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Techshot, Inc.

Webinar in Support of NSF Solicitation NSF 19-509

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Techshot, Inc.

  1. 1. Innovate. Integrate. Inspire
  2. 2. 30 years of experience with life & physical science research in space
  3. 3. •Founded November 1, 1988 •~50 employees •Indiana (left) and the Kennedy Space Center
  4. 4. •Tissue Chips •Bone Densitometry •Rodent Research •Cell Research (including stem cells) •Protein Crystal Development •C. elegans Research •Plant Research -- PONDS •Drosophila Research •Colloids Research •3D organ and tissue printing Techshot Spaceflight Research Hardware
  5. 5. ISS-National Laboratory • Implementation Partner Space Act Agreement • Operate commercially aboard the ISS • Transportation • Crew Time IDIQ with the ISS-NL and the NASA commercial office • Pre-negotiated pricing for hardware and services Key Agreements
  6. 6. Continuum of Service
  7. 7. • POCC
  8. 8. Multi-use Variable-g Platform •Dual 390 mm rotors, simultaneous 0-2g •Thermal control •12 sample modules, each with video capability •Cell culturing (adherent and suspended) •Drosophila, C. elegans, plants, fish, protein crystals •Rotors and sample modules removable on orbit. MVP
  9. 9. Multi-use Variable-g Platform MVP
  10. 10. Multi-use Variable-g Platform MVP •Techshot tissue chip hardware for upcoming MIT experiment in space
  11. 11. Multi-use Variable-g Platform MVP
  12. 12. Macromolecular crystal growth C. elegans, bacteria fluid processing, etc. Cell culturing, rotating bioreactor ADSEP ADvanced Space Experiment Processor
  13. 13. •Safe doubly-contained sample transfers to orbit, from orbit, and between equipment in space •Freezable down to -80 C •Standard Luer connector Sample Transfer Tool ACT2
  14. 14. • Osteoporosis, muscle wasting diseases • Eli Lilly, Novartis, UCLA Bone Densitometer
  15. 15. Tissue Engineered Vascular Graft
  16. 16. Space BioFabrication Facility
  17. 17. Techshot BioFabrication Facility Launching: February 2019 BFF •Launching May 2019
  18. 18.