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2019-2020 MSSC information session


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Parent Information session for Markham Speed Skating Club (2019-2020 Season)

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2019-2020 MSSC information session

  1. 1. 2019 – 2020 MSSC Parent Info Session
  2. 2. Welcome Back to MSSC
  3. 3. Key Volunteer Roles Board Roles Member Email President Robert Baron Vice President Tara Truscott Coach Steph Bowskill Treasurer Member at Large Other Functions Meet Coordinator Salena Barnes Race Registrar Carole Moore Race Registrar Areg Dadashyan Meet Food Coordinator Equipment Coordinator Meet Mat Coordinator
  4. 4. Volunteering – Parent and Family Responsibilities • Group 1 parents to help set up mats. Tues 7pm & Fri 6:30pm • Group 3 parents to help remove the mats. Tues 9:50pm & Fri 9:20pm • Become an on-ice helper for mat setup • Learn to be an official (OSSA offers many officiating courses) • Markham Race Meet. Need volunteers and Food Donations – Race day is November 30th. Volunteer positions will be posted shortly – Mat setup team, food coordinator, Mat take down team, and MANY more! • Get involved with the club as there are lots of ways to participate. – Ask Robert, Tara or Steph!
  5. 5. New Skating Hours • Tuesday’s Group 1 7:00 - 7:50 Group 2 7:50 – 8:40 Group 3 8:45 – 9:50 • Friday’s Group 2 6:40 – 7:35 Group 1 7:35 – 8:15 Group 3 7:30 – 8:05 (Dryland) Group 3 8:20 – 9:20 (On-ice)
  6. 6. Expectations - Skaters • Have Fun! • Be on time – warm-up, practices, races. • Always warm up before getting onto the ice (practices and races) • Respect coaches, officials, teammates and competitors, both on and off the ice • Represent Markham and your sport in a positive way • Skaters and parents are responsible to ensure you wear all your safety equipment • Ask permission if you need to leave the ice • An injured skater may not return to the ice unless cleared to do so by the coach • Parents must be at the rink during your child's session • Group 1 parents to help getting mats on the ice. Tues 7pm & Fri 6:30pm • Group 3 parents to help get mats off the ice. Tues 9:50pm & Fri 9:20pm
  7. 7. Programs Development • Introduction to skating and learning the basics required to advance in the sport Intermediate • Skaters are introduced to the advanced techniques of skating Advanced • Geared to skaters competing at the Provincial and National level
  8. 8. Development Group • Cutting Edge Pin Program – Speed Skating Canada – Assess skill progress of beginner speed skaters – 11 levels in total – White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Black, Bronze, Silver and Gold – • Will commence in the coming weeks, stay tuned.
  9. 9. Intermediate Group – Active for Life/Provincial Circuit • Step 1: Volume and Speed • Step 2: Building Speed • Step 3: Rest (Christmas break) • Step 4: Maintaining top speed • Step 5: Transition (off-season) • Length of each step may vary and are subject to change. This group is mainly focused on developing more advanced technique and endurance.
  10. 10. Advanced Group – Elite Circuit/National Competitors • Step 1: Volume and Speed • Step 2: Building Speed • Step 3: Rest (Christmas break) • Step 4: Maintaining top speed • Step 5: Transition (off-season) • There is and will be a lot of focus on technique in this group. We will follow the steps and will be working on building speed throughout the season.
  11. 11. Competitions – Food/Nutrition • Proper nutrition at competitions is especially important. • Good dinner the night before • Hardy breakfast, protein rich. • Light, frequent snacks throughout the day. • VERY important to drink as much water as possible. • Home-made packed lunch, protein rich. • For 2-day competitions, have a hardy dinner as well. • Avoid fatty foods as much as possible! No fast food, please.
  12. 12. Practice – Food/Nutrition • Maintaining a healthy diet is essential to maintain energy to practice to a skater’s full potential. • Try to have a heathy meal 2 hours before practice. • Avoid fatty food as much as possible, especially on the days that have practices. • Drink lots of water throughout the day before practice, and lots of water after as well. • Water is usually needed during practice, even for the younger skaters.
