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#DMANP2015 Don't Try This At Home


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Don't Try This At Home: Direct Response Screw Ups You Can Learn From

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#DMANP2015 Don't Try This At Home

  1. 1. Don't Try This At Home: Direct Response Screw Ups You Can Learn From
  2. 2. Mistakes… We All Make Them… How we handle them is what makes all the difference
  3. 3. Steps The Threefold Path to Enlightenment Understand The Mistake Apologize! & Take Responsibility Take Action: –How to Rectify NOW (If needed) –How to Prevent Repeating It
  4. 4. Mistakes Happen … Regardless of Channel Those Willing to Admit Them: –Liz Murphy, Red Engine Digital –Gigi Norcross, Telefund –Ben Harris, Production Solutions –Dave Acup, EDF
  5. 5. Liz Murphy Red Engine Digital
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  12. 12. Gigi Norcross Telefund
  13. 13. TM: Sending reminder mail to donors who have already fulfilled TM firms generally send reminder mail 2 and 4 weeks after point of phone pledge whether or not they’ve received data back on fulfilled pledges Inconsistent data back leads to unnecessary mail, and possibly even unnecessary calls Best case = annoyed donors, worst case = lost donors Solution is to establish strong data transmission routines with your vendors as well as regular fulfillment reporting
  14. 14. TM: Not so awesome kick-off briefing Call centers benefit tremendously from client briefings. They appreciate the attention, use the information, and get inspired by the mission. Poor briefings, however, can assist in getting a campaign off to a poor start The technique in delivering a briefing for a cell center is important. – short (10-15 minutes) – controlled on Q&A (another 5-10 minutes, ideally with questions submitted ahead of time) – reinforcing of the same messages that you want the callers to be delivering to your donors – very upbeat – always appreciative of the callers. The most common thing we run into on briefings is that they run too long with info that’s too dense DO work with your TM firms to do kick-off briefings; DO prepare for these briefings ahead of time with the emphasis points here in mind.
  15. 15. TM: Managing from goals that are unattainable Income from one channel down, so income for another channel gets nudged up – happens a lot The difference in TM is that there are real live people trying to hit those numbers, and when the goals are too high the callers get discouraged Focused, happy callers generate better results than sad callers
  16. 16. TM: Using a script that’s too long That expertly crafted direct mail letter doesn’t work as a script; it just doesn’t. Simple language with minimal syllables, short and punchy sentences. When in doubt, read out loud. Or even better read to someone else.
  17. 17. Ben Harris Production Solutions
  18. 18. Production – Common Trouble Spots Are you serious? ….How could that be!! ……It’s not possible! …..No, not today of all days! ……..NEWMAN!! • Package Configuration or Mock Up • Design , Copy & Printing • Data Processing & Personalization • Insertion & Fulfillment • USPS & Postage All of these areas can be magnified by factors beyond your control…..more on this next!
  19. 19. Production Issues – High Frequency Lower Costs Design , Copy/Text, & Printing • Typo’s • Bad Phone Numbers, Web Addresses • Wrong Bleeds & Text Wrappings • Wrong PMS Color or Too Many • Wrong Stock Color or Type • Size Prohibits Postal Discounts • Specs Require Special Inserting or Finishing Equipment Data Processing & Personalization • Wrong Data Fields Pulled • No Data Fields Pulled • Wrong Copy Version • Personalizing FPO Copy • Size of Form Restricts Personalization – Summary of Issue Attributes • Higher Frequency • Lower Costs • Most Avoidable With “2 Set’s of Eye’s” • Less Advanced Production Knowledge Required • Supplier’s Introduce Most Errors Here
