brand Content Marketing is (a BIG part of) the solution From a marketing perspective  Create more traffic and leads  Improve SEO  Get more data = More sales $$$
  26. 26. “Wrestle 4 CEOs”
  27. 27. Wrestle 4 CEOs
  28. 28. Speak their language.. and numbers!
  29. 29. …and numbers
  30. 30. Be patient and explanatory …What we mean with content marketing From ads to content From Mad Men to Journalists From push to pull EDITORIAL Our website Building a medium No expiration date on relevance or rights OWNED MEDIA Be the best teacher Answer people’s questions Build trust HELPFUL, INPIRING AND EDUCATIONAL
  31. 31. ….And never underestimate: ”The External Whisperer”
  32. 32. “Build and lead a movement”
  33. 33. Choose your (new) weapon(s)
  34. 34. It starts in the marketing department TO
  35. 35. What about our partners? A Blog??? Content what? Can I just go now? But isn´t Facebook dead? Will our costumers understand it? Can my daughter be in the video? Can I be in the video?? And what about our sponsorships? I am NOT gonna be in any video This is cool Let´s go!! No more TV??? Can I go to Clever Content? Content How, why, when? This is actually not bad…. …..But you need everybody on-board! Can I go to New York?
  36. 36. “Kiss a customer”
  37. 37. Kiss a customer, kiss Harald!
  38. 38. “Thank you!”