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Catalog Light and Shadow 2017


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art, photo, salon, contest, photography

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Catalog Light and Shadow 2017

  1. 1. 1st International Contest Light and Shadow Montenegro 2017
  2. 2. 2017-354 L1700812017-272 2017-058 Unlimited Photo 1st International Contest of Photography Light and Shadow MONTENEGRO Photo Travel Nature Water Shadow Open Color Open Monochrome SECTIONS
  3. 3. 2017-272 L170081 2017-354 2017-058
  4. 4. FIAP badge of the best author Mr. Joseph Tam, Australia Grand Prix Salon for best photography Special Chairman Choice award Mr. Alexey Suloev, Russia Mr. Hugh Milsom, England FIAP Gold Petar Sabol, LDP1, Croatia PSA Gold Yury Pustovoy, Kashmir, Russia GPU Gold Istvan Kerekes, Life in Balkan, Hungary Salon Gold Nhan Le Hoang, Luoi Xiep, Vietnam Salon Silver Xiaoguang Cao, Tribal Carnival 2, China Salon Bronze Xiaoping Chang, Xiapu Impression 2, China IAAP Bronze John Coumbias, Rural family, South Africa FIAP Mention Graeme Watson, In The V and A, Australia FIAP Mention Xiaoqing Chen, Tribal Spirit 13, China PSA Mention Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Visit To Sultan Qaboos Mosque, Qatar PSA Mention Hugh Milsom, Mists over Inch Strand , England PSA Mention Philip C Y Chan, Foggy Vancouver Downtown, Canada IAAP Mention Guanyong Zhong, Tribal Protector, China Salon Mention Alexey Suloev, Little Monk and Buddha Myanmar, Russia Salon Mention Changxiu Liu, Forward, China Salon Mention Fahad Alenezi, The Sadu Man, Kuwait Salon Mention Shin Woo Ryu, Desert 07, South Korea Salon Mention Roger Jourdain, Inspection in Masai School, France Salon Mention Rony Barua, Bowing in prayer, Bangladesh Theme A Photo Travel
  5. 5. Theme B Nature FIAP Gold Arnaldo Paulo Che, Tasty, Hong Kong PSA Gold Petar Sabol, Butterfly imagination, Croatia GPU Gold Roger Jourdain, Chacals A Chabraque No1, France Salon Gold Yeokkian Koh, Mating 18, Malaysia IAAP Silver Abdulla AL Mushaifri, After The Rain, Qatar Salon Silver Fahad Alenezi, Lost My Mom, Kuwait Salon Bronze Marc Anagnostidis, Anthocharis Et Fougere, France FIAP Mention Alexey Suloev, White dance Canada, Russia FIAP Mention Geoff Smith, Kingfisher With Wriggling Minnow, United Kingdom PSA Mention Isuru Ranasinghe, Hairdresser, Sri Lanka PSA Mention Tin Sang Chan, Graet Gray Owl Landing, Canada PSA Mention YI Wan, Monkey 84, China IAAP Mention Mustafa Evirgen, Zipzip, Cyprus Salon Mention Menahem Sinai, Big smile Small smile, Israel Salon Mention Changxiu Liu, Feeding, China Salon Mention Giovanni Fabbri, Evolution 8, Italy Salon Mention Joseph Tam, Parenting, Australia Salon Mention John Coumbias, Agressive look, South Africa Salon Mention Annelie Henn, Girafes, Germany
  6. 6. Theme C Water FIAP Gold Bin Zhou, Working Women, China PSA Gold Julio Castro Pardo, Iceberg beach, Spain Salon Gold Boettcher Dr Michael E, Trees in the wind, Germany Salon Silver Changxiu Liu, A Slice Boat, China Salon Bronze Roy Smith, Storm Wave, Scotland FIAP Mention Mishal Alryhan, Amazing collision, Saudi Arabia FIAP Mention Karoly Barakonyi, Mammoth Hot Springs 6, Hungary PSA Mention Roger Jourdain, Water Pleasure, France PSA Mention Debdas Bhattacharya, Life In Shore, India PSA Mention Jacqueline Hammer, Ordinary and Elegant, Australia GPU Mention Petar Sabol, Ice age, Croatia IAAP Mention Yury Pustovoy, Allseeing eye, Russia Salon Mention Annelie Henn, Rainbird, Germany Salon Mention Arnaldo Paulo Che, Challenge 1, Hong Kong Salon Mention Efraim Shpringer, Into the Unknown, Israel Salon Mention Roberto De Leonardis, Siberia 25, Italy Salon Mention Igor Debevec, Kirkjufellsfoss II, Slovenia Salon Mention Zhihua Hou, Sunset Fishing 1, China
  7. 7. Theme D Open Monochrome / Tema D Slobodna Monohrom Theme D Shadow FIAP Gold John Coumbias, Stage cleaner shadow, South Africa PSA Gold Xiaoqing Chen, Tribal Protector, China IAAP Gold Ming Li, Jerusalem impression 1, China Salon Gold Gerhard Boehm, Patrick, Germany Salon Silver Viesturs Links, Once More New Year, Latvia Salon Bronze Graeme Watson, Beautiful Music, Australia FIAP Mention Liang Gu, Bend 2, China FIAP Mention Tuan Ngoc Do, Peoples lives make salt 1, Vietnam PSA Mention Roger Jourdain, Dune 45, France PSA Mention Hanju Zhu, Thoughts of the leaves, China PSA Mention Xiaoguang Cao, Colorful Xiapu 5, China GPU Mention Lee Eng Tan, Mud Walk Reflection, Singapore IAAP Mention Phillip Kwan, Net Casting 3, Canada Salon Mention Xiaoping Chang, Go Home, China Salon Mention Xiaoyun Qi, Work Hard, China Salon Mention Xiongying Fu, Happy Girl, China Salon Mention Yury Pustovoy, Lines of Sahara, Russia Salon Mention Ashok Viswanathan, Thar desert, India Salon Mention Alexey Suloev, Two in the Galaxy USA Arizona, Russia
  8. 8. Theme E Open Color FIAP Gold Joseph Tam, Rambo, Australia PSA Gold Graeme Watson, Tea For Two, Australia Salon Gold Petar Sabol, Macro wonderland, Croatia Salon Silver Istvan Kerekes, The yawning, Hungary Salon Bronze Stane Vidmar, Windows 23, Slovenia FIAP Mention Viesturs Links, Little Decadent Portrait, Latvia FIAP Mention Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Shakur, Qatar PSA Mention Arnaldo Paulo Che, My younger brother, Hong Kong PSA Mention Yeokkian Koh, Big catch 9, Malaysia PSA Mention Robin Yong, Flowers of Ethiopia, Australia GPU Mention Tevfik Ileri, FAace To Face, Cyprus IAAP Mention Roger Jourdain, Free Wheels 2011 No01, France Salon Mention Shiu Gun Wong, My Prayer 2, Hong Kong Salon Mention Alexandra Cearns, The bug, Australia Salon Mention Gerhard Boehm, High Jump 2017, Germany Salon Mention Hugh Milsom, Colours of Seilebost, England Salon Mention Phillip Kwan, Bear Playing 43, Canada Salon Mention Marina Krstic, Midning own business, Macedonia
  9. 9. Theme F Open Monochrome FIAP Gold Daniel Lybaert, Stiekem, Netherlands PSA Gold Graeme Watson, Arms And Legs, Australia Salon Gold Viesturs Links, Reaper, Latvia Salon Silver Yiliang Yang, Breast Milk2, China Salon Bronze Gerhard Boehm, Table Top SW4, Germany FIAP Mention Ruslan Bolgov, Orbites of the Venus, Lithuania FIAP Mention Yury Pustovoy, Alone, Russia PSA Mention Koon Nam Cheung, Golden Eagle Landing 08 BW, Hong Kong PSA Mention Roger Jourdain, Anne Saxophonist No 2, France PSA Mention John Coumbias, Guitar player, South Africa GPU Mention Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Long Way, Qatar IAAP Mention Igor Debevec, Acte Noir I, Slovenia Salon Mention Xiaoqing Chen, Tribal Protector 5, China Salon Mention Roman Sudoma, Portrait of the nobleman bw, Czech Republic Salon Mention Shin Woo Ryu, Transmission Line, South Korea Salon Mention Mustafa Evirgen, Time, Cyprus Salon Mention Isuru Ranasinghe, Behold, Sri Lanka Salon Mention Ed Cooley, GhostRiders, USA
  10. 10. The Best Author of Light and Shadow 2017 FIAP Blue Badge Mr. Joseph Tam, EFIAP/p, GMPSA, GPU VIP5 Joe was born in Hong Kong and migrated to Sydney, Australia with his family in the early ‘80s. He was graduated with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in 2000 and has been an IT project manager un- til his retirement from the public sector. Joe started to participate in international photographic exhibitions since 2010 and is now an accomplished international exhibitor. To date, he has beenawarded over 12,000 international acceptances and has won more than 1,600 awards from exhibitions over 70 countries. Joe has obtained a total of 45 FIAP Blue Badges for the Best Author from nu- merous international exhibitions. Joe progressed from his initial FIAP distinction of AFIAP in 2012 and currently reached the level of EFIAP Platinum. On photographic achievements with PSA, Joe has obtained his GMPSA in 2016. He has been ranked top positions in the PSA World Top 10 Exhibitors for three consecutive years between 2012 and 2014. Once again, he has just obtained his PSA Top-10 ranking in 2016 in the digi- tal colour and monochrome divisions. Joe has been appointed as PSA Star Ratings Director of the Photo Trav- el Division responsible to verify star ratings applications from all over the world. Joe has also been appointed as verifying officer by the Aus- tralian Photographic Society (APS) to verify both FIAP and APS distinc- tions applications. Joe has been actively engaged in judging international salon competi- tions patronaged by FIAP and PSA.