  13. 13. Fund Raising/Sponsorships • FlipGive (download app) • Wine Survivor • 50/50 draw at the Markham Race • Silent Auction at the Markham Race • Company Logos on Mats • Samosa sale at the Markham Race • Other ideas???? • We need a group of parents to work on this
  14. 14. Club Activities Mini Meet • On October 18th • Run during the first and second group practice • Need parent volunteers as officials (timers, place judges, lap counter) This is a great opportunity to learn the ropes Club Activities • Parent meeting today! • End of season social with awards and updates TBD Traditions • When a skater races a 500m race in under 60 seconds, he/she brings a cake or cupcakes to the next practice to celebrate • Sub 60 and 50 second times in the 500m distance also sign the sub club trophies and receive a sub time pin • Sub 45 second times in the 500m receive a special award
  15. 15. Safety – Mandatory Equipment Helmet • Must be worn at all times while on the ice Safety Glasses • Must be clear and shatter resistant and held in place by a strap Neck Guard • Must be covering the lower half of the full circumference of the neck and all soft tissue below the chin to a point extending below a line joining the armpits at the front of the body Shin Pads • Hard plastic – puncture and cut resistant material Knee Pads • Full frontal knee coverage providing complete coverage of the patella. Made of puncture and impact absorbing material Ankle Guard • Cut resistant, from boot to 10cm above the boot. Or wear cut proof socks Other Considerations • You should consider a cut proof suit to be worn under your skin suit Prior to an Ontario Speed Skating Association Event • You have, and bring with you your yellow OSSA helmet cover • The tips of your blades are rounded to a minimum radius of 1cm. See a board member to get this checked • You sharpen and de-burr your skates or have someone do it for you
  16. 16. Safety – Concussion Protocol Helmet • Check for fit and tightness of straps Recognize a concussion and know the red flags Remove from activity and get medical assistance Follow the graduated return to sport protocol Communicate concussions between sports and school Links: • Concussion awareness resources age 10 and under • Concussion awareness resources age 11 to 14 • Concussion awareness resources age 15 and up • OSSA concussion code of conduct – Athletes and Parents • OSSA concussion code of conduct – Coaches
  17. 17. Skate Care Always use skate guards when walking to and from the ice. This will help keep your blades sharp and keep everyone safe from these very sharp blades. After Skating: • Wipe blades with a cloth • Replace skate guards with skate socks • At home, remove skate socks ASAP and let the blades air dry • When transporting skates, use the skate socks to protect the blades • If your skate socks have Velcro straps, ensure the straps are not inside with the blade as that will dull them Sharpening: • Speed skates must be sharpened by hand with a stone and a jig • Sharpening kits are available in the skate room • You can ask another experienced parent how to sharpen or get help • A skate sharpening clinic will be held a little later this month
  18. 18. Racing Circuits Ontario Provincial Circuit • Races are seeded by ability, mix gender for ages 6 and up • Races are held in 4 regions. East, Central, West and Flex • 4 meets in Central. Brampton, Markham, Toronto and Barrie • Championships are held in Sudbury this year • You are allowed to skate out of region, but priority is given to skaters in their region first Ontario Elite Circuit • Races are seeded by age group (11 -12, 13 – 14, 15+) and are gender specific • By invitation in September by last years rankings and the pre-season meet • Races are held across the province • 4 meets in total. Ottawa, Kitchener, London and Kingston • Championships are held in Cambridge this year National • Canada East Championship • Based on points from the Elite Circuit (50% based on best 3 of 4 meets and 50% from Elite Championships) • Others • Short Track Canada Cup, Canadian Junior Short Track Championships, Short Track National Qualifier and the Canadian Short Track Junior Selections
  19. 19. Resources Markham Speed Skating Club • Web Site: • Facebook: Markham Speed Skating Club • Twitter: MarkhamSpeedSkating • Instagram: m.s.s.c. Ontario Speed Skating Association • Technical Bulletins: • Skater Ranking Lists: • Race Calendar: Speed Skate Canada • Parents Guide: • Red Book: • Long Term Athlete Development: