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Recent Dynamic Change in OLED Industry


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Recent Dynamic Change in OLED Industry

Published in: Engineering
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Recent Dynamic Change in OLED Industry

  1. 1. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 1 Recent Dynamic Change in OLED Industry Analysis Atelier Corporation Hisashi Hattori
  2. 2. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 2 1. World OLED industry trend
  3. 3. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 3 OLED Display market trend Mobile Phone, OLED TV and Automotive are important market !
  4. 4. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 4 Mobile Phone Market trend
  5. 5. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 5 OLED TV Market trend(1)
  6. 6. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 6 OLED TV Market trend(2)
  7. 7. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 7 OLED TV Market trend(3)
  8. 8. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 8 OLED Display Panel market trend - 10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 50,000 60,000 70,000 80,000 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 US$MILLION Revenue(2008~2014/2015~2020) Source: UBI research
  9. 9. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 9 Source: IHS
  10. 10. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 10 OLED display panel shipment trend Ink jet process Introduce for low cost panel Rapid growth ! Flexible panel mainly Source: UBI research for TV for mobile phone
  11. 11. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 11 PPI trend and panel size Inkjet process limitation is >200-300PPI 32inch 8K TV Samsung 11K display target in 2018 is 2,250PPI 4K tablet Samsung target in 2017 is 1,000 PPI Source: IHS VR
  12. 12. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 12 Large panel for TV panel changes from bottom emission to top emission Source: UBI research
  13. 13. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 13 Small market for OLED panel
  14. 14. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 14 Flexible battery development LG Chemical and Sekisui chemical for smart phone application etc.
  15. 15. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 15 Apples' patents
  16. 16. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 16 Main application of OLED display
  17. 17. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 17 Source: IHS
  18. 18. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 18 1nit=1cd/m 2 DPM (DPPM)=1:1,000,000 ratio Display Cost High brightness OLED
  19. 19. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 19 「Porsche Mission E」 「 Audi e-tron quattro concept」
  20. 20. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 20 TFT/OLED Display Investment Status/Plan (Korea) 国 企業 量産年 場所 世代 生産規模(千枚/月) 投資額 製品 パネル 備考 Country Company Start Location Gen Cap(k sheet/mon) Invest Money Product Panel Comment 坡州(パジュ) Paju AP2 坡州(パジュ) 10兆ウォン Paju P6 10 trillion won 坡州(パジュ) 9兆ウォン Paju P9 9 trillion won 坡州(パジュ) 10兆ウォン Paju P10 10 trillion won 坡州(パジュ) Paju E2増築 坡州(パジュ) Paju E3 坡州(パジュ) Paju E4 坡州(パジュ) Paju E5 坡州(パジュ) Paju E6 坡州(パジュ) Paju E7 坡州(パジュ) Paju pilot 탕정 Tangjeong A1 탕정 Tangjeong A2 탕정 6兆ウオン Tangjeong A3-Ph1 6 trillion won 탕정 6兆ウオン Tangjeong A3-Ph2 6 trillion won 탕정 9兆ウオン Tangjeong A3-Ph3 9 trillion won 9兆ウオン 9 trillion won 탕정 Tangjeong V1 탕정 6兆ウオン Tangjeong V2 6 trillion won 탕정 6兆ウオン Tangjeong Pilot 6 trillion won 2018 8G 5 LTPS/WOLED or AMOLED Glass top emission, hybrid encapsulation, TV 2016 8G 30 LTPS/WOLED Glass top emission, hybrid encapsulation, TV flexible, top emission, hybrid encapsulation, mobile 2016 6G 32 LTPS/AMOLED Flexible flexible, top emission, hybrid encapsulation, mobile 2015 8G/ 1/6 cut 32 LTPS/AMOLED Glass top emission, hybrid encapsulation, TV 2018 6G 45 