  20. 20. Production Issues – Less Frequent, Higher Costs Package Configuration or Mock Up, Insertion & Fulfillment • Package Too Heavy • Wrong Folds • Components Won’t Insert Properly • Equipment Needed Is Not Available • Insertion Order Restrictions • Blind Match Required (Handwork) • Sequence or Match Codes Required • Stock Breaking on Perfed Lines • Incorrect Component Inserted – Summary of Issue Attributes • Lower Frequency • Higher Costs • Most Avoidable With Proper Quality Control • Kick-off Meeting or Planning Discussion Are Key to Heading These Issues Off • Advanced Production Knowledge Required • Supplier’s Introduce Least Errors Here
  21. 21. Production Issues– Moderate, Highest Costs USPS & Postage • Invalid Postal Permit(s) • Overweight Package, or Too Thick • Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) failures • Window Position in Wrong Area • Barcode Clear Zone Has Printing • Envelopes Are Not Sealed • Incorrect Return Address Details – Summary of Issue Attributes • Moderate Frequency • Highest Costs • Avoidable With Proper Quality Control • Partnering With Quality Service Suppliers Is a Must • Advanced Production Knowledge Required • Supplier’s Introduce Moderate Errors Here
  22. 22. Production Issues – Impact to Program & Brand Low Impact • Typo In Letter Copy • Folding Letter in THIRDS vs. Half for 6 x 9 Envelope • Wrong Date On Letter – 2014 vs. 2015 • Logo’s Printed Inconsistently • Poor Print Quality Moderate Impact • Missing Donor or Member ID# on Reply • Wrong Respond By, Date Used For Match • Missing Insert or Component • IMB Error or Issues – Mail Delivery Slower • Wrong Copy Version (Renewal vs. ACQ) • Wrong Phone or Web Address Used Severe Impact • Missing Ask String on Reply Device • Miss-Match of Components – (Ben’s Reply, and Amy’s Letter) • Mailing Multi-Buyers Same Day as Control • Dropping Too Early (list clearance or call center issues) • Missed Maildate at Year End • Insertion of Competing Organization Insert or BRE
  23. 23. Print & Mail – Key Takeaway’s – UPFRONT – Planning & Communication Are Critical • Always Create a MOCKUP First! • Use Pictures, Folding Dummies, Tape, Glue, Etc. To Create the Package or Format Envisioned • Have Proactive Conversations with Your Service Suppliers About Errors and Issues • Hold Kick-Off Meetings with Your Production Team and Suppliers • Ask Questions, and Confirm Information or Details Often – Verbally and Writing • Role Play with Your Suppliers and Clients About Issue Resolution, Especially those in the SEVERE Status – In The Heat of Battle – Approach & Communication Make It • Be Calm, and Communicate Frequently • Be Fair, and Direct • Use the Phone, document after with Email • Go Onsite to the Supplier’s Location • Ask for Pictures, Documentation, Issue Logs • Resolve the Issue First, Focus on the Money Second (in most cases! ) • Remain Optimistic Throughout, and Believe in a Good Outcome
  24. 24. Dave Acup EDF
  25. 25. Institutional Renewal vs Control
  26. 26. Campaign Name % Resp Avg $ 1Ctrl $100+ 9.92% $117.01 1Test $100+ Founders Institutional Track 4.96% $128.26 2Ctrl Lo$ MG 9.45% $35.04 2Test Lo$ MG Founders Institutional Track 4.15% $34.70 3Ctrl Lo$ SG 1.99% $27.95 3Test Lo$ SG Founders Institutional Track 0.73% $30.50 1Ctrl $100+ 8.81% $120.48 1Test $100+ Institutional 7.76% $119.57 5Ctrl Lo$ 5.59% $34.85 5Test Lo$ Institutional 5.15% $34.38 Unknown Gifts with No Matching Cell Code $88.75 $88.75 Unknown Gifts with No Matching Cell Code $68.33 $68.33 Renewal 2 03 04 Renewal 1
  27. 27. Activist Report Card
  28. 28. Newsletter Carrier
  29. 29. LTV Analysis Report
  30. 30. Liz Murphy Red Engine Digital (703) 556-6951 Amy Sukol Lautman Maska Neill & Company 202-296-9660 Dave Acup Environmental Defense Fund (202) 572-3244 Thank You! Ben Harris Production Solutions (703) 734-4528 Gigi Norcross TeleFund (773) 486-6637