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GFSI2018 Shojinmeat Project


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Presentation from Shojinmeat Project at Global Food Safety Initiative 2018, Tokyo

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GFSI2018 Shojinmeat Project

  1. 1. 2 Yuki Hanyu Global Food Safety Conference 08.Mar.2018, Tokyo Public Trust in Cellular Agriculture Shojinmeat Project | Integriculture Inc.
  2. 2. Intro to “Clean Meat” (cultured meat) 3 「純肉」 (Clean Meat) Citizen Science “hobbyist's’ club” DIY bio, speculative art projects, “avant-garde” advocacy Spin-off startup Industrial scaling, Commercialization
  3. 3. Cellular Agriculture Agricultural products by cell culture 4 Medicine technology, Agriculture application
  4. 4. +Solution to 10000 year long ethical dilemma? 5 Resources saved to 1/10~1/100
  5. 5. 6 Clean Foie Gras demonstration Grow cells Fat-load cells Assemble cells chicken foie gras
  6. 6. “Teens can do it” 7 “Growing meat at home”, televised nationwide 2017.08.21
  7. 7. Meat brewery 8
  8. 8. Mars Colony 9
  9. 9. Orbital Zero-G Farm 10
  10. 10. $50,000 per 100g? “Conventional” $4000 DMEM FBS Growth factors “Difficult cells” at $2000 “Easy cells” at $20 Price coming down from €280,000 in 2013 Co-culture Closed co-culture $400 $0.60 $100 Partially sports drink Food grade DMEM 11
  11. 11. Sports drink culture media 90% DAKARA 80% 70% 60% 0% (DMEM only) 50% Days Celldivisions Proliferation of mouse L6 in DMEM/GreenDakara 10% FBS #pH and osmolality of Dakara adjusted by NaHCO3(s) and 2M NaOH Fluid name osmolality pH DMEM(-, hi glu) 345 7.4 Pocari 338 3.4 Aquarius 291 3.37 Amino-Value 4000 289 3.63 AminoVital Gold 186 3.33 Vitamin Water 302 3.3 Green DAKARA 322 3.28 Amiiru Water 249 3.4 Mamoru Chikara 546 3.58 12
  12. 12. ($300,000/kg) 2013 2019 20262024 Clean Foie Gras $40/kg “Designer Meat” $20/kg 2028 i.e. “fish fat beef” “superfood algae pork” “DHA/Ω3 boosted meat” General meat $6/kg Supplements $3000/kg Roadmap to meat Expected test production year
  13. 13. 14 “Adjacent industries” Entry from nearby sectors Beverage companies Food companies Medical supply manufacturer Plant engine- ering firms Effect to nearby sectors Functional & pharmaceuti cal foods Food branding Biomanu facturing Regen. medicine Indoor farms Clean meat industry mind map Culture media Supply chain Cell scaffold Cell line Bioreactor
  14. 14. ←Factors consumers weigh Consumer acceptance Besides taste and price, Safety & Trustbuilding
  15. 15. Cleanness of “Clean Meat”? Bioreactors are kept clean: No bacterial contamination None of these But antibiotics and growth factors are problems to be solved: Neither are recognized food additives
  16. 16. 17 Food regulations (Japan) Clean meat is... Feed Safety Act Drug Safety Act Food Safety Act Food Labeling Act +Assessment by food safety committee? 2018~ req. HACCP standard Consumers Agricultural product? Processed food? Clean meat in identity crisis
  17. 17. 18 Food regulations (US) General background ・New product⇒GRAS or Food Additive Petition ・USDA for meat, FDA for fish, FDA for additives ・Animal feed has whole set of different regulations Precedent of ‘enzymatic additives’ ・Regulatory issues in the use of recombinants for enzymatic additives was raised before. ・Whole industry collaborated to get over the issue. Other considerations ・Quicker to come up with its own toxicity test results ・Enzymatic additive is still distant as “a precedent”. ・May need a lobby to reach both FDA and USDA In setting a regulatory precedent for cellular agriculture products, “cultured fish meat as additive” is probably the most accessible. #Discussion at New Harvest 2017, NYC, 12.Oct.2017
  18. 18. “Trustbuilding” Resulted in widespread accusation and allegations of : “Technology being used for corporate profit than social good” “Public mistrust due to technological secrecy”
  19. 19. 20 -Meat recipe on Pixiv and Comiket -Kids doing it for summer project -Problems tackled by artists, hobbyists and citizen scientists -Anyone can join & take an initiative Radical transparency
  20. 20. 21 Demonstration video online
  21. 21. IP for “How to scale” How to make ⇒ Open How to scale ⇒ Proprietary Numberindemand Level of personalization Product dev. Citizen Science domain Business domain and others
  22. 22. 23 Academia hints the way Citizens act and set the direction Businesses scale and deliver “Democratized cellular agriculture”
  23. 23. Takeaways and acknowledgements 24 Clean meat and cellular agriculture are on its way. Safety and trustbuilding are necessary for consumer acceptance. Shojinmeat Project proposes “radical transparency” based on citizen scientist initiatives. And Everyone in Shojinmeat Project!!