LTPS/AMOLED Flexible flexible, top emission, hybrid encapsulation, Apple pilot production 2011 5.5G/ 1/4 cut 12 LTPS/AMOLED Glass/Pla stic rigged and flexible, bottom emission, hybrid encapsulation, mobile サムスンディス プレイ /Samsung display 2007 4.5G 55 LTPS/AMOLED Glass 2015 6G/ 1/2 cut 32 LTPS/AMOLED 2017 6G 45 LTPS/AMOLED Flexible flexible, top emission, hybrid encapsulation, Apple Flexible 2017 8G 6 OXIDE/溶液プロ セスWOLED Flexible top emission, hybrid encapsulation, TV 2019 8G 23 OXIDE/WOLED Glass/Pla stic top emission, hybrid encapsulation, TV 2018 8G 23 OXIDE/WOLED Glass/Pla stic top emission, hybrid encapsulation, TV 2017H1 8G 23 OXIDE/WOLED Glass/Pla stic top emission, hybrid encapsulation, TV Flexible top emission, hybrid encapsulation, mobile 2018 9G LTPS/AMOLED Flexible top emission, hybrid encapsulation, mobile 2016 8.5G 23 OXIDE/WOLED Glass top emission, hybrid encapsulation, TV 2015 8.5G 26 OXIDE/WOLED Glass bottom emission, hybrid encapsulation, TV Flexible bottom emission, hybrid encapsulation, mobile 2016 6G 50 LTPS/AMOLED Flexible top emission, hybrid encapsulation, mobile Korea LGディスプレ- /LG display 2014 4.5G 20 LTPS/AMOLED 2017 6G 50 LTPS/AMOLED 2016 8.5G from 8 to 16 OXIDE/WOLED Glass bottom emission, hybrid encapsulation, TV
  21. 21. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 21 TFT/OLED Display Investment Status/Plan (China) 国 企業 量産年 場所 世代 生産規模(千枚/月) 投資額 製品 パネル 備考 Country Company Start Location Gen Cap(k sheet/mon) Invest Money Product Panel Comment オルドス 200億人民元 Ordos 20B RMB 北京 合肥 285億人民元 Hefei B5-3 28.5B RMB 合肥 400億人民元 Hefei 40B RMB 重慶 328億人民元 Chongqing 32.8B RMB 成都 220億人民元 Chengdu-Ph1 22B RMB 成都 245億人民元 Chengdu-Ph2 25B RMB 深セン 245億人民元 Shenzhen 24.5B RMB 武漢 160億人民元 Wuhan 16B RMB 上海 60億人民元 Shanghai 6B RMB 120億人民元 12B RMB 上海 15.5億人民元 Shanghai 1.55B RMB 深セン 70億人民元 Shenzhen 7B RMB 武漢 120億人民元 Wuhan 12B RMB 惠州 180億人民元 Huizhou 18B RMB 维信诺 昆山 180億人民元 VISIONOX Kunshan 18B RMB 昆山国顕光電 昆山 24億人民元 K&D Opto Kunshan 2.4B RMB 恵科集団 重慶 120億人民元 HKC Chongqing 12B RMB 四川虹视 成都 CCO Chengdu 西安宝莱特光 PLT 河南激藍科技 信陽 100億人民元 AIV-BEX Xinyan 10B RMB 佛山彩虹 順徳 50億人民元 Foshan Caihong Shunde 5B RMB 深セン Shenzhen 深セン Shenzhen Glass No additional investment 2017 8G 15 OXIDE/AMOLED and WOLED Glass inkjet process for TV China BOE/京东方 2015 5.5G 15 LTPS/AMOLED 2015 8.5G 26 OXIDE/White OLED 2016 8.5G 54 LTPS/AMOLED Glass Planned Glass 2018 8.5G 26 OXIDE/AMOLED Glass Planned 2018 6G 45 LTPS/White OLED Glass/Pla stic 2017 6G 45 LTPS/White OLED Glass/Pla stic for mobile LCD and OLED 2017 6G 30(OLED:3) OXIDE or LTPS/AMOLED Glass LCD and OLED CSOT/華星光 電 2017 8.5G 10(OLED:3) OXIDE/White OLED Glass 未定 6G 30 (60 later) Flexible EDO/和輝光電 2014 4.5G 15 now (21 later) LTPS/AMOLED Glass 2015 4.5G 15 LTPS/AMOLED Glass StartedTianma/天馬 2015 5.5G(4cut) 15 LTPS/AMOLED Glass 2017 6G 30 LTPS/AMOLED Glass Planned Truly/信利光電 (信利半导体) 2016 4.5G 30 PMOLED/LTPS/ AMOLED Glass Use Samsung Display Cheonan LCD fab equipment 未定 Planned 2015 5.5G(4cut) 4 now (16 later) PMOLED/LTPS/ AMOLED/Light Glass 未定 6G 30 未定 LTPS/AMOLED Glass 2017 8.5G 未定 LTPS/AMOLED Glass Planned 2015 5.5G 4 PMOLED/LTPS Glass Started Planned 未定 未定 未定 未定 未定 PMOLED/LTPS/ AMOLED/Light Glass Planned 2016 4.5G 30 未定 LTPS/AMOLED Glass 2016 4.5G 15 LTPS/AMOLED Glass Construction started 2017 4.5G 30 OXIDE/AMOLED Glass Planned high resolution 2018 5.5G(4cut) LTPS/AMOLED Flexible high resolution Royole/深圳市 柔宇科技 2017 2.5G (2cut) pilot scale LTPS/AMOLED Flexible
  22. 22. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 22 TFT/OLED Display Investment Status/Plan (Japan, Taiwan) 国 企業 量産年 場所 世代 生産規模(千枚/月) 投資額 製品 パネル 備考 Country Company Start Location Gen Cap(k sheet/mon) Invest Money Product Panel Comment     桃園 CPT Bade Kaohsiung Zhengzhou(中国) Guizhou(中国) 昆山(中国) 17億USドル Kunshan 1.7B$ Tiachung G6 群創光電 Innolux Kaosiung Fab8-1 RITEK for Apple 2017 6G(2cut) 25 or 46 LTPS or OXIDE/AMOLED Flexible 2012 LTPS/AMOLED Glass 2016 6G 24 LTPS/AMOLED Glass/Pla stic New company with Foxconn Tianyi Display Technology TBD 6G 60 LTPS/AMOLED Tianyi Display Technology Planned Hon Hai Precision(鴻海 精密)/Foxconn 2016 6G 4 LTPS/AMOLED Glass/Pla stic Start equipment purchase TBD 6G Taiwan 2016 4G 30 a-Si or OXIDE/AMOLED Glass/Pla stic 60 LTPS/AMOLED 友達光電/AUO 2017 6G 30 OXIDE/AMOLED Flexible Flexible Solution process 2018 6G 10? LTPS/AMOLED Flexible for Apple Japan JOLED/JDI 2018 6G 4.5 LTPS/AMOLED
