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AzLA 2016 Conference - Library's Transform - Business 7 Networking.pptx


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Libraries As Business Centers & Networking Sites - Linking today's Innovative People with Today's Growing Towns and Cities

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AzLA 2016 Conference - Library's Transform - Business 7 Networking.pptx

  1. 1. LIBRARIES AS BUSINESS CENTERS & NETWORKING SITES Linking Today’s Innovative People with Today’s Growing Towns and Cities AzLA 2016 Conference November 4th , 2016 | Tucson, AZ #azla2016
  2. 2. Veronica Shorr Fund Development Officer Yuma County Main Library THE YUMA TEAM (Yuma County Library District) Andrew Zollman Business Librarian Yuma County Main Library
  3. 3. THE BUCKEYE TEAM (Buckeye Public Library System) Janene Van Leeuwen Education Coordinator Buckeye Coyote Branch John Pringle Chairman of the Buckeye Library Advisory Board
  5. 5. ALWAYS START WITH WHY! Simon Sinek The Golden Circle
  6. 6. YUMA’S WHY... At the Yuma County Library we believe in delivering lifelong skills development and learning experiences for the public. To do that, we create programming through patron demand, participant surveys, and rigorous outreach efforts to partner with community members and participation at local community and business events. We do this to become the best one-stop resource in the Yuma community for everyone’s information needs.
  7. 7. Buckeye is 600 sq. miles with a population that exploded from 5,000 to 65,000 in the last 15 years, the library recognized the need to link today’s innovative people and small businesses with today’s growing Buckeye. We partnered with ASU and Buckeye Economic Development to provide training, resources and networking opportunities. BUCKEYE’S WHY... BECAUSE...
  10. 10. Surveying community needs and leaders • Learn and work with the customers you will serve. • Create Contact Lists & Involvement (Seek out community leaders and advocates) Designing your space • City/Town Size & Demographics • Yuma Population 80,000+ to 204,000+ • Race +/- 60% Hispanic, 54% Caucasian Funding • State Grant In Aid (SGIA) • ASU EON, GYEDC Partnerships
  11. 11. • Repurposed Furniture • Group Spaces • Media Center • Mobile Dry Erase Board • Comfortable Chairs • Wall Dry Erase Board • Conference Table • Meeting Table • Study Lamp • Literature Stands • Multiple Power Outlets • Separate Wi-Fi
  12. 12. MAKERSPACES Libraries as a Development and Learning Spaces Local Industry Needs • Education and Training (Available/Missing) • Partnerships/Collaborations (TechShop) Equipment for Pretotyping/Prototyping • Cutting-Edge Tools, Equipment, Computers • Design & Editing Software Training • Facilitated and Guided Workshops/Classes • On-site Volunteers – Library Staff
  13. 13. PROGRAMMING & THE CUSTOMER (YCLD) How-to Business at the Library Facilitated Training •ASU – Entrepreneur Outreach Network • - Entrepreneur Networking •Small Business Mentoring/Counseling •Business Skills Training / Video Training •Boots2Business | Reboot •Website Design & Coding •Computer Software (Office 2013 Suite, Adobe, etc.) (YCLD Teen code Club - Computer Coding)
  14. 14. ENGAGEMENT & LEARNING SESSIONS Workshop and Interactive Activities • Brainstorming Sessions • Business Model Canvas - Business Plan Sessions • Subject Specific Topic, Specialized Workshops • Startup Weekend - Community Engagement • Small Business Pitch Contests • Pretotyping & Prototyping MVPs • Entrepreneur & business software sessions (Raspberry Pi - Retropi - Creating a Gaming Console)
  15. 15. OUTREACH • Targeted advertising - Working with businesses for outreach • Investing in your library by reaching out (Our Story) • Tying it all together for programming and services MARKETING • Word of Mouth • eList → eBlast • City / Library Magazines • Social Media • Local Venues / Businesses • TV & Radio Announcements OUTREACH & REACHING OUT Marketing for Libraries and Businesses
