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151207 iHV Fellows event - Wendy Taman


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First National Fellows Network - Mon 7 December 2015.
Wendy Taman - Meet the tweet - twitter for professionals

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151207 iHV Fellows event - Wendy Taman

  1. 1. Meet the tweet - Twitter for Professionals Wendy Taman @babycatcher09
  2. 2. • What is Twitter? • Tweeting as a professional - what can Twitter do for you? • My story on Twitter. • Links to help get you started. In just 15 minutes...
  3. 3. What is Twitter? •Twitter is a social networking service and communication tool for messages. •It uses just 140 characters for each tweet. You can add pictures and links to your tweet, or post. •Tweets can contain addresses: @ihealthvisiting •Hashtags allow you to join relevant topics together: #WeGetTogether
  4. 4. What can Twitter do for you? •What do you want to do? •Network with HVs, HCPs? •Make the News? Share the News? •Share a safety alert? •Make a Change? •Lobby? •Promote your service, Trust, or yourself •EBP, CPD?
  5. 5. Networking
  6. 6. Make the news or share the news
  7. 7. Health Promotion & Safety Alerts
  8. 8. Make a change engage with families - a valuable listening tool.
  9. 9. Lobbying
  10. 10. Promotion
  11. 11. Evidence
  12. 12. CPD - Twitter Chats • What are they? • Topic, time and place tweeted as an invite. #iHV2015 #iHVForum #WeHVs #WeNurses • You can ‘lurk’ just taking in the views of others on the subject. • You can prepare a few tweets with your views on the topic.
  13. 13. Twitter Chats • You can learn about new resources • You can make new professional contacts • You share your experience • It won’t be long before you are thinking of doing your own chat!
  14. 14. Its reach is measurable
  15. 15. My Story •@NPASBirmingham was @WMP_Helicopter@Traffic_M6
  16. 16. Links to get you started • sity • of-a-tweet • to/content/twitter-for-dummies-cheat- sheet.html • to/content/understanding-twitter-basics0.html