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The power of questions


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The power of questions

Published in: Software
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The power of questions

  1. 1. Tetyana Hrynovetska
  2. 2. SoftServe Confidential • To get information • To show interest in people • To build trust • To persuade • To express your ideas
  3. 3. SoftServe Confidential • People are egocentric • People are apathetic • People are overconfident • People are afraid • People are unaware
  4. 4. SoftServe Confidential
  5. 5. SoftServe Confidential - To help the respondent open up - To get really valuable information - To demonstrate confidence in yourself Do you have any questions? => What questions do you have? So, you are looking for the solution that’d optimize your processes? => How the solution could improve your processes?
  6. 6. SoftServe Confidential - To check your understanding - To clarify - To find specific information Are you saying that the data type is the same in both columns? Does it mean we’ll have to shift the deadline? What currency type is automatically converted by the system?
  7. 7. SoftServe Confidential - To persuade - To emphasize the benefits you see - To attract the respondent’s attention to a specific point Do we choose Hudson or maybe Jenkins, which is much more stable? Do we want our product to become more advanced?
  8. 8. SoftServe Confidential There are three parties involved in the project: the American side (the customer) and two outsourcing companies (Ukrainian and Indian). In a meeting they are discussing testing plans. The Ukrainian side has calculated that for the coming regression testing they’ll need 2 weeks. The American side says it’s too much and they are confident that 1 week will be enough. The Indian side supports the American. Persuade the customer and the Indian counterparts to spend more time on regression testing.
  9. 9. SoftServe Confidential But we already had a similar situation last release. We decided to save time by reducing regression testing and as a result we got 2 critical bugs on production. The users were furious and we got a lot of complaints and criticism. This time we implemented 3 new features. The risk of having bugs is even higher. We can’t compromise on the quality.
  10. 10. SoftServe Confidential - Why are we in a rush to complete testing earlier? - There is a great demand on the market and it’s the right time to introduce the new feature. - Timely offers will help us win new clients. And what will happen if our current clients come across another critical bug in this release too? - Some of them might not forgive us… - This time we introduced 3 new features. The risk of having bugs is high. Do you think it’s worth compromising on the quality? Shouldn’t we invest in our reputation, which can bring us more clients in the future?
  11. 11. SoftServe Confidential - To avoid answering a question - To forward a question by to the questioner This change will bring us a huge advantage. Don’t you think so? – A huge advantage?
  12. 12. SoftServe Confidential - To consider limitations - To explore possibilities - We just don’t have time to implement it in this sprint - What if we implement it anyway? - We can’t do it with the resources we have in the team. - How could we increase the resources?
  13. 13. SoftServe Confidential PRODUCT OWNER says: - No, we cannot spend so much time on testing. And you know that our budget is limited too. Jeff will never agree to that.
  14. 14. SoftServe Confidential But that’s a very risky approach. Without proper testing the team can’t guarantee the quality. And Jeff knows about that. We’ve discussed it with him several times…
  15. 15. SoftServe Confidential - … Jeff will never agree to that. - And what could convince Jeff to do proper testing? - Difficult to say. Maybe a demo of the current state of the application. - A demo? - Yeah. When he sees how unstable the application is, he’s likely to give us more time. - Do you think it’s possible to have a demo this week? - Sure. It won’t take much time, will it? - It won’t. Half an hour would be enough. Could you please schedule a meeting for us and Jeff?
  16. 16. SoftServe Confidential - To make the listener agree (the answer is obvious) - To state the point indirectly - To imitate a dialogue
  17. 17. SoftServe Confidential In the previous sprint our main task was to develop the Feature. It’s really useful as it makes the application more user-friendly. Let me show you how it works.
  18. 18. SoftServe Confidential What was our main task in the previous sprint? We spent the last two weeks developing and testing the Feature. Why did we put so much effort into it? It makes the application more user-friendly …. So, how do we use the Feature? Follow me
  19. 19. SoftServe Confidential
  20. 20. SoftServe Confidential You should add a summary to each part. => What if you also added a summary to each part?
  21. 21. SoftServe Confidential I understand your point, but the change will also affect the cost. => I understand your point. And what about the cost? Won’t the change affect it too?
  22. 22. SoftServe Confidential No, we can’t do it in this sprint. It’s too big. => Can we split it into parts and implement the most critical ones in this sprint?
  23. 23. SoftServe Confidential The plan is not realistic. => And how are we going to implement the plan?
  24. 24. SoftServe Confidential It’s a kind reminder that I am waiting for you confirmation.  Have you had a chance to look into my proposal?  What other info can I provide you with before you take the decision?
  25. 25. SoftServe Confidential Please share the finding with me. => Could you please share the findings with me?
  26. 26. SoftServe Confidential