  16. 16. Room Resources • Local/National Grant, Funder Databases • Collection Resource Center • One Double Screen Computer with Database Access • Conference Room with Table Networking Opportunities • YANPI • GPA NONPROFIT & GRANT RESOURCE CENTER
  17. 17. NETWORKING Libraries working to give back YANPI Yuma Area Nonprofit Institute Alliance of AZ Nonprofits Networking Breakfast •Mission Statement •On-Site Presentations
  18. 18. RESOURCES
  20. 20. THE PLACE
  21. 21. Use the flexibility of Library space to your advantage!
  24. 24. Tap into the passion, expertise & abilities of local entrepreneurs & community leaders!
  25. 25. THE PEOPLE
  26. 26. RODERICK & ALYSSA Massage in Motion, LLC DREAM: Restart their Massage company they previously owned. VALUE: “Providing healthy, ease of access massage services right to your door” STAGES: Already a Business → Update licensing → Update plan → Improve Marketing Involvement: Networking ~ Meet-Ups ~ ASU Classes ~ Specialized Workshops ONE WORD: Amazing
  27. 27. TANYA & VICTOR FELIX Sierra Sani Services DREAM: Follow in Victor’s father's footsteps (in Yuma) and begin a sanitation company that would generate enough income to allow them to start other businesses. VALUE: “Provide high quality and exceptional customer service” STAGES: New Start-Up → Customer Development → Marketing Involvement: Networking ~ Meet-Ups ~ ASU Classes ~ Specialized Workshops ~ Mentoring ONE WORD: Amazeballs!!!
  28. 28. CHEF BECKY & LEE Comforts of Home Cooking DREAM: To start a food vendor business that serves home cooked meals. VALUE: “We cook, so you don’t have to!” STAGES: Ideation → Start-Up Involvement: Networking ~ Meet-Ups ~ ASU Classes ~ Specialized Workshops ~ SCORE ONE WORD: ENLIGHTENING
  29. 29. BRIAN GRABOWSKI CEO - minoTOR Sports Drink DREAM: Give back and to teach something and to learn something VALUE: Create a drink that provides energy, endurance, strength & recovery STAGES: 1.5 years in operation → Getting stores to pick-up merchandise→ Marketing → Looking into starting new marketing start-up Involvement: Networking ~ Meet-Ups ~ Mentor Guest Speaker ONE WORD: Philotimo (Greek~ Friend & Honor)
  30. 30. The student becomes the master - begins to coach after attending ASU SPARXX classes WINDI MACLEOD DREAM: To grow her home-based chocolate business into a storefront operation. VALUE: STAGES: Home-based business → Increasing supply & demand → Pivoting to new products → Identifying new customer segments Involvement: Networking ~ Meet-Ups ~ ASU Classes ~ Specialized Workshops ~ ASU SPARXX program ~ Guest Instructor (Negotiation & Pricing) ONE WORD: Pivot KJZZ Radio Interview for NPR
  31. 31. Igniting Innovation Among our Difference Makers!
  32. 32. LIYAH COLEMAN CEO - Mission People Power (Sophomore) DREAM: Start a nonprofit organization, using technology, that will help others. VALUE: “Connecting organizations that need help with people who want to help” STAGES: Innovation → Learning about business → Start-Up → Focus Groups → Research & Development Involvement: YEON 2 Week Summer Academy → MPP Start-Up Mentoring and organization development ONE WORD: Innovative
  33. 33. SHARE YOUR WHY!
  34. 34. OSCAR DENOGEAN Huh? Bilingual Board Game (Sophomore) DREAM: To find the entrepreneur in himself VALUE: Bring families and friends together through fun and non-technology driven games, helping others to learn languages while having fun! STAGES: Innovation → Research & Development → MVP Involvement: YEON 2 Week Summer Academy → Focus Groups ~ Presentations ~ ASU Start-Up classes ~ Meet-Ups ~ Mentoring (Went on to join Buckeye Youth Council, accepted to Governor’s Youth Council, attended ASU summer Business Academy, chosen to travel to Washington D.C. to represent Buckeye) ONE WORD: Worthwhile & ‘Why’