  11. 11. Mr. Alexey Suloev Grand Prix Award Light and Shadow Contest Montenegro, 2017 Member of the Union of Photo Artists of Russia. Was born in Moscow, Russia. Famous landscape photographer and trav- eler, multiple winner of international photo contests, the founder of the most visited photo exhibition in Russia “THE WORLD WITH EYES OF RUSSIA”, “The Russian Festival of Photographic Travels”, “The Best Landscape Photographer of Russia” and the Moscow Photo Club. In pursuit of unusual cadres traveled the sex of the world from the North to the South Pole, having visited more than a hundred coun- tries. His photographs were repeatedly published in such publications as NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC RUSSIA, RUSSIAN PHOTO, PHOTO TRAVEL, ZOOM, DIGITAL PHOTO, FOTO & VIDEO, etc. Author of photo albums: “My World” (2008) and “All parts of the world” (2010) Participated in many world photo exhibitions. In the period from Janu- ary 1 to August 15, 2017- won 231 medals of various international pho- to contests held under the auspices of FIAP, PSA, ICS, FSS, IAAP, CFFU, ISF, FPF, FIP, GPU, etc.
  12. 12. Alexey Suloev, Russia, Aloft of Mars USA Arizona
  13. 13. Special Chairman Choice Award Mr. Hugh Milsom My photography started in1964 with my main interest being in land- scape. I achieved the distinction of Fellowship of the RPS in 1980, started entering FIAP exhibitions in 1982 gaining my AFIAP in 1987 EFIAP in 1990 followed by the MFIAP in 1993. During the next few years I was busy lecturing throughout Great Britain and Ireland and also leading landscape photographic workshops. I have also published four photographic books including a Workshop Guide on Infrared Photography and collections of both my monochrome and colour work. My interests returned to FIAP exhibitions and I achieved EFIAP/bronze, silver,gold and platinum in consecutive years from 2013 to 2016. At 82 years of age my passion for photography remains and I have had my most successful year in exhibitions and will be applying for EFIAP/diamond level 1 in the coming months.
  14. 14. Hugh Milsom, England, Shadows on Farmland
  16. 16. 18 PHOTO TRAVEL FIAP Gold Petar Sabol, Croatia, LDP1
  17. 17. 19 PSA Gold Yury Pustovoy, Russia, Kashmir PHOTO TRAVEL
  18. 18. 20 Istvan Kerekes, Hungary, Life in Balkan GPU GoldPHOTO TRAVEL
  19. 19. 21 Nhan Lehoang, Vietnam, LUOI XIEP Salon Gold PHOTO TRAVEL
  20. 20. 22 Xiaoguang Cao, China, Tribal Carnival 2 Salon SilverPHOTO TRAVEL
  21. 21. 23 PHOTO TRAVELIAAP Bronze John Coumbias, Southafrica, Rural family
  22. 22. 24 PHOTO TRAVEL Salon Bronze Xiaoping Chang, China, Xiapu Impression 2
  23. 23. 25 PHOTO TRAVELMentions Xiaoqing Chen China, Tribal Spirit 13
  24. 24. 26 MentionsPHOTO TRAVEL Graeme Watson, Australia, In The V and A
  25. 25. 27 Mentions PHOTO TRAVEL Abdulla Almushaifri Qatar, Visit To Sultan Qaboos Mosque
  26. 26. 28 MentionsPHOTO TRAVEL Philip CY Chan, Canada, Foggy Vancouver Downtown
  27. 27. 29 Mentions PHOTO TRAVEL Hugh Milsom, England, Mist over Inch Strand
  28. 28. 30 PHOTO TRAVEL Mentions Guanyong Zhong, China, Tribal Protector
  29. 29. 31 Shin Woo Ryu, South Korea, Desert 07 PHOTO TRAVELMentions
  30. 30. 32 Rony Barua, Bangladesh, Bowing in prayer PHOTO TRAVEL Mentions
  31. 31. 33 Alexey Suloev, Russia, Little Monk and Buddha Myanmar PHOTO TRAVELMentions
  32. 32. 34 Fahad Alenezi, Kuwait, The Sadu Man PHOTO TRAVEL Mentions
  33. 33. 35 Roger Jourdain, France, Inspection in Masai School PHOTO TRAVELMentions
  34. 34. 36 Changxiu Liu, China, Forward PHOTO TRAVEL Mentions
  35. 35. 37 B NATURE
  36. 36. 38 NATURE FIAP Gold Arnaldo Paulo Che, Hong Kong, Tasty
  37. 37. 39 NATUREPSA Gold Petar Sabol, Croatia, Butterfly Imagination
  38. 38. 40 Roger Jourdain, France, Chacals A Chabraque No1 GPU GoldNATURE
  39. 39. 41 Yeokkian Koh, Malaysia, Mating 18 NATURESalon Gold
  40. 40. 42 NATURE IAAP Silver Abdulla Almushaifri, Qatar, After The Rain
  41. 41. 43 Fahad Alenezi, Kuwait, Lost My Mom Salon Silver NATURE
  42. 42. 44 Salon Bronze Marc Anagnostidis, France, Anthocharis Et Fougere NATURE
  43. 43. 45 Geoff Smith, United Kingdom, Kingfisher With Wriggling Minnow NATUREMentions
  44. 44. 46 Alexey Suloev, Russia, White dance Canada NATURE Mentions
  45. 45. 47 NATUREMentions Isuru Ranasinghe Srilanka, Hairdresser
  46. 46. 48 Tinsang Chan, Canada, Graet Gray Owl Landing NATURE Mentions
  47. 47. 49 Yi Wan, China Monkey 84 Mentions NATURE
  48. 48. 50 NATURE Mentions Mustafa Evirgen, Cyprus, Zipzip
  49. 49. 51 Menahem Sinai, Israel, Big smile small smile Mentions NATURE
  50. 50. 52 NATURE Mentions Annelie Henn, Germany, Girafes
  51. 51. 53 John Coumbias, Southafrica, Aggressive look NATUREMentions
  52. 52. 54 Giovanni Fabbri, Italy, Evolution 8 NATURE Mentions
  53. 53. 55 Changxiu Liu, China, Feeding NATUREMentions
  54. 54. 56 Joseph Tam, Australia, Parenting NATURE Mentions
  55. 55. 57 C WATER
  56. 56. 58 WATER FIAP Gold Bin Zhou, China, Working Women
  57. 57. 59 WATERPSA Gold Julio Castro Pardo, Spain, Iceberg beach
  58. 58. 60 Boettcher dr Michaele, Germany, Trees in the wind WATER Salon Gold
  59. 59. 61 Changxiu Liu, China, A Slice Boat WATERSalon Silver
  60. 60. 62 WATER Roy Smith, Scotland, Storm Wave Salon Bronze
  61. 61. 63 Mishal Alryhan Saudiarabia Amazing collision WATERMentions
  62. 62. 64 WATER Mentions Karoly Barakonyi, Hungary, Mammoth Hot Springs 6
  63. 63. 65 WATERMentions Jacqueline Hammer, Australia, Ordinary and Elegant
  64. 64. 66 WATER Mentions Debdas Bhattacharya, India, Life In Shore
  65. 65. 67 WATERMentions Roger Jourdain, France, Water Pleasure
  66. 66. 68 Mentions Petar Sabol, Croatia, Ice age WATER
  67. 67. 69 Yury Pustovoy, Russia, Allseeing eye WATERMentions
  68. 68. 70 Arnaldo Paulo Che, Hong Kong, Chellenge 1 WATER Mentions
  69. 69. 71 Efraim Shpringer, Israel, Into the Unknown WATERMentions
  70. 70. 72 Annelie Henn, Germany, Rainbird WATER Mentions
  71. 71. 73 Roberto Deleonardis, Italy, Siberia 25 WATERMentions
  72. 72. 74 Zhihua Hou, China, Sunset Fishing 1 WATER Mentions
  73. 73. 75 Igor Debevec, Slovenia, Kirkjufellsfoss II WATERMentions
  74. 74. 76
  75. 75. 77 D SHADOW
  76. 76. 78 FIAP GoldSHADOW John Coumbias, Southafrica, Stage cleaner shadow
  77. 77. 79 PSA Gold Xiaoqing Chen, China, Tribal Protector SHADOW
  78. 78. 80 Ming Li, China, Jerusalem impression 1 SHADOW IAAP Gold
  79. 79. 81 Salon Gold Gerhard Boehm Germany, Patrick SHADOW
  80. 80. 82 Viesturs Links, Latvia, Once More New Year SHADOW Salon Silver
  81. 81. 83 Graeme Watson Australia Beautiful Music Salon Bronze SHADOW
  82. 82. 84 Mentions Liang Gu, China, Bend 2 SHADOW
  83. 83. 85 Tuan Ngoc Do, Vietnam, Peoples lives make salt 1 Mentions SHADOW
  84. 84. 86 MentionsSHADOW Roger Jourdain, France, Dune 45
