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Dr. Sterghios Topis, Director - Products & Solutions, IDE - INTRACOM Defense Electronics


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Defense & Security in a Digital World

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Dr. Sterghios Topis, Director - Products & Solutions, IDE - INTRACOM Defense Electronics

  1. 1. The role of advanced technologies in industrial sustainability EXPOSEC Conference Armed Forces Officers Club, May 15, 2018 Dr. Sterghios Topis Director, Products & Solutions IDE - INTRACOM Defense Electronics
  2. 2. Focusing in Tactical Operational Needs Specialized Products & Systems Doctrine of Operations New or Extended Capabilities QUALITY DRIVEN CUSTOMERS Operational needs Technologies
  3. 3. Advancing Situation Awareness Wireless Broadband Communication Networks Secure IP Naval Network  Enabling a Secure Tactical C4I Internet on- the-move Wireless Wide Area Network  Forming a fast Brigade C4I backbone Secure Packet Radio – Tactical IP Network  Battalion and below Battle Management Radio
  4. 4. Effective Vehicular Communications  Unrivalled Vehicular Noise Reduction  Weapon Firing Noise Suppression  Ease of Use  Cross Platform Transportability  Extreme Reliability
  5. 5. Hybrid Generators for Field Operations On-Board Energy Storage Interface to other sources 65% reduction in fuel 80% reduction in maintenance Extended Silent Operation for Covert Operations
  6. 6. Advanced Vehicle Power Management Integrated Hybrid Auxiliary Power Unit with Environmental Control Unit High Capacity On-Board Energy Storage Effective Vehicle Power Management Enables Vehicle True Silent Watch capability
  7. 7. Comprehensive Command & Control Platform Situational Awareness over Air, Land & Sea Domains  Air Defense, Critical infrastructure protection, Border surveillance and Maritime Safety and Security Real Time COP Synthesis from Tactical to Strategic Level Intelligent Management of Threats & Incidents Mission Management COP & Situational Awareness Detect Track Alert Manage Homeland Security Control Backbone
  8. 8. Air Surface Control Display System - ASCDS  Monitoring & Managing Air Defense Missile Fire Control  Unified Surface to Air Picture & Common Operational Picture  Surveillance Radar(s) Integration & Sensors’ Data Fusion over Geographical Information Platform  Tactical Link(s) Data Integration & COP Distribution over Local and /or Remote Modes of Operation Coordinating Firing Range Activities
  9. 9. Land Border Surveillance System LBSS Integrating Border Security Operations  Command and Control at Local, Remote and Master Level  Real Time Common Operational Picture Synthesis and Dispatching  Geographical Information & Multi Sensor Data Fusion  Early Warning & Alarming  Automated Detection, Tracking & Classification of Threats & Incidents  Wide Area(s) of Coverage  Secure Wireless Wideband IP Networking
  10. 10.  Considers NATO ATP – 71 MIO  Turn Key Integrated Solution for Supporting Effectively Maritime Surveillance & Security Missions  Coastal and Open Sea Surveillance  Search and Rescue Operations  Sea Critical Infrastructure Surveillance Advancing Maritime Interdiction Operations
  11. 11.  Secure Long Range Communication Systems  Real Time Concurrent Data & Video Streams  Noise Free Intercommunications Systems  Integration of Radar, EO/IR, AIS  Integration of Navigational Sensors  Special Operations RHIB  Real Time Command & Control Operation Execution  C2 Platform Managing Complete Missions  Common Operation Picture and Incident Management Advancing Maritime Interdiction Operations
  12. 12.  Interceptor Secure Noise Free Long Range Communications  Command Post Overall Mission Management  Mother Ship Real Time COP and Mission Support  MIO Team Real Time Communications Voice-Video-C2 Data Advancing Maritime Interdiction Operations
  13. 13. Thank you for your attention