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TeamCare For Healthcare


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ATD Intl Conf & Expo Presentation 5/23/17

Published in: Healthcare
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TeamCare For Healthcare

  1. 1. @DawnJMahoney | @LeaderIn140 © Dawn J Mahoney CPLP
  2. 2. Your feedback helps ATD continue to provide top-notch educational programs that help you stay on top of a changing profession. Evaluations forms for this session are available via the mobile app and at the following link:
  3. 3. + @DawnJMahoney | @LeaderIn140 © Dawn J Mahoney CPLP ATD “ICE” International Conference & Expo TU320 | Tuesday, May 23, 2017 TeamCare© For Healthcare
  4. 4. + @DawnJMahoney | @LeaderIn140 © Dawn J Mahoney CPLP Assessment Time. (As in gut check.)
  5. 5. + @DawnJMahoney | @LeaderIn140 © Dawn J Mahoney CPLP Let’s do this.
  6. 6. + @DawnJMahoney | @LeaderIn140 © Dawn J Mahoney CPLP Why this is important.
  7. 7. + @DawnJMahoney | @LeaderIn140 © Dawn J Mahoney CPLP Did you know… ANA & NIOSH declared 2017 the Year of the Healthy Nurse?
  8. 8. @DawnJMahoney | @LeaderIn140 © Dawn J Mahoney CPLP 5 EMPLOYEE RELATIONS CHALLENGES CONFRONTING HEALTHCARE • Long, non-daylight shift work increases employee error rates. • Healthcare employee relations is steeped in a myriad of regulations. • Value-based payment paradigm realigns healthcare compensation and increases turnover. • Employee HIPAA violations can lead to severe civil and criminal penalties. • Continuous technological change in healthcare stresses employees. Source: HR
  9. 9. + @DawnJMahoney | @LeaderIn140 © Dawn J Mahoney CPLP “Workforce training is another important issue. It is essential that human resources personnel consider the composition of the health workforce in terms of both skill categories and training levels [2]. New options for the education and in- service training of health care workers are required to ensure that the workforce is aware of and prepared to meet a particular country's present and future needs [2]. A properly trained and competent workforce is essential to any successful health care system.” “As arguably the most important of the health system inputs, the performance and the benefits the [healthcare] system can deliver depend largely upon the knowledge, skills and motivation of those individuals responsible for delivering health services.”
  10. 10. + @DawnJMahoney | @LeaderIn140 © Dawn J Mahoney CPLP It’s a mad, mad 24x7 world. (Especially during a full moon.)
  11. 11. + @DawnJMahoney | @LeaderIn140 © Dawn J Mahoney CPLP Delegation. (Tough gig for healthcare folks.)
  12. 12. + @DawnJMahoney | @LeaderIn140 © Dawn J Mahoney CPLP Staffing. (Your favorite topic, I’m sure.)
  13. 13. + @DawnJMahoney | @LeaderIn140 © Dawn J Mahoney CPLP Ask your staff what they need. (Often.)
  14. 14. + @DawnJMahoney | @LeaderIn140 © Dawn J Mahoney CPLP THANK YOU! (608) 219-5785 The people who depend on you THANK YOU, too!
  15. 15. @DawnJMahoney | @LeaderIn140 © Dawn J Mahoney CPLP Resources • facing-healthcare-workers.html • • • • • • • • •