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Our Shared Future


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Slides delivered as part of the University of Bath and Bath and North East Somerset Council's Our Shared Future event on 13th January 2020.

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Our Shared Future

  1. 1. Our Shared Future
  2. 2. Our Shared Future To explore how the University’s research resource and expertise might be deployed/applied to address priority areas of the B&NES Climate Emergency Programme. Focus: heating (historic) buildings Issue tackled : Climate Workshop
  3. 3. • Heating forms a large part of our energy use and GHG emissions (cooling will feature increasingly) • Need to change our thinking from the big decentralised system to what we can do and control at local level • National uncertainty; but can’t let that stop local progress • Lots of will and opportunities to work together • Existing work by Council, but where funding has ended not always had opportunity to follow up and gather data etc. Our Shared Future Key Issues
  4. 4. • We have ability to educate about what is possible • Tension between listed building stock and retrofitting • Various options for heating sources: • Technical fixes • Behaviour change • Enabling communities Workshop Highlights and Outcomes
  5. 5. • Provide strategy over short, medium and long term • Explore funding opportunities • Provide trusted options for those wanting to proceed • Empower communities • Provide and create exemplars • Improve building stock – fabric first • Work on all building types (those over which council/Uni has influence and those they don’t) • Create exemplars and a centre for excellence within the World Heritage Area Decarbonisation task force
  6. 6. • Build an outline for a task force • Identify what can be done, what needs to be done, gaps, • Navigating between local and national policies • Identify funders: • Small scale – student projects • Larger scale – large research/infrastructure projects Next Steps
  7. 7. Our Shared Future
  8. 8. Bath and North East Somerset Council have undertaken extensive mapping work to build a 3D model of what exists in the space under the roads in the City of Bath. How could we use this data to create opportunities for the City, given the constraints that exist on the City such as our World Heritage Status? Our Shared Future Issue tackled : Infrastructure Workshop
  9. 9. How do we convert a liability into an asset? How do we improve people’s lives? Is there something we might do which would be best-in-class? Our Shared Future The big questions
  10. 10. What should we do with the 8,000 vaults? Our Shared Future In other words..
  11. 11. Tourism – Augmented Reality of ‘The Hidden City’ Planning – using 3D model to bring planning alive Food – mushrooms and other possibilities? Heat exchange – exploit thermal stability of vaults Attenuation – rainwater tanks and recycling Our Shared Future Ideas and possible leads
  12. 12. Structure of vaults Surveys of vaults for air quality Data manipulation and security 5,000 UG/PGT dissertations each year.. Pilot studies to underpin major grants Our Shared Future Research collaborations
  13. 13. Our Shared Future
  14. 14. Our Shared Future Issue tackled : Collaboration for tackling key challenges facing the city We established the need for much greater collaboration to tackle the city's challenges. Agencies need to work more closely together to develop a 2030 vision and plan for Bath and B&NES.
  15. 15. Longstanding question of Bath and the identity & governance of the city vis B&NES Urgency of e.g climate emergency and other challenges that require collaboration Need therefore a new institutional focus for collaboration, whether at Bath or B&NES level Development of new methods of community engagement and democratic participation Our Shared Future Questions
  16. 16. Create partnership between anchor institutions, like the universities, NHS, voluntary sector, and council Agree a mandate for clear commitments across agencies and initial projects, e.g. climate transition, health and well-being, 'foundational economy' Provide a resource for analysis, policy, and the development of vision and plans Create new digital platform for citizen engagement for e.g. climate emergency Provide a mechanism for local areas inc. organisations in Bath to shape policy Our Shared Future Ways forward