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HR Tech World Paris 2016


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Pics and videos from my time in Paris at HR Tech World October 26-27 2016

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HR Tech World Paris 2016

  1. 1. H R T E C H W O R L D 2 0 1 6 P A R I S O C T O B E R 2 5 - 2 6 A P E R S O N A L M U L T I M E D I A R E C A P B Y J E R E M Y A M E S
  2. 2. T R A V E L T O P A R I S Rude passengers
  3. 3. B I G G E R & B E T T E R • Giant billboard indicator of 3500 attendees • "Well, I figured out where as all the enterprise HR Tech buyers went. Congrats @HRNEurope and team on adding value instead of more noise." Matt Charney
  4. 4. The view from LA Vue Averbook toast
  5. 5. Only time I took taxi instead of Uber Rockstar cuisine
  6. 6. Our host, Marc Coleman, height exaggerated
  7. 7. Awesome keynote by Prof Hamel about more entrepreneurship and less bureaucracy
  8. 8. - V I V E K W A D H W A "Your jobs aren't safe even here in France. You have to lead or you become toast."
  9. 9. Video from the Applearn riverboat dinner Mark Barlow from Applearn talking adoption
  10. 10. Checking out the expo
  11. 11. Keith Barry and Marc Fun night out Paris Sights
  12. 12. – J O H N N Y A P P L E S E E D "Successful companies look at disruption as both a threat AND an opportunity." Costas Markides closing keynote
  13. 13. Between the conference, the sights...
  14. 14. ...and the tastes, all and all nothing but a smile on my face.