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Home and school club meeting jan 17 19 (1)


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Talk with LGHS Teachers and Counselors

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Home and school club meeting jan 17 19 (1)

  1. 1. New Courses and Curriculum Home and School Club Meeting Los Gatos High School – Jan. 17, 2019
  2. 2. Philosophical Framework - Key Points 1. Maintain educational excellence 1. Continue to innovate and improve teaching and learning 1. Augment course offerings - to deepen pathways - to cater to student interests and passions - to promote balance, engagement, and connectedness 4. Support choice and success for ALL students - equity
  3. 3. New Course Offerings for 2019-20 • English • English 11 with an emphasis in Social Justice • Poetry Workshop and Publication • Social Studies • Human Geography • Science • AP Physics 1 • PE • Yoga and Mindfulness • Visual/Performing Art • Beginning Guitar (Returning) • Applied Art • Graphic Design 3 • LEAD@LG (formerly called New Tech) • Film Production
  4. 4. Physics Course Offerings 1. Three options for students next year: Physics, AP Physics 1, AP Physics Mechanics C 1. All three courses have these commonalities: a. Spark student curiosity in physical world b. Enhance mathematical skills with real-world application c. Frequent hands-on laboratory investigations and activities d. Use research-based instructional techniques e. Access to extensive collection of physics lab equipment and computers/devices f. Prepare students for future science classes g. Taught by experienced teachers
  5. 5. Physics Course Offerings Physics AP Physics 1 AP Physics Mechanics C Course Structure College Preparatory One Semester College One Semester College Topics Covered Mechanics, Energy, Waves and Sound, E & M Mechanics, Energy, Waves and Sound, Circuits Mechanics, Energy Math Recommendations Concurrently in Algebra II or higher Concurrently in Algebra II Accelerated or higher Concurrently in Trig/Pre- Calc H or higher Estimated Homework Load 20 - 30 minutes each block period 30 - 60 minutes each block period 90 - 120 minutes each block period Test Preparation CAASPP Statewide Test CAASPP, AP Physics 1 AP Physics Mechanics C Possible Future Pathways AP Physics 1 or AP Physics Mechanics C College Life Science Major Physics Class College Physical Science Major Physics Class
  6. 6. NGSS = Next Generation Science Standards ● Adopted in 2013 - “All students, all standards” ● Built around integration and practices in “3 Dimensions” ○ Disciplinary Core Ideas: Life, Physical, Earth and Space Sciences, AND Engineering ○ Cross-cutting Concepts (ex: Patterns, Models) ○ Science and Engineering Practices (ex: Asking questions, Arguing from Evidence, Designing Investigations) ● Department leadership team working to align current core curricula
  7. 7. New Curriculum: New Tech Physics - “LG Idol” • Students build a musical instrument to gain a better understanding of sound and waves. • Summer workshop - STEM Guitar Project • Luthier tools purchased through NMF grant (thank you!). Eleven students participated in after-school guitar building program. (October-December)
  8. 8. Social Justice Pathway - English 11 (new) and 12 • Analyze themes of class, race, gender, community, and the human condition. • Examine the intersections of social justice education and modern literature. • Apply critical race theory, feminist theory, literary theory, and theories of social justice to the texts.
  9. 9. Social Justice English Curriculum (preview) • The course will analyze the resilient nature of our society, specifically with regard to individuals who are able to overcome societal pressures and stratifications, in order to create change for all. • Core social justice texts - both fiction and non- fiction - will accompany each piece of literature. • Students will be afforded opportunities to have experiential learning that supports the text and themes discussed in class, including an option for both local and international travel for service learning to help build a better world. Sample Social Justice Texts: ● Just Mercy ● The Hate U Give ● Tell Me How It Ends ● Enrique’s Journey ● The Girl from Aleppo ● Hidden Girl ● The 57 Bus ● Raising Ryland
  10. 10. Poetry Workshop & Publication • Focus on studying, analyzing, and writing a wide variety of poetry and song lyrics. • Hear presentations by local SCC poets, both in class and in the community. • Share work with teacher, peers, and at open mic nights in the community. • Learn and explore the publishing process. • Self-publish anthology of poems in personal ebook. (Semester 1) • Edit, produce, and publish LGHS literary magazine. (Semester 2)
  11. 11. Tutorial Talks (hosted by Team BELONG) 1/11 - “Three Ingredients to Finding the Life You Love” (Shana Moore) 1/25 - Japanese Internment during WWII (Gerry Watanabe) 2/1 - “Dragon Skin: Growing Up Chinese American” (Steve Wong) 2/8 - “Fade to Black: Poetic Tributes” (Venus Jones) 3/1 - Poverty/New Orleans Trip (Tiffany Hamm & Student Volunteers) 3/15 - Human Trafficking/Sexual Assault (Grateful Garment) 3/22 - Miller Cup Competition (hosted by Zachary Davison-Wilson)
  12. 12. More Tutorial Talks... 3/20 - SCU’s Performance of “Breaking Through” (6th period presentation) 3/29 - Examining Gender Today (GSA) 4/19 - Homelessness/Building Homes in Mexico (Tim Galleher and Students) 4/26 - Poetry Slam /SCC Poet Laureate (Mike McGee) 5/3 - De Havilland Cup Competition (date may change) 5/10 - Ramadan/Muslim Speaker (TBD)
  13. 13. LEAD@LG Pathway (formerly known as New Tech at LGHS)
  14. 14. Project Lead the Way - Engineering Pathway 1. Introduction to Engineering Design -First year course - hands-on and simulated Engineering-related projects 2. Principles of Engineering -Second year course - more in-depth work on Engineering topics - Mechanisms & Work, Energy & Power - Statics & Structures, Robotics & Programming 3. LGHS Robotics - a class and a team -Ideal Pathway Sequence: IED → POE → Robotics
  15. 15. LGHS Robotics - Team “Iron Claw” • Curriculum & content are student driven and student led. • Heavy involvement of mentors in industry • A team that runs as a class with extensive after-hours participation Additional “Need to Knows” about LGHS Robotics: ● Generally sophomores and above ● Experienced students mentor new students. ● Students participate in FIRST Competitions. ● Intensive 6-week build season ● Had roughly a $90,000 budget last year. ● Meet after school for 5 hours a week. Much more during build season.
  16. 16. Course Registration Process Jan: Teachers currently going into classrooms to talk about courses Jan 25: School Messenger will be sent out with registration information and instructions Jan 25: Course sequence charts, course descriptions, registration videos, and instructions will be available on the Guidance section of the website Jan 28: Online registration in Aeries is open Jan 29 and 30: Registration presentations at tutorial for freshmen Feb 6: Online registration closes and initial requests are tallied Feb 25-May 3: Guidance counselors will work with each student one-on-one in their English classes to review their choices, answer questions and make changes, as needed. After May 3: Master schedule planning. Course changes can be made on a space-available basis.
  17. 17. Questions? Thank you for attending!