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Great Product Team, Successful Product - Marty Cagan


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Marty Cagan talks about what it means to have success in product management.

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Great Product Team, Successful Product - Marty Cagan

  1. 1. Great Product Team, Successful Product The Keys To Success 1 Marty Cagan, Founder
  2. 2. About Me 2 The Silicon Valley Product Group was created to share senior level experience and best practices with technology companies
  3. 3. Review: The Root Causes of Failure 3 Ideas “Biz Case” Roadmap Requirements Design Build QA Deploy
  4. 4. Continuous Discovery and Delivery 4 Ideas Discovery Delivery
  5. 5. Keys to Success 5 Ideas Discovery Delivery 1. Empowered Product Team
  6. 6. Keys to Success 6 Ideas Discovery Delivery 2. Clear Vision and Strategy Vision
  7. 7. Keys to Success 7 Ideas Discovery Delivery 3. Focus on Business Outcomes OKR’s
  8. 8. Keys to Success 8 Ideas Discovery Delivery 4. Competent Product Manager
  9. 9. Keys to Success 9 Ideas Discovery Delivery 5. Collaboration-driven Solutions
  10. 10. Keys to Success 10 Ideas Discovery Delivery 6. Product Discovery: Learn Fast
  11. 11. Keys to Success 11 Ideas Discovery Delivery 7. Focus on Key Risks
  12. 12. Keys to Success 12 Ideas Discovery Delivery 8. The Role of an MVP MVP Tests Product/Market Fit
  13. 13. Keys to Success 13 Ideas Discovery Delivery 9. Delivery: Release with Confidence
  14. 14. Keys to Success 14 Ideas Discovery Delivery 10. Obsess over Customers
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