  23. 23. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 23 Table of panel size, application, process and device Panel size application rigged/flexible process device smart watch flexible inkjet AM-OLED smart phone flexible evaporation AM-OLED tablet flexible inkjet AM-OLED note PC rigged inkjet AM-OLED car flexible evaporation W-OLED>AM-OLED >55 inch TV rigged/rollable inkjet/evaporation W-OLED>AM-OLED <6 inch 7-11 inch
  24. 24. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 24 2.Industrial trend in Korea and China
  25. 25. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 25 OLED display roadmap LG display Samsung display
  26. 26. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 26 Samsung’s foldable smat phone
  27. 27. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 27 Samsung Galaxy panel technology for flexible display Poly-Si(TFT) MgAg(Cathode) SiN(Substrate Barriers)PI Substrate Ag(Anode) OLED(Organic Layers) Ag PI Substrate SEM image of panel cross section
  28. 28. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 28 Foldable: large growth Stress is not uniform
  29. 29. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 29 Wet cleaning、 DMS(Korea 068790)STI(Korea 039440)KCTech(Korea 029460) ion implantation、 ULVAC(Japan)Nissin(Japan) p-Si laser anneal、AP system(Korea 054620)JSW(Japan )덕인(Korea ) PECVD、 AKT(US)SFA(056190) Jusung Engineering (Korea 036930) Sputter、 AKT(米)Ulvac(Japan )이루자( Korea )Avaco(Korea 083930) Scanner、 Nikon(Japan )Canon(Japan ) Coater、 DNS( Japan ) KCTech (Korea 029460) Dry Etcher、 TEL( Japan ) Wonik (Korea 030530)ICD(Korea 040910) INVENIA (Korea 079950) Asher、 ICD(040910)Y.A.C.( Japan ) Wet Etcher、 Semester (Korea )DMS(Korea 068790)KCTech(Korea 029460) Stripper、 Semester (Korea )DMS(Korea 068790)KCTech(Korea 029460) Heat treatment、 Tera Semicon(Korea 123100)Viatron Tech(Korea 141000) AOI(Optical inspection) 、 Orbotech (Israel) HB Technology (Korea 078510) INVENIA (Korea 079950) Array Tester、 Orbotech ( Israel ) Top Engineering (Korea 065130) DC Tester、 양전자( Korea ) Wet / Dry Cleaner、 Semester (Korea )DMS(Korea 068790)STI( Korea 039440)KCTech(Korea 029460) Evaporator、 Canon Tokki(Japan )SFA(Korea 056190)Yasu( Korea ),Ulvac(Japan),Hitach Zosen (Japan ), Chosyu Sangyo (Japan ) Sunic (Korea ) Glass Encap、 AP system(Korea 054620) Avaco( (Korea 083930) Top engineering (Korea 065130) Thin Film Encap、 AKT(US)Kateeva(US) Jusung Engineering ( Korea 036930) Avaco(Korea 083930) LLO (Laser Lift Off tool )、 AP system(Korea 054621)JSW(Japan ) Optpia (Japan ) DnA (Korea ) PI Curing、 Tera Semicon (Korea 123100) Viatron Tech (Korea 141000) Scriber / Bonder etc. SFA (Korea 056190) Top engineering (Korea 065130)Rorze Systems(Korea 071280) Handring/ FA Logistics、 SFA(Korea 056190)Toptech(Korea 108230) Top engineering (Korea 065130) OLED manufacturing equipment maker
  30. 30. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 30 OLED material makers Samsung Corning (Korea) :TFT-LCD / OLED substrate JSR (Japan):OLED coating material SODIFF new material (Korea) :NF3、SiH4、WF6、graphite Woongjin Chemical (Korea) :diffusion plate, prism sheet Taewon Sience (Korea) sputtering target, evaporation material & source, wafer & single crystal UDC(US), Merk Advanced Tech (Germany), Novaled (Germany), Idemitsu (Japan), LG chemical, Hodogaya chemical (Japan), Mitsubishi chemical (Japan), Sumitomo chemical (Japan) :OLED material Hogahm technology(Korea) :touchscreen Sewoo INC (Korea), DNP (Japan), Toppan (Japan), Athene (Japan), :OLED metal Mask Airproducts:electronic specialty materials(e.g.NF3, SiH4, Ammonia) ECONY:TFT-LCD etching grass I-Components (Korea):film(barrier, PCB) Brush Bank (Korea) :FPD washing brush Teijin chemical (Japan), :silicon sheet, gasket Nitto Denko (Japan):polarizing film Toray (Japan) : polarizing film, PI, OLED material, passivation material Hitachi Metal (Japan):sputtering target SKC 코오롱 PI (Korea), Kaneka (Japan), Ube Kosan (Japan) :PI