  85. 85. 87 Mentions SHADOW Xiaoguang Cao, China, Colorful Xiapu 5
  86. 86. 88 MentionsSHADOW Hanju Zhu, China, Thoughts of the leaves
  87. 87. 89 Lee Eng Tan , Singapore, Mud Walk Reflection Mentions SHADOW
  88. 88. 90 Phillip Kwan, Canada, Net Casting 3 MentionsSHADOW
  89. 89. 91 Xiaoping Chang, China, Go Home Mentions SHADOW
  90. 90. 92 Xiaoyun Qi, China, Work Hard MentionsSHADOW
  91. 91. 93 Alexey Suloev, Russia, Two in the Galaxy USA Arizona Mentions SHADOW
  92. 92. 94 Yury Pustovoy, Russia, Lines of Sahara MentionsSHADOW
  93. 93. 95 Xiongying Fu, China, Happy Girl Mentions SHADOW
  94. 94. 96 Ashok Viswanathan, India, Thar desert MentionsSHADOW
  96. 96. 98 FIAP GoldOPEN COLOR Joseph Tam, Australia, Rambo
  97. 97. 99 OPEN COLORPSA Gold Graeme Watson, Australia, Tea For Two
  98. 98. 100 Petar Sabol, Croatia, Macro wonderland OPEN COLOR Salon Gold
  99. 99. 101 Istvan Kerekes, Hungary, The yawning OPEN COLORSalon Silver
  100. 100. 102 Stane Vidmar, Slovenia, Windows 23 OPEN COLOR Salon Bronze
  101. 101. 103 Viesturs Links, Latvia Little Decadent Portrait OPEN COLOR
  102. 102. 104 OPEN COLOR Mentions Abdulla Almushaifri, Qatar, Shakur
  103. 103. 105 Mentions OPEN COLOR Arnaldo Paulo Che, Hong Kong, My younger brother
  104. 104. 106 OPEN COLOR Mentions Robin Yong, Australia, Flowers of Ethiopia
  105. 105. 107 Mentions OPEN COLOR Yeokkian Koh, Malaysia, Big catch 9
  106. 106. 108 OPEN COLOR Mentions Tevfik Ileri, Cyprus, Face To Face
  107. 107. 109 Roger Jourdain, France, Free Wheels 2011 No 01 OPEN COLORMentions
  108. 108. 110 Shiugun Wong, Hong Kong My Prayer 2 OPEN COLOR Mentions
  109. 109. 111 Hugh Milsom, England, Colours of Seilebost OPEN COLORMentions
  110. 110. 112 Gerhard Boehm, Germany, High Jump 2017 OPEN COLOR Mentions
  111. 111. 113 Phillip Kwan, Canada, Bear Playing 43 OPEN COLORMentions
  112. 112. 114 Alexandra Cearns, Australia, The bug OPEN COLOR Mentions
  113. 113. 115 Marina Krstic, Macedonia, Minding own business OPEN COLORMentions
  114. 114. 116
  115. 115. 117 F OPEN MONOCHROME
  116. 116. 118 FIAP GoldOPEN MONOCHROME Daniel Lybaert, Netherlands, Stiekem
  117. 117. 119 OPEN MONOCHROMEPSA Gold Graeme Watson, Australia, Arms And Legs
  118. 118. 120 Viesturs Links, Llatvia, Reaper OPEN MONOCHROME Salon Gold
  119. 119. 121 Yiliang Yang, China, Breast Milk 2 OPEN MONOCHROMESalon Silver
  120. 120. 122 Gerhard Boehm, Germany, Table Top SW 4 OPEN MONOCHROME Salon Bronze
  121. 121. 123 OPEN MONOCHROME Yury Pustovoy, Russia, Alone Mentions
  122. 122. 124 OPEN MONOCHROME Ruslan Bolgov, Lithuania, Orbites of the Venus Mentions
  123. 123. 125 OPEN MONOCHROMEMentions Koon Nam Cheung, Hong Kong, Golden Eagle Landing 08 BW
  124. 124. 126 Roger Jourdain, France, Anne Saxophonist No 2 OPEN MONOCHROME Mentions
  125. 125. 127 OPEN MONOCHROMEMentions John Coumbias, Southafrica, Guitar player
  126. 126. 128 Abdulla Almushaifri, Qatar, Long Way OPEN MONOCHROME Mentions
  127. 127. 129 OPEN MONOCHROMEMentions Igor Debevec, Slovenia, Acte Noir I
  128. 128. 130 Mustafa Evirgen, Cyprus, Time OPEN MONOCHROME Mentions
  129. 129. 131 OPEN MONOCHROMEMentions Shin Woo Ryu, Southkorea, Transmission Line
  130. 130. 132 Roman Sudoma, Czech Republic Portrait of the nobleman bw
  131. 131. 133 Xiaoqing Chen, China, Tribal Protector 5
  132. 132. 134 Isuru Ranasinghe, Srilanka, Behold
  133. 133. 135 Ed Cooley, USA, Ghost Riders
  134. 134. 136 Yan Zhang, Warmth Masai Yiliang Yang, Believer Yonghong Jin, Anthropophagi Maneat- er 7 Yonghong Jin, Frontal Disc Wom- an1 Yushan Li, Beautiful Sunset Zhengjun Chen, Making Caves Zhihua Hou, Fire Zhihua Hou, Stare Croatia Petar Sabol, Clouds over Guillestre Petar Sabol, Dream land Petar Sabol, LDP1 Petar Sabol, Lines 2 Zoran Makarovic, Baranya party 14 Cyprus Despina Anastasis, Messages in the wall KLEA KYPRIANOU, An Elderly Man MUSTAFA EVIRGEN, Catman MUSTAFA EVIRGEN, Copper- smith MUSTAFA EVIRGEN, Pigeon Man MUSTAFA EVIRGEN, Yemenici TEVFIK ILERI, CYPRIOT VILLAGER 2014 TEVFIK ILERI, The Tinsmith Czech Republic Roman Sudoma, In the village Denmark Gilboa Levi, TATRA England Hugh Milsom, Albufera Hugh Milsom, Mists over Inch Strand john thorndike, Old Friends john thorndike, The Algarve Coast Finland Kytola Jorma, Breggar Kytola Jorma, The horseman Tapio Kihlberg, Laplandish Lights 20 France ALAIN MORATA, NAV 6 Daniel JURGENSEN, ready to go Roger Jourdain, Inspection in Masai School Roger Jourdain, Masais In Sun- set Germany Annelie Henn, Subway Gerhard Boehm, Salz Manfred Kluger, daily work2 Greece Iannis Skotiniotis, The umbrellas of Thessaloniki Hong Kong Arnaldo Paulo Che, First light at Ba- gan Arnaldo Paulo Che, Old tea house 1 Arnaldo Paulo Che, Winter glory Sui Ching HO, Heavy Rain WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG, Autumn colour WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG, Horses Splash BW Australia Graeme Watson, In The V and A Graeme Watson, Lake George Dawn 2 Graeme Watson, Steer Wrestling 1 Joseph Tam, Cooking Time Joseph Tam, Fishing Joseph Tam, Spanish Guitar Joseph Tam, Sunrise at Great Wall Austria Sepp Dieter Kohlwein, Cao Dai Wor- ship Bangladesh RONY BARUA, Bowing in prayer RONY BARUA, Handicraft RONY BARUA, Risky business RONY BARUA, Travel Belgium Cochain Vincent, Le passage de l ado- lescence Cochain Vincent, Transport na- turel Canada Kam Chiu Tam, Bagan in the morn- ing Kam Chiu Tam, Hong Kong night scen- ery Kam Chiu Tam, Inle Lake sunset Kitty Yeung, 1. COLORFUL WHEAT FARM Philip C Y Chan, Foggy Vancouver Down- town Philip C Y Chan, Wheatland in Palouse WA TARAKNATH DEY, CITY LIFE China Changxiu Liu, Forward Fei Xie, Flash walk Fei Xie, People dance with fish Fei Xie, Play pearl with fish Guanyong Zhong, Tribal Protec- tor Guixiang Huang, The Tailor Guiying Gai, Street Barber Huifen Wang, Go out to Battle Jinming Pan, Morning of Yuanyang terrace 3 Lanfeng Chen, Chinese Dragon Lanfeng Chen, eagerwater Ling Xie, Make up Ling Xie, Making Silk Noodles 3 Liquan Sheng, Stunning Girl Ping Zhou, Back Shenghua Yang, Snow mountain worship road Shihui Liu, Desert Tour Shiliang Liu, Hand Make Wenguang Lu, Tribal Marks1 Wenguang Lu, Tribal Woman3 Xiaoguang Cao, Tribal Carnival2 Xiaomei Xu, No way for escape Xiaomei Xu, Train under galaxy Xiaoping Chang, Xiapu Impres- sion2 Xiaoqing Chen, Tribal Spirit 13 Xiaoqing Chen, Tribal Style 9 Xiaoqing Zhang, Floating Market XINXIN CHEN, Handling Coal1 Xiping An, The source of life Xiujun Liu, Old Fisherman Hungary Istvan Kerekes, Life in Balkan Istvan Kerekes, Life in the mud Istvan Kerekes, Like in tales Istvan Kerekes, Varanasi India Debdas Bhattacharya, SEKHAWA- TI Debdas Bhattacharya, WAY TO HEAV- EN SATHYANARAYANA RAJAGOPAL CHIN- TALAPALLE, A1 LIVING IN HARMO- NY SATHYANARAYANA