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DCNP17 Go Monthly or Go Home!

Transition to a monthly-first program

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DCNP17 Go Monthly or Go Home!

  1. 1. Go Monthly or Go Home! How to transition to a “monthly first” program
  2. 2. BROUGHT TO YOU BY… Lesley Hostetter, VP Lautman Maska Neill & Company and Dane Grams, Director of Membership The Human Rights Campaign @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  3. 3. First, a little background …
  4. 4. History of HRC’s Partners Program • Launched in the 1990’s with 2,000 sustainers • To really impact social change – needed a bigger army, and more funding @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  5. 5. Invested Heavily in the Pipeline • Maintain 1,000,000 supporters (activists) and 500,000 members • Key to scaling retention was to increase sustainer conversion @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  6. 6. Investment Channel #1 Street Canvassing
  7. 7. Canvass Program: Largest Source of Sustainers • Pros: • Rapid growth • High visibility • Cons: • Weak retention – 33% in year 1 • Expensive 30,000 new sustainers this year! @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  8. 8. Canvass Program: How it Works • Outside agency trained on issues • Monthly first ask • Focus on one issue • Highlight being outnumbered by opposition @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  9. 9. Canvass Program: Transition to Tablet Technology • Paper forms • manual intensive • room for error • Tablets • seamless process • immediate credit card charge Tablet increased average gift by x%! @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  10. 10. Canvass Program: What to watch for on the back- end • Data! • Sync with database • Encryption • Cancellations/processing fails • Retention Plans and Expectations • High drop-off rates • “Different” type of donor @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  11. 11. “How the heck do I make the case for a canvassing program?” Start small – proof of concept @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  12. 12. Investment Channel #2 Website/Email
  13. 13. Website • Pros: • It’s Easy! • Cons: • Might sacrifice short-term revenue @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly 3-fold increase in new Partners at roll-out! Toggle web form has been crucial!
  14. 14. Lightbox in high traffic moments 132 sustainers! @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  15. 15. Sustainer Email Campaigns • Urgent & Timely • Broad themes “rights on the line” • 400-500 Partners/campaign @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  16. 16. Dedicated Ask on Giving Tuesday • Not as strong — 90 new Partners • Lots of inbox competition @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  17. 17. Sustainer Option in Emails • More passive — donor in control • Premium offers work 596 new sustainers at year-end! @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  18. 18. Investment Channel #3 Digital Advertising
  19. 19. The election has changed everything. Including the ROI on digital advertising. @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  20. 20. Sustainer Recruitment Timeline: Threats to LGBTQ equality are major motivators 0 10 20 30 40 11/15/16 11/23/16 12/1/16 12/9/16 12/17/16 12/25/16 @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  21. 21. HRC’s Digital Advertising Goal: Acquire new members Without even trying, we have acquired 1,000+ new sustainers through ads in less than 3 months. Let’s look at the most successful ads on Facebook…. @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  22. 22. Sustainer Recruitment at Year-End Platform Monthly Donations Monthly Revenue Facebook 181 $2,452.00 Google Search 143 $3,023.02 Twitter 1 $5.00 Social Sharing 11 $160.00 @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  23. 23. @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  24. 24. @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  25. 25. @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  26. 26. @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  27. 27. @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  28. 28. The success of ads is due to the website: People are choosing the monthly option on their own. @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  29. 29. But What About the ROI? • Cost/sustainer is over $100 • Will be recovered within 12 months • And 1x donations are SO strong – if those are counted, costs are recovered immediately @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  30. 30. No Money for Paid Ads? No Problem! • Post similar ads organically in your Facebook feed • Dedicate a small section of your website for a rotating “ad” in high traffic moments @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  31. 31. Investment Channel #4 Traditional Direct Response
  32. 32. Let’s Cut to the Chase: Mail Getting more aggressive with sustainer asks Telemarketing Historically strong, but falling off These sustainer sources have the best retention and value. @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  33. 33. Direct Mail: Welcome Kit • Monthly-First mantra from the beginning • Goes out weekly @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  34. 34. Telemarketing: New Joins • Every other month • New donors and supporters • Post-election seeing a 7% sustainer rate! I’m calling to welcome you as one of HRC’s newest members. We must be stronger than our enemies – will you help by joining the monthly Partners program? 700 sustainers this year @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  35. 35. Direct Mail: Renewals • Assumptive, Monthly-First Ask 1,400 sustainers this year @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  36. 36. Telemarketing: Renewals • Smaller, highly targeted • Timing aligned with mail Many supporters are renewing by becoming HRC Partners –– making smaller automatic monthly gifts rather than a larger annual gift … 300 sustainers this year @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  37. 37. Monthly-First Points to Ponder
  38. 38. • Prepare for “skimming off” the best donors • As donor file shifts, budgeting can be a challenge • Must have communication plan for active sustainers @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  39. 39. How Will You “Go Monthly” This Year?
  40. 40. Easy Ways for Slow Growth: • Test sustainer ask in renewal or appeal mail • Market sustainer program in acknowledgements and online • Experiment with online donation forms @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  41. 41. Bolder Ways to Grow Quickly: • Pop-up/interrupt on donation form • Dedicated sustainer email campaign • Incorporate dual ask into mail and email • Talk with canvassing (or DRTV) companies to discuss potential @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly
  42. 42. THANK YOU! Lesley Hostetter, VP Lautman Maska Neill & Company and Dane Grams, Director of Membership The Human Rights Campaign @LAUTMANDC @HRC @DMANF #DCNP2017 #GoMonthly