  31. 31. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 31 Variation of LLO process Samsung Varnish type now Backside carbon contamination remain Remove particle from backside
  32. 32. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 32 LLO equipment makers: AP System, KOSES,JSW, Optopia, DnA(with IHI) LLO equipment Laser high power damages OLED layer
  33. 33. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 33 Daxin Materials(達興材料) , relation with AUO 透明材料 非透明材料
  34. 34. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 34 Remove by air knife ガラスキャリア基板 PI film (with barrier layer) or PI coating without adhesion LAN technology service Special coating Vacuum
  35. 35. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 35 Gas Barrier Film Barrier film of i-components Low cost production of barrier film By R2R R2R barrier film production equipment by Toray engineering
  36. 36. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 36 TFT comparison 区分 Substrate size Transistor Speed Number of mask Manufacturing cost Reliability Circuit inside
  37. 37. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 37 TFT process flow
  38. 38. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 38 OLED emitting materials market According to 2016 OLED Emitting Material Annual Report, published by UBI Research, UDC recorded approximately $ 113 million in 2015 OLED emitting materials revenue. In 2014, this company’s OLED emitting materials revenue recorded $ 127 million and led the global market, and maintained its position in 2015. In particular, this company is a dominating presence in dopant materials sector. Based on the phosphorescent patents, it is supplying phosphorescent red and green dopant to Samsung Display and LG Display. Following UDC’s top place in 2015 global OLED emitting materials market in terms of revenue, Idemitsu Kosan ranked 2nd, and this was followed by Novaled, Dow Chem., and Samsung SDI. In 2013, Dow Chem. was at the top of the market, but since 2014 UDC overtook the leadership. In 2016, LG Display’s OLED TV mass production line operation rate, materials structure of Galaxy Note series to be mass produced in H2, and other factors are expected to affect the OLED emitting materials market.
  39. 39. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 39 Other solution for blue needed such as TADF material, dry process and QDOT material Low Inkjet issue(1)
  40. 40. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 40 Q-DOT emitter martial for printing process development Inverted Quantum-Dot Light Emitting Diodes Using Solution Processed Metal-Oxide Electron Transport Layer
 H.-M. Kim, J.-G. Kim, J.-E. Lee, J. Jang
 (Kyung Hee University)
  41. 41. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 41 Inkjet issue(2)
  42. 42. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 42 TFT LTPS Oxide EL TE TE Pixel Circuit 6T2C 3T2C EL process Evaporation Evaporation Encapsulation TFE Face sealing Size 4.8inch 9.55inch Resolution 480RGBX800 640RGB*432 Compensation No No Color gamut >100%NTSC >100%NTSC Key Technology LTPS TFT <400C GRB strip 酸化膜TFT BOE :北京京東方光電科技有限公司(Beijing BOE Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.) BOEのフレキシブル製品技術戦略 (Flexible display technology road map) New technology for pruduction ・プラスチック基板とパネル剥離(Manufacturing of Substrate and deboning technology) ・TFTプロセスの低温化(Low temperature process for TFT manufacturing) ・薄膜封止(TFE encapsulation technology) 試作製造での成果
  43. 43. 2016年版 分析工房 (株) 43 Taiwan ITRI development for OLED touch sensor