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Guyabetes - Ayogo Design-a-thon Presentation 2016

  2. The Problem Bernard Blunderson’s patients aren’t coming back. Why? Because he’s working in a system that sucks for patients. Fay-Lisa’s drawing
  3. How can we help? Help men over 40 with Type 2 Diabetes to return for a 2nd visit and begin engaging with their diabetes. GUY-ABETES
  4. Creating the Guy-abetes Experience Our focus is on creating a gender-specific experience for men that reassures them that they have found the right place to address diabetes and its challenges. This experience, while technically “clinical” is closer to finding you’ve been invited to a neighbourhood hangout for men.
  5. A Better Experience
  6. A Better Experience We’re transforming Bernard’s waiting room into a diabetes- friendly man-cave. Key Experiences: ● Bartenders/Educators who listen to your concerns and serve smoothies ● Self-assessment arcade (classic games hooked up to medical sensors) ● Furniture design that has small weights and resistance bands attached ● Wii and Kinect games that keep people up and moving ● Weight rack and resistance training equipment ● Celebrate dad bods by removing all potential body-shaming imagery ● Dart Board with syringe darts and pool table that illustrates insulin absorption into the muscle walls ● No receptionists. Experts walk around like Ikea or Apple Store ● App Lab that allows patients to play with diabetes management apps ● Loyalty rewards like resistance bands and recipe books ● Bulletin board that displays local events and diabetes friendly offers
  7. Waiting Room - Before and After BEFORE: FRUSTRATION & BOREDOM GUYABETES EXPERIENCE Receptionist behind glass or barrier Receptionist is a host - register at walkaround desk or stand- up kiosk Figure out payment (move point of pain up) Paper intake form makes you both frustrated and resentful Intake app is fun Can see intake form is prepopulated with information from prior test/results - intake form asks if this is correct. Wait for 30 minutes + Few seating spaces - but they are exploration stations with tactile items (eg. diabetes education manipulables) Women’s magazines Male-oriented magazines - but no 6 packs No engagement between appointments Find out about other spaces you’ll be introduced to post visit. Formal assessments by physician Self assessment experience ● Blood pressure cuff ● Strength/resistance self-assessment ● Blood glucose ● Introduction to the Self-Assessment Arcade
  8. Waiting Room - Before and After BEFORE: FRUSTRATION & BOREDOM GUYABETES EXPERIENCE Set next appointment Welcomed out of the visit by a diabetes educator who serves as a “host” in a “can I get you a drink” mode Figure out payment (end on point of pain) Tour app lab (preloaded devices with recommended applications); get assistance downloading the apps on your own phone Next appointment scheduled and put reminder notification in app Conversation about the reason and purpose/meaning for making the changes required (Motivational interviewing) Leave Tour lending library of strength training items and show you how they work; set individual goals for using the materials (reference MI goals) Look at the food recipes (app or eBook); manipulatable portion-size materials. Set a goal related to food Optional Play Experience - Self Assessment Arcade room trying fitness materials & games out. Social connections - review (and sign up for) the Meet Ups: walking/running club; the coffee and chat club;
  11. Business The Guyabetes Experience is replicable in health clinics who have budgets to invest in significant equipment, interior renovations. We see an opportunity to: 1) Franchise Guyabetes Clinics: we provide design, set-up and ongoing support - content and marketing for diabetes- physicians interested in establishing a niche clinic with an all-in-one diabetes education experience 2) Guy Lab: Walk through the Guy Lab and test out interiors & value-added services:App Lab; Lending Library; Self Assessment Arcade. Contract Guy Lab to customize and transform your “waiting experience” to an “engaging experience” that works for men and encourages men to return.
  12. Competition Health UX design services are prototyping and researching environmental factors in patient satisfaction.
  13. Next Steps - Build the Guy Lab and invite prospective clients to tour the facility, picking facets that fit their practice. - Set up pilot Guy-abetics clinics for first clients. - Perform case studies to identify the most effective areas. - Iterate on the services and refine the Guy Lab offerings.
  14. A Better Experience