RAJAGOPAL CHIN- TALAPALLE, A2 CHEETAH ON VANTAGE POINT SATHYANARAYANA RAJAGOPAL CHINTA- LAPALLE, A3 TRAFFIC JAM SATHYANARAYANA RAJAGOPAL CHINTALAPALLE, A4 NO PLASTICS PLEASE Israel Efraim Shpringer, Alberobello Efraim Shpringer, In the Reich- stag Efraim Shpringer, Mountaineer eyal amer, From a birds eye eyal amer, geometry LEONID GOLDIN, Departures MENAHEM SINAI, Ceremony MENAHEM SINAI, Live and Let Live MENAHEM SINAI, over the hori- zon Italy Giovanni Fabbri, THE SHELTER Virgilio Bardossi, Hay Virgilio Bardossi, Prayer Virgilio Bardossi, The wedding Virgilio Bardossi, To the marcket Kuwait FAHAD Alenezi, The Ascetic FAHAD Alenezi, The Sadu Man Lithuania RUSLAN BOLGOV, Ice age RUSLAN BOLGOV, Side sunset RUSLAN BOLGOV, The Ice Castle Macedonia Marina Krstic, Singing in the rain Malaysia Guek Cheng Lim, Morning Guek Cheng Lim, Working Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, A1Winterocht- end Marcel van Balken, A1Bikeman Marcel van Balken, A3Stripes Tos- cane New Zealand Jiongxin Peng, Go into the Sea Northern Ireland judy boyle, only for ladies judy boyle, sleeping rough Norway Roar Kristian Bech, Bridge pas- sage Terje Kolbeinsen, Interrail Love Oman Said Albadi, happiness Portugal Joao Taborda, Nightlife in Varana- si Joao Taborda, Portugese Women Qatar Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Curves Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Pink City Post Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Visit To Sultan Qaboos Mosque Russia Alexey Suloev, Chat up at the ChumYa- mal Alexey Suloev, Little Monk and Bud- dhaMyanmar Alexey Suloev, Towards the sunMyan- mar Viktor Kanunnikov Nickolaevich, Country transport 2 Viktor Kanunnikov Nickolaevich, Lavash bakery 2 Yury Pustovoy, Children of Bud- dha Yury Pustovoy, Kashmir Yury Pustovoy, Kashmir India Yury Pustovoy, The girl from a fishing village Scotland Roy Smith, Cumbrian Steam Singapore Lee Eng Tan, Desert Convoy Cam- els Lee Eng Tan, XinJiang Human Grass- land Thigh Wanna, Travel accompany 2 Slovenia Bogdan Bricelj, Mists on Square Bogdan Bricelj, Storm in Siena Hedvika Gumilar, Provence Igor Debevec, Lavender fields X Igor Debevec, Pipes South Africa Cecile Nowers, EXIT John Coumbias, lesotho broth- ers John Coumbias, young himba John Coumbias, rural family South Korea Shin Woo Ryu, Desert 07 Spain Julio Castro Pardo, Manarola Storm Julio Castro Pardo, vernazzasun- set Sri Lanka Isuru Ranasinghe, Cow Boy Isuru Ranasinghe, No off Road Isuru Ranasinghe, Rays of heav- en Ravindra Ranasinghe, Cocunt Husk- er Switzerland Albrecht Urs, Cote dAzur1 Turkey Arif Hikmet Akturk, Gulsabah abla Arif Hikmet Akturk, Pencereden Ukraine Olexandr Rokosovyk, The sunset in the A/PHOTO TRAVEL
  135. 135. 137 XINXIN CHEN, Polar bears part- ners4 Yan Zhang, Elephant with Red Mud YI Wan, monkey 84 Yiliang Yang, Coexist Croatia Petar Sabol, Beeaters mating Petar Sabol, Butterfly and may- fly Petar Sabol, Butterfly imagina- tion Petar Sabol, Spider in blue Cyprus MUSTAFA EVIRGEN, Little Bee MUSTAFA EVIRGEN, Pentatomi- dae MUSTAFA EVIRGEN, Swallowtail with bee MUSTAFA EVIRGEN, Zipzip Denmark Gilboa Levi, RED DEER England john thorndike, common darter john thorndike, Stable Fly Finland Juha Saastamoinen, Black Grouses fighting France ALAIN MORATA, PYGARGUE ET GUEPE JEAN CLAUDE BACLE, 1Tenderness lions Marc Anagnostidis, Accouplement De Mantes Marc Anagnostidis, Agrion Jouvencel- le Marc Anagnostidis, Anthocharis Et Fougere Marc Anagnostidis, Capture De Splen- dens Roger Jourdain, American Eagle With Prey Roger Jourdain, Chacals A Chabraque No1 Roger Jourdain, Elephants Testing Tarangire Roger Jourdain, Mating Pink Flamingos 2015 Germany Annelie Henn, Acrobats Annelie Henn, Girafes Gerhard Boehm, Weisskopfsee- adler Roland Hank, Wer bist du denn Greece Iannis Skotiniotis, Ant and para- sites Iannis Skotiniotis, Gulls II Hong Kong Arnaldo Paulo Che, Loving you 3 Arnaldo Paulo Che, Tasty HW CHAN, B2Polar Bear 16 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Burst Out 22 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Burst Out 24 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Burst Out 28 WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG, Catch fish WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG, Sun- bird Carpathians Volodimir Norba, Mountain life United Arab Emirates khalid alhumeeri, DSC1260 USA Ed Cooley, Mountains and Mist Ed Cooley, Rice Country Arial Vietnam NHAN LE HOANG, LUOI XIEP B/NATURE Australia Graeme Watson, Reflected Tern Graeme Watson, Silvereye Eating Berries 4 Graeme Watson, Wasp 6 Gregory Chan, Southern Doublecollard Sunbird 1 Joseph Tam, Adorable Joseph Tam, Love Me Tender Joseph Tam, Parenting Joseph Tam, Snow Monkeys Austria Sepp Dieter Kohlwein, Gotcha Belgium Cochain Vincent, Oiseaux sur branche Gino Symus, Murene Canada Kam Chiu Tam, Antelope Canyon 82 Philip C Y Chan, High Speed Surf- ing Philip C Y Chan, Humming Bird Feed- ing Philip C Y Chan, ShortEared Owl in Flight Phillip Kwan, B1Bear Eating Salmon 90 Phillip Kwan, B4Bear Sharing 13 Thomas Vijayan, Scenic Chase Thomas Vijayan, Scenic Lion Tin Sang Chan, Barred Owl Hunt- ing Tin Sang Chan, Flying Great Gray Owl Tin Sang Chan, Graet Gray Owl Land- ing Tin Sang Chan, Great Gray owl taking Off China Changxiu Liu, Feeding Dejie Miao, Good Morning Dibiao Tao, kingfisher01 Dibiao Tao, Life and death mo- ment01 Guanyong Zhong, Compete for Food Huifen Wang, Feeding Jinming Pan, Flamingo Lanfeng Chen, Narrowly meet Lanfeng Chen, Rushed to the at- tack Limin Wu, Exuberant Ling Xie, White Bear Ming Li, Howling in the snow Shenghua Yang, The galloping hors- es Shiliang Liu, Stand1 Shiliang Liu, Talking Xiaomei Xu, Red sun Xiaoyun Qi, African Elephant WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG, Two Elephants Hungary Istvan Kerekes, Angels Istvan Kerekes, Reflection with drag- onflies Karoly Barakonyi, Bryce Canyon 1 Karoly Barakonyi, Mountain lion India ashok viswanathan, butterfly mat- ing Debdas Bhattacharya, COLOURS OF NATURE SATHYANARAYANA RAJAGOPAL CHINTA- LAPALLE, B1 CHEETAH CHASE SATHYANARAYANA RAJAGOPAL CHINTA- LAPALLE, B2 INDIAN ROLLER CATCHING THE FEED SATHYANARAYANA RAJAGOPAL CHIN- TALAPALLE, B3 TIGER DRAGGING THE KILL SATHYANARAYANA RAJAGOPAL CHIN- TALAPALLE, B4 AFRICAN ELEPHANT SPARRING 2 Israel Efraim Shpringer, Cactus eyal amer, Before landing eyal amer, Eye to eye eyal amer, On the tip of the stick MENAHEM SINAI, big smile small smile MENAHEM SINAI, Family Italy Giovanni Fabbri, Evolution8 Giovanni Fabbri, Kingfisher with prey6 Giovanni Fabbri, LOVE Pierluigi Rizzato, Lion cubs hun- gry Pierluigi Rizzato, Quarrel Pierluigi Rizzato, Strong defence Roberto De Leonardis, Northern- lights27 Kuwait FAHAD Alenezi, Challenge FAHAD Alenezi, Lost My Mom FAHAD