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Pkh unfao mongolia_ca


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Pastoralist Knowledge Hub in Central Asia

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Pkh unfao mongolia_ca

  1. 1. PASTORALIST KNOWLEDGE HUB Asian Consultation with Pastoralists and Livestock Breeders` Organizations in preparation of Farmers` Forum at IFAD 25-26 January, 2016 Mongolia
  2. 2. Why a Hub? FAO Mandate: World Free from Hunger and Malnutrition Objective of the Hub: • to fill the gaps identified over the past years, especially the lack of global policy discussions on pastoralism and the need to bring attention to the challenges faced by pastoral communities. • To have coordinated incidence in policies that will benefit pastoralists
  3. 3. • Comprehensive initiative bringing pastoral voices to the global stage • Platform for pastoralist networks to connect • Provides opportunities for policy dialogue • All major organizations in pastoralism involved Pastoralist Knowledge Hub
  4. 4. Main Pillars
  5. 5. Pastoralist networks Global policy dialogue Pastoralist Knowledge Hub 3 Pillars Knowledge Networks Partners Capacity building, empowerment Coordination, discussion forum Traditional knowledge, research Alliances, key partners- advocacy
  6. 6. Hub topics Environmental services Climate Change Resilience Pastoralists Land Conflict Economy Gender & Youth Food security Innovation Organization Participation Value addition Social services
  7. 7. Regional Networks
  8. 8. HUB Regional networks Central Asia South Asia Latin America Europe North Africa & Near East West & Central Africa
  9. 9. Partners Many organizations are increasingly recognizing • the importance of pastoralist livelihoods, • the need to improve their own knowledge on pastoralism and • the need to establish a dialogue with pastoralists in order to achieve development goals. This work is more efficiently done when a coordination tool is in place, such as the Pastoralist Knowledge Hub.
  10. 10. Partners
  11. 11. Regional pastoralist gatherings Europe Central Asia South Asia
  12. 12. Join the HUB! • The Pastoralist Knowledge Hub has set up an open participation mechanism where any pastoralist organization or collective is welcomed. • Central Asian Meeting of Pastoralists: open platform for pastoralists • If you want to join the Hub, please download a form and send it by e-mail to pastoralist-
  13. 13. PASTORALIST ASSEMBLY OF CENTRAL ASIA • PACA: July 2015, Mongolia • Hustai Declaration • Action Plan • Work Plan • Secretariat of PACA • Ongoing activities
  14. 14. For more information on: Pastoralist Knowledge Hub: astoralist- knowledge-hub/en/ THANK YOU !!