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This short presentation was given with the founder/director of Refab, Refab staff, and other members of the So Gouda It's Gouda team.

We reported on the work accomplished, process, and recommendations for Refab moving forward.

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  1. 1. So Gouda, It’s Gouda X So Gouda, It’s Gouda x Work Update Date: October 10, 2019
  2. 2. So Gouda, It’s Gouda X We promote the creative re-use of our built environment. This mission is sustained by deconstructing buildings otherwise slated for demolition, retraining community members for careers in green industry, and refabricating materials for resale and re-use. Who we are:
  3. 3. So Gouda, It’s Gouda X We chose CHEESE! 🧀
  4. 4. So Gouda, It’s Gouda X How might we raise awareness about REFAB and educate the public on their mission? Problem Statement :
  5. 5. So Gouda, It’s Gouda X The Solution: An improved inventory management system to capture “stories” about objects or materials that are salvaged.
  6. 6. So Gouda, It’s Gouda X XD Throwdown Prep: GUERRILLA RESEARCH The Night of the Event Post XD Throwdown: Discovery + Co-Creation
  7. 7. So Gouda, It’s Gouda X Our collaboration looks like this
  8. 8. So Gouda, It’s Gouda X Refab: Develop an app! So Gouda, It’s Gouda: Deliver design artifacts: personas, story map, workflows, lean designs, and recommended usability testing. Stay involved! (We’ve been rehabbed.) NEXT STEPS

Editor's Notes

  • Refab
    Who we are:
    Our mission
    Resale, Lab, Deconstruction
    Our interest was in finding a way to keep the story with the objects.
    Story helps sell pieces
    Adds historical value
    History= Human element

  • Refab
    We went over all of Refabs needs, which resulted in 3 problem statements
    How might Refab increase donations?
    How might we raise awareness about Refab and educate the public on their mission?
    In what ways might Refab’s deconstruction process become the standard for building removal?

    The judges chose the other team
    We disagreed and had to share our input
    We chose the cheese team
    They did their homework
    We felt heard
    They honed in on the issue we wanted to find a solution for.
  • Gouda (Rebecca)
    Hi we’re “So Gouda it’s Gouda”
    It’s great to be here! This brings back great memories!
    At the end of June this year, we were in the same positions as the teams you will see compete here
    It is an amazing challenge to solve a business problem in 70 minutes
    But we felt good about we came up with because we feel were well-prepared
    We’re thrilled to update you tonight on how the Gouda Team has collaborated with REFAB to see this solution through with them
  • Gouda
    If you were here in June, you’ll remember that our solution was to create an ‘inventory ingestion’ app to add items, their descriptions, and their stories directly into the inventory - nothing like it existed before

    The core purpose behind our solution was to help Refab find a way to capture the stories of salvaged objects and materials. Things like, where did it come from? Who manufactured it? Who did it belong to - perhaps a famous St. Louis family? And there is staff that works to research the history of items - so when they uncover research of a salvaged item, they need a way to easily attach that information to the object in the inventory.

    Once the information is catalogued, the dissemination of the knowledge becomes possible through social media, online searchable catalogs, auctions, etc. There’s also a desire to get information to customers viewing objects online so they don’t need to physically come to REFAB anymore in order to know what they have in the store.
  • Gouda (Glo)
    Before the event
    When we found out that Refab was the non-profit, we started doing are homework to prep for the throwdown.
    We actually did our own guerrilla research
    Visit the warehouse and talk to the folks.
    The throwdown committee gave us interview videos to look over
    Interviewed Refab folks
    We had done our research and educated ourselves on the business

    After the event
    Since shortly after the Throwdown we started meeting up on a regular schedule every week
    We created personas to help inform the design from the perspective of the people who would have to use our solution
    We had Story Mapping workshop
    Discussions around the current and future workflows
    A few main takeaways from our meetings:
    REFAB didn’t receive donated items only through deconstruction, but also through drop offs and pick ups
    We also found out that they were already using Square as their point of sale system.
    That would be important to know because that is how they are currently managing their inventory
    Knowing all this, we were able to outline a feasible solution that worked with their current workflow and improve their future workflow.
  • Refab:
    We didn’t have any expectations, but were excited that Cheese Team followed up
    They asked all the right questions
    We examined the way our business functions
    That process was incredibly beneficial to us.
    allowed us to see which areas could be simplified and how we could better organize our order of operation.
  • From Eric S.:
    Take the framework that they have given us and use it to develop an app.
    To streamline:
    Donation pick-ups
    Donation drop-offs
    Deconstruction processing
    Inventory tracking
    Documenting story
    Social media
    Customer facing platform
    (Update --Eric)
    We found a real way to keep the story with the object
    This will help other nonprofits like Refab and allow them to be more successful
    Supporting deconstruction vs. demolition on a larger scale
    This work will help with grant funding and even donations
    Effectively touching on all of the initial needs!

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