Alenezi, Stop Time Lithuania RUSLAN BOLGOV, Beast from the Sea Malaysia Guek Cheng Lim, A loving couple Guek Cheng Lim, Sharing YEOKKIAN KOH, Delicaces 15 YEOKKIAN KOH, Delicacies 9 YEOKKIAN KOH, Mating 18 YEOKKIAN KOH, Robber fly with prey 29 Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, B1Blauwgroene lief- de Daniel LYBAERT, B2Groep kuifmakak- en Daniel LYBAERT, B3Kuifmakaakpor- tret Daniel LYBAERT, B4Verveling in ZwW Qatar Abdulla AL Mushaifri, After The Rain Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Desert Lines Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Lonely Plant Russia Alexey Suloev, Aloft of MarsUSA Ari- zona Alexey Suloev, The SolitudeAntarcti- ca Alexey Suloev, White dance Cana- da Yury Pustovoy, Laguna Colorada Bo- livia Yury Pustovoy, Sunrise in Saha- ra Saudi Arabia MISHAL ALRYHAN, GREEN THE DEM- SELFLY Scotland Roy Smith, Green Veined White Roy Smith, Snowy Owl Singapore Thigh Wanna, Hunting 6 Slovenia Hedvika Gumilar, HedvikaGumilarCom- mon tern Igor Debevec, Kirkjufellsfoss IV South Africa Cecile Nowers, Me and Mom Francois Van der Watt, Juvenile bateleur 0215 Francois Van der Watt, Old big mouth John Coumbias, mother talk John Coumbias, action leopard John Coumbias, agressive look John Coumbias, sweet attention Willem Kruger, Weaver back dance South Korea Shin Woo Ryu, Jellyfish Swim- ming Shin Woo Ryu, Moss Spain Julio Castro Pardo, The great auro- ra Sri Lanka Isuru Ranasinghe, Beauty and Beast Isuru Ranasinghe, Hairdresser Isuru Ranasinghe, Hunters Isuru Ranasinghe, Sensual Mo- ment Taiwan CHIDI CHEN, My Secret Garden Turkey Arif Hikmet Akturk, Kelebek 1 Arif Hikmet Akturk, Kelebek 2 Arif Hikmet Akturk, Kelebek 3 OZGUR SECMEN, AV OZGUR SECMEN, DAGGULU United Kingdom Geoff Smith, Kingfisher With Wriggling Minnow USA Ed Cooley, Fairy Tree Ed Cooley, Passion Ira Nemeroff, Tobacco Hornworm Head 41
  136. 136. 138 Lake MUSTAFA EVIRGEN, Tranquility Denmark Gilboa Levi, PADDEL England Angela Ford, Blue Water Angela Ford, Niagra Rainbow Angela Ford, Working on the wa- ter Hugh Milsom, Promenade Hava- na Hugh Milsom, Stormlight 2269 john thorndike, Its Only Water john thorndike, west burton falls Finland Lassi Tuominen, Morning Mood France Roger Jourdain, Jumping In Front Pho- tographer Roger Jourdain, Mistake Of Surfeur Roger Jourdain, Water Pleasure Roger Jourdain, Waves And Rocks Germany Annelie Henn, Musketeers Annelie Henn, Rainbird Annelie Henn, Waterski Boettcher Dr Michael E, Trees in the wind Gerhard Boehm, Shipwreck Holger Goehler, Hot Bath Hong Kong Arnaldo Paulo Che, Charging 10 Arnaldo Paulo Che, Challenge 1 Arnaldo Paulo Che, Departure 1 Arnaldo Paulo Che, In the morning 1 Hungary Istvan Kerekes, Canoe rafting Istvan Kerekes, Kayak rafting Istvan Kerekes, Pilgrim bathers Istvan Kerekes, Sekler Easter Judit Deri, Buoys Judit Deri, Fishing Karoly Barakonyi, Mammoth Hot Springs 3 Karoly Barakonyi, Mammoth Hot Springs 6 India Debdas Bhattacharya, LIFE IN SHORE Debdas Bhattacharya, SPIRIT SATHYANARAYANA RAJAGOPAL CHIN- TALAPALLE, C2 AFRICAN LION REFLEC- TION SATHYANARAYANA RAJAGOPAL CHINTA- LAPALLE, C4 AMAZING LEH Ireland Catherine Bushe, Summer sail- ing Israel Efraim Shpringer, Into the Un- known Efraim Shpringer, Parasol Efraim Shpringer, Reflection in Satu Mare eyal amer, A drop falls eyal amer, A meeting between drops eyal amer, Freeze water drops eyal amer, Two drops Vietnam Tuan Ngoc Do, Dawn in Co Thach at Binh Thuan Viet Nam C/WATER Argentina Martha Alicia Moreschi, Majestuo- so Australia Graeme Watson, Crested Tern Shaking Water 1 Graeme Watson, Humpback Whale Calf Breaching Graeme Watson, Kianinny Storm 2 Jacqueline Hammer, Birds in the Trees Jacqueline Hammer, Ordinary and Elegant Jacqueline Hammer, Shifting Shapes Jacqueline Hammer, Water Drops Joseph Tam, Braving the Storm Joseph Tam, Going Off Joseph Tam, Into the Dawn Belgium Gino Symus, Water lily in red Gino Symus, Water lily in the clouds Canada Kam Chiu Tam, Morning glory Philip C Y Chan, Ripple Philip C Y Chan, Splashing Phillip Kwan, C1Bear at Brooks Fall 2 China Bin Zhou, Working Women Changxiu Liu, A Slice Boat Changxiu Liu, Go Fei Xie, See a new world Jinghui Chen, WATER DROPLETS Liang Gu, Fisherman Liquan Sheng, Play In Water Shenghua Yang, Tuo river morning C Shiliang Liu, Lie Across Wenguang Lu, Jubilation Xiaomei Xu, Gold ripples Xiaomei Xu, Those days Xiaoping Chang, Far from home Xiaoqing Zhang, Colorful Intertidal Zone XINXIN CHEN, blue Sea 3 XINXIN CHEN, Canoe fishing2 XINXIN CHEN, Elephant cross the river3 Yushan Li, Golden Beach Zhihua Hou, Sunset Fishing1 Croatia Berislav Vrkljan, BEFORE THE STORM Biljana Knebl, C3Rust Petar Sabol, Got it Petar Sabol, Ice age Petar Sabol, Umbrella Zvonko Kucelin, bora4 Zvonko Kucelin, souther22 Zvonko Kucelin, water man3 Cyprus Despina Anastasis, Natures force KLEA KYPRIANOU, Trichonida LEONID GOLDIN, Irish coast LEONID GOLDIN, Victory Italy Giovanni Fabbri, immersion Giovanni Fabbri, meeting by the riv- er1 Pierluigi Rizzato, Grebes fight 2 Pierluigi Rizzato, Nice capture Roberto De Leonardis, Siberia23 Roberto De Leonardis, Siberia25 Virgilio Bardossi, In the storm Virgilio Bardossi, San Marco square Kuwait FAHAD Alenezi, Quick Hunter Latvia Viesturs Links, LEVIATHAN Lithuania RUSLAN BOLGOV, Theelement Luxembourg Jerome Bei, serenity Malaysia Guek Cheng Lim, Tree Guek Cheng Lim, Waterfall Guek Cheng Lim, Waterfall 1 Netherlands Marcel van Balken, C2Surfaction New Zealand Jiongxin Peng, Boulders Covered by Water Clouds Jiongxin Peng, Waves Beat the Shore Norway Roar Kristian Bech, Car wash bridge Roar Kristian Bech, Stormy day Terje Kolbeinsen, Chasing the wind 1 Portugal Joao Taborda, Please Boat Joao Taborda, Water Walk Qatar Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Wadi Bine Khaled Ahmed Abdel Hamid Shaaban, drops Russia Alexey Suloev, HarmonyMoeraki Alexey Suloev, The colored Rivers of Iceland Viktor Kanunnikov Nickolaevich, Tiger hunting 2 Viktor Kanunnikov Nickolaevich, Venice in reflections 1 Yury Pustovoy, Allseeing ye Yury Pustovoy, Fjords of Norway Yury Pustovoy, Polar Nights in Ice- land Yury Pustovoy, Tide Saudi Arabia MISHAL ALRYHAN, Amazing colli- sion MISHAL ALRYHAN, Blue Collision 3 MISHAL ALRYHAN, Collision inside bubble soap MISHAL ALRYHAN, umbrella of wa- ter Scotland Roy Smith, A Sea of Pink Roy Smith, Evening Shoreline Roy Smith, Pool Patterns Roy Smith, Storm Wave Singapore Lee Eng Tan, Dune Walk Reflec- tion Lee Eng Tan, Guilin Fishing Thigh Wanna, The fisher Slovakia Martin Ondko, Jokulsarlon I Martin Ondko, Jokulsarlon IV Slovenia Bogdan Bricelj, Jellyfish and Fish- es Bogdan Bricelj, Silky Waterfall Hedvika Gumilar, Golden edge Igor Debevec, Bird and Ice Igor Debevec, Diamond beach Igor Debevec, Kirkjufellsfoss II Igor Debevec, Seljalandsfoss South Africa John Coumbias, slow running wa- ter Willem Kruger, Lupha lines South Korea Shin Woo Ryu, Missing Shin Woo Ryu, Suaeda Japonica Mak- ino Shin Woo Ryu, WaterSki Spain Julio Castro Pardo, Between Falls Julio Castro Pardo, Iceberg beach Sri Lanka Isuru Ranasinghe, Final Destina- tion Isuru Ranasinghe, Jumping Isuru Ranasinghe, Long Jump Isuru Ranasinghe, Thirsty Ravindra Ranasinghe, Fruity boat Ravindra Ranasinghe, Hooked on fishing Turkey Arif Hikmet Akturk, Cesme Arif Hikmet Akturk, Kuyu OZGUR SECMEN, GUNBATIMI OZGUR SECMEN, MEKE OZGUR SECMEN, MEKE2 USA Ira Nemeroff, Fireboat Ira Nemeroff, MOCA 014 Vietnam Tuan Ngoc Do, Pougour water fall in Viet Nam Tuan Ngoc Do, Salt gift of the ocean D/SHADOW Argentina Martha Alicia Moreschi, Hombre de sombra Australia Graeme Watson, Beautiful Music Graeme Watson, Early To Work Graeme Watson, Miniatures
