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Tim Caffrey: Additive Manufacturing - State of the Industry


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Presentations from R3D@Tri-C, the Regional 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Conference, held on June 18 and 19, 2015, at Tri-C’s Advanced Technology Training Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Tim Caffrey: Additive Manufacturing - State of the Industry

  1. 1. Additive Manufacturing June 19, 2015 • Cleveland, Ohio State of the Industry Tim Caffrey
  2. 2. Note: Many images have been removed from this presentation because permission was not granted to distribute them. Other elements of these slides also differ from those presented.
  3. 3. Next 45 minutes Emerging technologies, materials, and business models Recent growth trends New machine technology Production of metal parts The supply chain Exciting future
  4. 4. Estimates and forecasts based on 20 years of hard data Views from 78 hand-picked co-authors in 31 countries Cooperation from 40 system manufacturers and 87 service providers
  5. 5. $4.1B in 2014 CAGR: 35.2% $2B in products Source: Wohlers Report 2015 2014 growth Quadrupled in past 5 years products services
  6. 6. Companies that build and sell industrial (>$5,000) systems Nanoscribe RPM Innovations 3DCeram Sisma BigRep 2014: 49 2013: 34
  7. 7. Industrial system unit sales Source: Wohlers Report 2015 12,85030.1% growth in 2014
  8. 8. Emerging Asian system manufacturers Xi’an Bright Laser Technologies Xery Matsuura OPM Lab Roland DG Keyence
  9. 9. Desktop (<$5K) 3D printers Source: Wohlers Report 2015 92.5% growth in 2014 139,584
  10. 10. Source: Wohlers Report 2015 12,850 $173.3M $1.12B Industrial vs desktop 3D printers Industrial machines Desktop 3D printers 2014 units 139,584 2014 revenues
  11. 11. Patents Foundation patents for FDM, SL, SLS, and 3DP from MIT expired SLM patent by Meiners, Wissenbach, and Gasser (DE19649865C1) expires 2 Dec 2016
  12. 12. Vat photopolymerization Asiga Autodesk Formlabs Lightforge Old World Laboratories Prodways Others
  13. 13. Laser sintering Hunan Farsoon Norge OpenSLS Sintratec Sharebot Sinterit Sand Made
  14. 14. Metal AM system sales Source: Wohlers Report 2015 543 351 199 54.7% growth in 2014
  15. 15. Helped 60 employees, suppliers, others to become AM experts Worked on 120 AM-related projects 35 full-time Airbus employees focused on AM, up from 20 a year ago
  16. 16. AM supply chain Metals ~11 years Additive Metal Alloys AP&C ATI Carpenter Erasteel H.C. Starck LPW NanoSteel Norsk Titanium Praxair Sandvik VDM Alloys ALM Arkema CRP Technology DSM Somos Evonik Exceltec Oxford Performance Materials SABIC Polymers ~27 years
  17. 17. Printing of 30 tons of AM parts monthly at Airbus 30,000+ fuel nozzles at GE Aviation BAE Systems Bell Helicopter Boeing Bombardier Embraer General Dynamics Honeywell Aerospace Supply of machines Lockheed Martin Northrop Grumman Pratt & Whitney Raytheon Rolls-Royce SpaceX
  18. 18. Hybrid metal systems Powder bed fusion Matsuura OPM Lab Directed energy deposition Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies Flexible Robotic Environment DMG Mori Seiki Mazak Hurco Hermle Fonon
  19. 19. Hybrid material systems Voxel8: material extrusion head and conductive ink deposited with pneumatic direct-write dispenser MarkForged: material extrusion head and second head that deposits a continuous strand of carbon fiber, fiberglass, or Kevlar
  20. 20. HP Multi Jet Fusion BAAM Carbon3D Technologies to watch
  21. 21. Refractory metals Ceramic materials and systems Thermoplastics New material families Graphene and graphite
  22. 22. Individuals with a networked 3D printer Brick-and-mortar 3D print shops Online marketplaces and communities New types of service providers “Traditional” service providers System manufacturers
  23. 23. RedEye Solid Concepts Harvest 116 high-end machines 17 acquisitions since August 2009 19% of 2014 revenue Mega service providers
  24. 24. Collaborations and resources Additive Manufacturing Competency Center Spark platform Led by Microsoft
  25. 25. Emerging industrial markets Bioprinting Space exploration Tooling
  26. 26. Parts for final products Source: Wohlers Report 2015 42.6
  27. 27. Source: Wohlers Report 2015 Future growth $7.3B $12.7B $21.2BQuadrupling in 5 years:
  28. 28. Growth potential Global manufacturing: $12.8 trillion 2% = $256 billion 5% = $640 billion
  29. 29. Strong industry-wide growth Summary Differences between industrial and desktop Supply chain in early days of development New collaborations and business models New manufacturers, technologies, and materials Metal AM outpacing rest of AM industry
  30. 30.