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IRP 2 (12/2/2015)


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Second IRP meeting (12/2/2015)

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IRP 2 (12/2/2015)

  1. 1. IRP Second meeting 12/2/2015 Tutor: Paolo Pareti Slides available from
  2. 2. Calendar Date # Milestones Thu 5th Feb 1st Tutorial Thu 12th Feb 2nd Tutorial First ideas Thu 19th Feb No tutorial Innovative Learning Week Thu 26th Feb 3rd Tutorial Outline of the IRP Thu 5th Mar 4th Tutorial Outline + key concepts Thu 12th Mar 5th Tutorial All main sections with content Thu 19th Mar 6th Tutorial All sections with content Thu 26th Mar 7th Tutorial All main sections complete Thu 2nd Apr 8th Tutorial Full draft
  3. 3. Common Mistakes and Pitfalls The resources discussed during the tutorial are available here: Inspired by: The Researcher’s Bible, by Alan Bundy et al.
  4. 4. Exercise for the next tutorial I (1) Start creating a simple LaTeX document for your IRP Possible outline: 1. Introduction (motivation often goes here) 2. Objectives / Hypothesis 3. Background 4. Methodology 5. Evaluation 6. Research plan
  5. 5. Exercise for the next tutorial II (2) Write a paragraph describing what your research contribution will be. Try to be as precise as possible. (3) Send me your draft IRP document, which should include the paragraph describing your contribution. You should send me by email as a PDF attachment by the 25th of February at 23:59.
  6. 6. Important note about LaTeX Unlike IRR, IRP requires you to work (more or less) closely with your supervisor. Your choice of using or not using LaTeX will affect him/her. Therefore, if you plan NOT to use LaTeX to produce your IRP (and possibly your MSc thesis as well), discuss this with your supervisor and make sure that he/she is ok with this decision.
  7. 7. Problems with LaTeX / BibTeX? If you have difficulties in using LaTeX / BibTeX ask questions during the tutorials. IRP tutorials are the perfect venue for learning these research skills. If you want me to have another tutorial on LaTeX / BibTeX let me know by email, and I will organize one.
  8. 8. Discussion and Feedback ● Have you scheduled a meeting with your supervisor? Discuss your ideas about at least two of the following points: ● What do you want to do? Objectives / Hypothesis ● Why would you do it? Motivation ● How are you going to do it? Methodology ● Is it novel? How? Background ● How do you know if you succeeded? Evaluation ● How do you plan to work? Research plan More questions: ● Know your audience: Which field are you contributing to? Which conference/journal would you submit to? Who would be interested in your project?
  9. 9. ILW next week No tutorial next week (the 19th of February) because of the innovative learning week.
  10. 10. Any questions? The End