  137. 137. 139 Graeme Watson, Oh La La Jacqueline Hammer, Bicycle and Shad- ow Jacqueline Hammer, Zig Zag Shad- ows John Chapman, Dragon Moun- tain Joseph Tam, Fairyland Joseph Tam, Hurry Up Joseph Tam, Morning has broken Joseph Tam, Studying Hard Yvonne Moule, Tree Austria Sepp Dieter Kohlwein, Self por- trait Canada Kam Chiu Tam, Kevin 99 Kam Chiu Tam, The long hall Philip C Y Chan, Gather or Scat- ter Phillip Kwan, D4Net Casting 3 China Bin Zhou, Boating Changxiu Liu, Camel Shadow Changxiu Liu, Hardworking Changxiu Liu, Hardworking1 Guixiang Huang, Preach Hanju Zhu, Enchanted time Hanju Zhu, Teenage dream2 Hanju Zhu, Thoughts of the leaves Jinghui Chen, DESERT WALKING Lanfeng Chen, Take a walk Liang Gu, Bend2 Liang Gu, Walking among desert Ling Xie, Shadow Lizhen Pan, Sri Lanka Fishing Ming Li, Jerusalem impression 1 Pincai Fan, Walking Cross Fog Shihui Liu, House Under Stars Xiaoguang Cao, Colorful Xiapu 5 Xiaoguang Cao, Colorful Xiapu 6 Xiaomei Xu, Aurora Mirage Xiaoping Chang, Go Home Xiaoping Chang, Night Fall Xiaoping Chang, Read Xiaoqing Chen, Tribal Protector Xiaoqing Zhang, Deep Thought Xiaoqing Zhang, Starry Tales Xiaoyun Qi, Liangshan People10 Xiaoyun Qi, Work Hard Xiongying Fu, Ahead Xiongying Fu, Happy Girl Xiongying Fu, Shadow Xiping An, Spring Xiujun Liu, Transitions YI Wan, Mountain light Yiliang Yang, Buddhism5 Yiliang Yang, Camel Team1 Yinghe Wang, Drawing Yinhui Lai, Desire For Freedom Yonghong Jin, Oldstreet Yonghong Jin, tribal dusk Yushan Li, Girl Collecting Flower Yushan Li, Long Way Acorss Des- ert Zhengjun Chen, working in winter morning Zhihua Hou, Pray Zuchun Song, Gathered Croatia Berislav Vrkljan, Light and shad- ow Zoran Makarovic, X Man Zvonko Kucelin, jump13 Cyprus MUSTAFA EVIRGEN, Shades Czech Republic Roman Sudoma, Play with shadow bw Denmark Gilboa Levi, REFLECTION Gilboa Levi, SHADOWS Gilboa Levi, TRAIN England Hugh Milsom, Shadows on Down- land Hugh Milsom, Shadows on Farmland 3460 Hugh Milsom, Storm over the Landscape 3489 john thorndike, Fruit Basket john thorndike, the prisoner Finland Ilpo Pohjonen, In the light of shadows 1852 Tapio Kihlberg, Dance Of the Siberian Jay France Daniel JURGENSEN, be leashed Daniel JURGENSEN, skylights Roger Jourdain, Dune 45 Roger Jourdain, Shadow In Myko- nos Roger Jourdain, Sossusvlei Morning No01 Germany Annelie Henn, Calatrava Annelie Henn, Doubtful Annelie Henn, Mariscal Boettcher Dr Michael E, good advice 2 Boettcher Dr Michael E, smart look 2 Gerhard Boehm, Arizona Gerhard Boehm, Model Gerhard Boehm, Nebel Gerhard Boehm, Patrick Holger Goehler, Take one more Greece Iannis Skotiniotis, Apples Hong Kong Arnaldo Paulo Che, Happy child- hood Arnaldo Paulo Che, Happy little monk 1 HW CHAN, D4Shadow Lotus WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG, Couple and shadow BW WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG, In the shadow BW WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG, Three shadows Hungary Istvan Kerekes, Migrants on the road Joseph Vida, Frends Judit Deri, Crosses of death Norman- dy Karoly Barakonyi, Jesus 5 India ashok viswanathan, thar desert SATHYANARAYANA RAJAGOPAL CHINTA- LAPALLE, D2 WINNOWING PAIR Ireland Catherine Bushe, On two wheels Israel Efraim Shpringer, Bows in Eilat LEONID GOLDIN, On a bicicle in the rain LEONID GOLDIN, Shadows from Jeru- salem MENAHEM SINAI, The Leader Italy Roberto De Leonardis, Milan49 Latvia Viesturs Links, BEHIND THE SCENE Viesturs Links, IN CIRCLE OF LIGHT Viesturs Links, MAN BEHIND CHAIN Viesturs Links, ONCE MORE NEW YEAR Lithuania RUSLAN BOLGOV, Shadowplay RUSLAN BOLGOV, White dots Macedonia Marina Krstic, Marina Krstic V 98 Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, D2Spookglas Daniel LYBAERT, D3Wijds land- schap Marcel van Balken, D1Concreteshad- ow New Zealand Jiongxin Peng, Home at Dusk Jiongxin Peng, Light and Shadow Russia Alexey Suloev, Two in the GalaxyUSA Arizona Viktor Kanunnikov Nickolaevich, Direc- tion Viktor Kanunnikov Nickolaevich, Lamp 5 Yury Pustovoy, Lines of Sahara Yury Pustovoy, Sahara Serbia Aleksa Stojkovic, .downstairs Singapore Lee Eng Tan, Mud Walk Reflec- tion Lee Eng Tan, Raise nets BW Thigh Wanna, At work Thigh Wanna, The poster Slovenia Bogdan Bricelj, Skier with Shad- ow Stane Vidmar, Curves S Stane Vidmar, Old key2 Stane Vidmar, Red button South Africa John Coumbias, stage cleaner shad- ow John Coumbias, speed way shad- ow John Coumbias, curves shadow John Coumbias, man shadow Willem Kruger, Chain shadow Willem Kruger, Striped triangle South Korea Shin Woo Ryu, Desert 04 Shin Woo Ryu, Desert 06 Sri Lanka Isuru Ranasinghe, Mind to Mind Isuru Ranasinghe, You and me Ravindra Ranasinghe, Shadow play Ravindra Ranasinghe, Visitors Switzerland Albrecht Urs, First light4 Albrecht Urs, Park bench Turkey Cagri isbilir, donus yolu Cagri isbilir, eve donus United Kingdom Philip Westwood, Angles in Shad- ow Vietnam NHAN LE HOANG, TU LA COI PHUC Tuan Ngoc Do, Peoples lives make salt 1 Tuan Ngoc Do, Peoples lives make salt 21 E/OPEN COLOR Argentina Martha Alicia Moreschi, No me hables Martha Alicia Moreschi, Su identi- dad Australia Alexandra Cearns, Thebug Graeme Watson, Lake George Dawn 1 Graeme Watson, Tea For Two Jacqueline Hammer, Autumn Mood Jacqueline Hammer, Cherries Jacqueline Hammer, Going Home Jacqueline Hammer, The Freshness of Spring Joseph Tam, Fighting Horses Joseph Tam, Legs Up Joseph Tam, Oh Boy Joseph Tam, Rambo Robin Yong, Flowers of Ethiopia Robin Yong, Paint Me a Portrait Yvonne Moule, Passion flower Austria Johann Schrittwieser, Andreas01 Johann Schrittwieser, seduction Johann Schrittwieser, with the axt Canada Kam Chiu Tam, Chasing behind Kam Chiu Tam, Praying Phillip Kwan, E1Bear Catch Salmon 38 Phillip Kwan, E2Bear Eating Fish 95 Phillip Kwan, E4Bear Playing 43 TARAKNATH DEY, CROWNED HEAD Thomas Vijayan, Flying Colors Thomas Vijayan, Portrait Of A Ti- ger China Guixiang Huang, Writing Guiying Gai, Study Hanju Zhu, Cool Elf Hanju Zhu, Tender moments Hanju Zhu, The phantom of the whirl-
