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Aging Matters in Brevard "Pets on Wheels"


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LEAD Brevard's Leadership Brevard Class of 2018 Leadership Action Project Presentation.
Aging Matters in Brevard
"Pets on Wheels"
(Collaborative project with Central Brevard Humane Society)
…to provide pet food to homebound Meals On Wheels clients and participants in the Seniors At Lunch congregate dining program. The project will create a system for identifying participants and type of food needed, organizing volunteers and tracking with an ultimate goal of making this a volunteer-run program.

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Aging Matters in Brevard "Pets on Wheels"

  1. 1. Leadership Action Project Class of 2018
  2. 2. Pets on Wheels Project Vision Pets are a critical part of many seniors' lives and are often their primary companions. Pets on Wheels is a collaborative effort of Aging Matters in Brevard and the Brevard Humane Society to ensure Meals on Wheels recipients have food for their furry friends. Donated dog and cat food is delivered monthly by a dedicated team of volunteers. Leadership Brevard LAP has helped to make Pets on Wheels a sustainable program
  3. 3. Group Members • Cammie Goode – Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast • Christie Livingston– National Aeronautics and Space Agency • Emily Mollen – Space Coast IT • Michael Pecko –Project Response. Inc. • Jim Scalzo –Naval Ordnance Test Unit • Carl Stephens –Brevard Achievement Center • Beth Thedy –Brevard Public Schools • Aging Matters Pets on Wheels Project Coordinator: Paula Schroeder
  4. 4. Pets on Wheels LAP Initial Goals • Short-Term Goals Develop consistent intake procedure to identify recipients Coordinate volunteers throughout Brevard County Establish food donation and delivery schedule • Intermediate Goals Grow program to cover entire county with organizational structure to ensure reliable delivery Expand the service to other Aging Matters’ clients
  5. 5. Creating Sustainability • Created a marketing campaign with a new logo • Developed an information sheet to communicate with the community • Identified the need for a volunteer coordinator • Developed online forms to streamline application process for volunteers and clients • Improved food storing and labeling
  6. 6. Created a Marketing Campaign Goal: Grow the program and disseminate information about the project to the community to describe the impact of the program and to tell others how they can contribute Fact Sheet
  7. 7. Created Online Forms • Goal: Create an online form to streamline application process for both volunteers and clients  Developed online forms • Next Steps: Deploy the online forms on the website for easy access  Created a participant survey to gather feedback and recommendations for program improvement  Deployed a dedicated email inbox
  8. 8. Pets on Wheels LAP Long Term Goals Next Steps – Growing the Program • Find Climate Control Storage • Create a stable food supply • Develop a spreadsheet to track the food each recipient receives to ensure consistency for the participants • Transition administrative responsibility to lead volunteer(s) • Secure grants and donations to sustain the program • Offer expanded animal services such as veterinarians/ groomers / dog walkers willing to donate services to seniors
  9. 9. Volunteers? Email: