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Gauze ghosts


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How to create scary ghosts for Halloween

Published in: Education
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Gauze ghosts

  1. 1. GAUZE GHOSTS DIY (Do it yourself)
  2. 2. MATERIAL • -Gauze (two per ghost) • -White glue • -Tennis-table balls • -Small water bottle • -Permanent marker • -Thread
  3. 3. HOW DO WE DO IT? •1. Pour a little quantity of white glue in a bowl and add the same quantity of water and stir the mixture.
  4. 4. •2. Open the gauze pack and unfold two gauzes for one ghost. HOW DO WE DO IT?
  5. 5. •3. Put the tennis- table ball on the top of the small water bottle to give the ghosts head a round shape. HOW DO WE DO IT?
  6. 6. •4. Dip the first gauze into the white glue and remove any excess. You have to make sure that it is fully covered. HOW DO WE DO IT?
  7. 7. • 5. Place the gauze on top of the tennis-table ball and drape over the bottle. Do the same with the second gauze but take care to put it perpendicular to the first gauze. Gauzes are rectangular so you have to be careful to put the gauzes like a cross. HOW DO WE DO IT?
  8. 8. •6. Allow 4-6 hours to dry or preferably overnight. •7. Once your ghosts are dry, draw the eyes and the mouth with a black permanent marker. •8. Hang the ghosts with HOW DO WE DO IT?