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This short presentation was given with the founder/director of Refab, Refab staff, and other members of the So Gouda It's Gouda team.

We reported on the work accomplished, process, and recommendations for Refab moving forward.

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. So Gouda, It’s Gouda X So Gouda, It’s Gouda x Work Update Date: October 10, 2019
  2. 2. So Gouda, It’s Gouda X We promote the creative re-use of our built environment. This mission is sustained by deconstructing buildings otherwise slated for demolition, retraining community members for careers in green industry, and refabricating materials for resale and re-use. Who we are:
  3. 3. So Gouda, It’s Gouda X We chose CHEESE! 🧀
  4. 4. So Gouda, It’s Gouda X How might we raise awareness about REFAB and educate the public on their mission? Problem Statement :
  5. 5. So Gouda, It’s Gouda X The Solution: An improved inventory management system to capture “stories” about objects or materials that are salvaged.
  6. 6. So Gouda, It’s Gouda X XD Throwdown Prep: GUERRILLA RESEARCH The Night of the Event Post XD Throwdown: Discovery + Co-Creation
  7. 7. So Gouda, It’s Gouda X Our collaboration looks like this
  8. 8. So Gouda, It’s Gouda X Refab: Develop an app! So Gouda, It’s Gouda: Deliver design artifacts: personas, story map, workflows, lean designs, and recommended usability testing. Stay involved! (We’ve been rehabbed.) NEXT STEPS