  138. 138. 140 ing Huifen Wang, Camel at Desert Ling Xie, Play Ling Xie, Smiling Face Lizhen Pan, Babyish Wenguang Lu, Companion Xiaoguang Cao, innocence5 Xiaomei Xu, High tea Xiaoping Chang, Conquer Xiaoping Chang, Pray Xiaoyun Qi, Liangshan People1 Xiaoyun Qi, Master of Desert1 Yan Zhang, The Portraits of Afri- ca YI Wan, monkey 97 Yonghong Jin, Taking Water 2 Yonghong Jin, Tribal Child 8 Zhihua Hou, Back View Croatia Berislav Vrkljan, CLIFFHANGERS Petar Sabol, Golden sunset 2 Petar Sabol, Hello friend 2 Petar Sabol, Macro wonderland Petar Sabol, Ruby pravilica Zvonko Kucelin, departure4 Zvonko Kucelin, lines13 Cyprus Andreas L Andreou, Street cross Despina Anastasis, After work shop- ping MUSTAFA EVIRGEN, NHM 3 MUSTAFA EVIRGEN, Okey MUSTAFA EVIRGEN, St. Monans TEVFIK ILERI, FACE TO FACE England Hugh Milsom, Colours of Seile- bost Hugh Milsom, Sunset Harris 8145 john thorndike, Big Boys Toys john thorndike, dawn patrol john thorndike, Fruit And Flow- ers john thorndike, Shades Of Ochre Finland Antti Seppala, Chapter moment Ilpo Pohjonen, A Dog walking 21882R k Juha Saastamoinen, Bear in the morning haze Kytola Jorma, All is not gold Lassi Tuominen, The red covered with frost France ALAIN MORATA, GG Daniel JURGENSEN, After rain Roger Jourdain, Balloons And Deli- cate Roger Jourdain, Faty Roger Jourdain, Free Wheels 2011 No01 Roger Jourdain, The Prez Germany Gerhard Boehm, High Jump 2017 Gerhard Boehm, Sprint 2017 Manfred Kluger, golden light4 Manfred Kluger, primaballerina6 Roland Hank, Lady Dracula Greece Iannis Skotiniotis, Agonizing ef- fort Hong Kong Arnaldo Paulo Che, Challenge 2 Arnaldo Paulo Che, Lights of hope 1 Arnaldo Paulo Che, My younger broth- er Arnaldo Paulo Che, Papuan soccer 2 HW CHAN, E1Eager eyes 4 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Burst Out 21 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Burst Out 42 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Good Lunch 13 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Good Lunch 17 Shiu Gun Wong, My Prayer 2 WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG, Mandrill with infant Hungary Istvan Kerekes, Gabor gipsy Istvan Kerekes, Tearful eyes Istvan Kerekes, The yawning Istvan Kerekes, Yelena Judit Deri, Cheese market Judit Deri, Magic eye India Debdas Bhattacharya, WITH THE GOD Kaushik Dolui, Boss Kaushik Dolui, Different moods Kaushik Dolui, Life vs Graffiti Kaushik Dolui, Stand Alone PARTHA SARATHI DHAR, Por- trait79 SATHYANARAYANA RAJAGOPAL CHINTA- LAPALLE, E1 BACK HOME SATHYANARAYANA RAJAGOPAL CHINTALAPALLE, E2 THE FLOCK RE- TURNS SATHYANARAYANA RAJAGOPAL CHINTALAPALLE, E3 SPECTACULAR SHOW Israel Efraim Shpringer, hanging Efraim Shpringer, The Cleaner eyal amer, Dialog eyal amer, His house eyal amer, Working from home LEONID GOLDIN, For Mercedes own- ers LEONID GOLDIN, The story MENAHEM SINAI, Anat MENAHEM SINAI, Dream Italy Virgilio Bardossi, On the wagon Virgilio Bardossi, Rugciune Kuwait FAHAD Alenezi, Depth FAHAD Alenezi, Hard Working Latvia Viesturs Links, AUTUMN OF PATRI- ARCH Viesturs Links, LITTTLE DECADENT PORTRAIT Viesturs Links, RESCUERS Viesturs Links, REVISED BIOGRAPHY OF KARL MARX Lithuania RUSLAN BOLGOV, Karolina RUSLAN BOLGOV, The tale of two roses Macedonia Marina Krstic, Conection Marina Krstic, Death march Marina Krstic, Midning own busi- ness Malaysia Guek Cheng Lim, In love 5 Guek Cheng Lim, Resting 3 YEOKKIAN KOH, Big catch 10 YEOKKIAN KOH, Big catch 9 YEOKKIAN KOH, Delicacies 7 YEOKKIAN KOH, Love of robber fly 3 Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, E2Nee Ja Wat Daniel LYBAERT, E3Landschap en fietser Daniel LYBAERT, E4In de touwen Marcel van Balken, E1Farewelllet- ter Marcel van Balken, E2Repair New Zealand Jiongxin Peng, Inside and Outside the Balloon Jiongxin Peng, Life Teaching Northern Ireland judy boyle, LITTLE EMILY judy boyle, roma kid with horses judy boyle, TRESS WITH DOLL judy boyle, two clowns Norway Roar Kristian Bech, Green curves Portugal Joao Taborda, Young Fun Qatar Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Lovely Sto- ry Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Shakur Russia Alexey Suloev, Patagonian Bon- sai Alexey Suloev, Pretty woman Alexey Suloev, The Discerning eyeUSA Arizona Yury Pustovoy, Provence Yury Pustovoy, The midnight in Namib- ia Saudi Arabia MISHAL ALRYHAN, callichroma velutinum 2x MISHAL ALRYHAN, crap spider MISHAL ALRYHAN, Mantis MISHAL ALRYHAN, Rhynchophorus ferrugineus Serbia Aleksa Stojkovic, pictures from the exhibition Aleksa Stojkovic, The Lord is every- where Singapore Lee Eng Tan, Prawn Nets Xiapu Slovenia Bogdan Bricelj, Caterpillar Climbing Upwards Bogdan Bricelj, Misty Tale 3 Daniel Mauko, I will winner Daniel Mauko, White shoe Igor Debevec, Leaf Igor Debevec, Modern pyramid Igor Debevec, Wooden stairs Stane Vidmar, Red buttons Stane Vidmar, Vase Stane Vidmar, Windows 23 South Africa John Coumbias, girl portrait John Coumbias, sound of sax John Coumbias, supreme ballet Willem Kruger, Red tackle green Willem Kruger, Step away South Korea Shin Woo Ryu, Dinner Ready Shin Woo Ryu, Saltern Shin Woo Ryu, Vow of Love Sri Lanka Isuru Ranasinghe, Gangsters Isuru Ranasinghe, Pure Love Switzerland Albrecht Urs, Lots of bottles Albrecht Urs, Touristbreak Turkey OZGUR SECMEN, GURES OZGUR SECMEN, YASAR USTA Ukraine Volodimir Norba, Borza colors Volodimir Norba, Borzha carpet Volodimir Norba, Gymba Volodimir Norba, Red land United Kingdom Philip Westwood, Dancer with Red Cloth Philip Westwood, Dancer with Red Ribbon Philip Westwood, Floating dancer USA Ed Cooley, Stallion Ira Nemeroff, Botanical Garden 036 Ira Nemeroff, Garden 61 Ira Nemeroff, Leaves 106 F/OPEN MONOCHROME Argentina Martha Alicia Moreschi, Mercade- ra Australia Alexandra Cearns, Orangutan Graeme Watson, Arms And Legs Graeme Watson, Tasting the Air Graeme Watson, The Tackle Graeme Watson, Womens Rugby Union 2 Jacqueline Hammer, Ball on a Curve Jacqueline Hammer, In Utero Jacqueline Hammer, Jug Curves Jacqueline Hammer, Tulip Stair- case Joseph Tam, Down You Go Joseph Tam, Have No Fear Mono Joseph Tam, Unbalanced Mono Robin Yong, MaikoSan Yvonne Moule, Corn cobs Austria Johann Schrittwieser, Katja Johann Schrittwieser, Moto 01 Sepp Dieter Kohlwein, The Maze Belgium Gino Symus, Mating time Gino Symus, Playing seal
  139. 139. 141 Gino Symus, Playing with bub- bles Canada Kam Chiu Tam, ACG jumper Kam Chiu Tam, Fighting with calf Phillip Kwan, F2Bear Eating Salmon 75 BW Phillip Kwan, F3Bear Claiming 49 BW TARAKNATH DEY, FLOWER VASE 1 TARAKNATH DEY, NATURAL STREAK 1 Thomas Vijayan, Frozen Moment Black White Thomas Vijayan, Relaxing Thomas Vijayan, The Flare in dark China Hanju Zhu, Back Hanju Zhu, Heartstrings Huifen Wang, Grandma and Grand- son Lanfeng Chen, Mother and son c Lizhen Pan, Shave Shihui Liu, Talk Wenguang Lu, Enchanting Eyes Xiaoqing Chen, Tribal Protector 5 XINXIN CHEN, Small factory1 Yan Zhang, The Portraits of Afri- ca11 YI Wan, Face painting 21 YI Wan, monkey 130 Yiliang Yang, Breast Milk2 Yiliang Yang, Little Monk in the Snow 4 Yinghe Wang, Way To Pray3 Yonghong Jin, Dockman 2 Yushan Li, Old Skill Yushan Li, Partner3 Croatia Berislav Vrkljan, THANKS TIME No 3 Petar Sabol, Alisija Petar Sabol, Ruby thinking Petar Sabol, Ruby zijevalica Petar Sabol, Stefanac Zoran Makarovic, Man from Bilye 3 Zoran Makarovic, Worker from Bi- lye Zvonko Kucelin, one man3 Cyprus Despina Anastasis, Distraction Despina Anastasis, Lure KLEA KYPRIANOU, First Dance in Du- plicate KLEA KYPRIANOU, White Ribbons And Wires MUSTAFA EVIRGEN, Expectancy MUSTAFA EVIRGEN, In the pool MUSTAFA EVIRGEN, Rituel MUSTAFA EVIRGEN, Time TEVFIK ILERI, DOUBLE SIX TEVFIK ILERI, THE ANGER Czech Republic Roman Sudoma, BiBi and Eli bw Roman Sudoma, Disappointment 1 bw Roman Sudoma, Girl with a hat bw Roman Sudoma, Portrait of the nobleman bw Finland Ilpo Pohjonen, The grey of the every- day Juha Saastamoinen, Angry look Juha Saastamoinen, Eagle spreading wings Lassi Tuominen, Photographer France Daniel JURGENSEN, Tender feel- ings Roger Jourdain, Anne Saxophonist No2 Roger Jourdain, Guitarist Gege Roger Jourdain, My Friend Biker Roger Jourdain, The Potter Hands Germany Boettcher Dr Michael E, Well protected II Gerhard Boehm, Duo SW Gerhard Boehm, Patrick 3 Gerhard Boehm, Table Top SW4 Gerhard Boehm, Table Top SW Roland Hank, Crossing Hong Kong Arnaldo Paulo Che, Cock fight 1 Arnaldo Paulo Che, The last shot Koon Nam CHEUNG, Burst Out 10 BW Koon Nam CHEUNG, Burst Out 15 BW Koon Nam CHEUNG, Confront 01 BW Koon Nam CHEUNG, Golden Eagle Land- ing 08 BW Shiu Gun Wong, All Wet 2 Shiu Gun Wong, Casting Fishing Nets Sui Ching HO, Throwing Net BW003 WING CHUNG KENNETH LEUNG, Onward BW Hungary Istvan Kerekes, Best friends Istvan Kerekes, Lightbar Istvan Kerekes, Maramuresan tale Istvan Kerekes, Shepherd girl Judit Deri, On the peak India Debdas Bhattacharya, KOLKATA KUS- TI Debdas Bhattacharya, TRANSFORMA- TION Kaushik Dolui, Parallel lines II Kaushik Dolui, TableTop PARTHA SARATHI DHAR, For your Eyes Only SATHYANARAYANA RAJAGOPAL CHIN- TALAPALLE, F2 WINNOWING COU- PLE SATHYANARAYANA RAJAGOPAL CHINTA- LAPALLE, F3 RETURNING HERD SATHYANARAYANA RAJAGOPAL CHINTA- LAPALLE, F4 LEOPARD RESTING Israel Efraim Shpringer, Two eyal amer, Lees look eyal amer, Peeps eyal amer, The cook LEONID GOLDIN, In the Metro LEONID GOLDIN, People and manne- quins 2 Italy Giovanni Fabbri, a long journey Pierluigi Rizzato, Hamar Pierluigi Rizzato, Jamila Pierluigi Rizzato, Rashid Virgilio Bardossi, Guardian Ceme- tery Virgilio Bardossi, The crosses Latvia Viesturs Links, MY LITTLE SUN- SHINE Viesturs Links, REAPER Viesturs Links, SUMMER RAIN Viesturs Links, TALENTS AND ADMIR- ERS Lithuania RUSLAN BOLGOV, Beauty is a light RUSLAN BOLGOV, Embrio RUSLAN BOLGOV, Orbites of the Ve- nus Malaysia Guek Cheng Lim, Do not disturb Guek Cheng Lim, Huh Guek Cheng Lim, Not interested Guek Cheng Lim, Worried Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, F1Aggression Daniel LYBAERT, F2Verdriet in Doel in ZwW Daniel LYBAERT, F3Stiekem Jan Molenveld, bubblemania Marcel van Balken, F2Streetview Marcel van Balken, F3Circles Marcel van Balken, F4Drawnold Portugal Joao Taborda, Rest Time Qatar Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Bedwani Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Juma Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Long Way Abdulla AL Mushaifri, Take Me Home Bw Russia Viktor Kanunnikov Nickolaevich, Armenian countryman 1 Viktor Kanunnikov Nickolaevich, Country hooper 2 Viktor Kanunnikov Nickolaevich, Country hooper 3 Viktor Kanunnikov Nickolaevich, Country hooper 8 Yury Pustovoy, Alone Yury Pustovoy, Moeraki New Zea- land Yury Pustovoy, Shapes and Lines of Sahara Singapore Thigh Wanna, The journey to horizon M Thigh Wanna, Travel accompany M Slovenia Bogdan Bricelj, Canoe in the Middle of Waves bw Daniel Mauko, Fall Daniel Mauko, New construction Daniel Mauko, Road through vine- yard Igor Debevec, Acte Noir I Igor Debevec, Fairyland V1 Igor Debevec, Family Stane Vidmar, Curves Stane Vidmar, Reflection Stane Vidmar, Second track South Africa Cecile Nowers, Anda Mono Cecile Nowers, Trystan 1 John Coumbias, monk on duty John Coumbias, old fisherman John Coumbias, night guard John Coumbias, guitar player Willem Kruger, Baboon family MBW Willem Kruger, Old man clapping BW South Korea Shin Woo Ryu, Nude Show 04 Shin Woo Ryu, Transmission Line Sri Lanka Isuru Ranasinghe, Behold Isuru Ranasinghe, Jealousy Isuru Ranasinghe, Pleasure Games Ravindra Ranasinghe, Tea for Me Ravindra Ranasinghe, THE PLACE I CAME FROM Ravindra Ranasinghe, War and cause Turkey Arif Hikmet Akturk, Torluk 2 Cagri isbilir, kestaneci OZGUR SECMEN, ELMALI2 OZGUR SECMEN, HATICE TEYZE 2 United Arab Emirates khalid alhumeeri, DSC5097 United Kingdom Philip Westwood, Net Bottom Philip Westwood, Nude Hiding Face Philip Westwood, On the floor USA Ed Cooley, GhostRiders Ed Cooley, WildSpirit Ira Nemeroff, Los Angeles 16a Ira Nemeroff, Mormon Temple La Jolla 125a Vietnam NHAN LE HOANG, VAC CHAU
  140. 140. 142 Unlimited Photo Montenegro Jury Borislav Milovanovic EFIAP/s, PPSA, GPU CR3, Serbia Nenad Nikolic AFIAP, GPU Aphrodite, Serbia Dusica Kalezic Professor of art history Montenegro
  141. 141. 143
  142. 142. 144
  143. 143. 145
  144. 144. Unlimited Photo Association was established to achieve the following objectives • affirmation and popularization of art and creative photography to support and preserve cultural heritage, national history, customs and traditions, protecting the environment and natural beauty of Montenegro through the medium of pho- tography • creation, support, encouragement and continuous improvement of the photog- raphymedium in Montenegro, then its comprehensive promotion at home and abroad • we are co-operating with schools and professional associations in the country and abroad who are engaged in the medium of photography • we publish books and other publications in the field of photography media • we are organizing national and international photo exhibitions, under the patron- age of domestic and international alliances, federations and associations We Create Unlimited Photography Experience
  145. 145. 147 1st International Contest Light and Shadow 2017 Salon Chairman Branko Lazarevic Organizer Unlimited Photo Publisher Unlimited Photo Organizing Committee Branko Lazarevic Aleksandar Cvijanovic Cover photo © Petar Sabol, Croatia, Got it Design Ljiljana Vrzic Nenad Nikolic Montenegro, 2017
  146. 146. 148 Unlimited Photo