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2019 ipsm conference_08_sergiy_dovgalenko


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Sergiy Dovgalenko presentation for IPSM First International Conference in Procurement and Supply Chain
June 5-6, Kyiv, Ukraine

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2019 ipsm conference_08_sergiy_dovgalenko

  1. 1. By: Sergii Dovgalenko Procurement Value Management
  2. 2. Megatrends
  3. 3. Source: Gartner
  4. 4. ADKAR Change Management Model by Prosci
  5. 5. Awareness: Procurement 4.0 Framework 1. New procurement value proposition 2. Digital category and service procurement 3. Digital supply chain and supplier management 4. Innovative procurement data utilization 5. Digital processes and tools 6. Organization and capabilities
  6. 6. Desire : Procurement outsourcing (2018 Everest Group report)
  7. 7. Knowledge: Procurement Value Hierarchy DIKW = Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom (Henry, 1974) Give back Sustainability Brand &Product Relationships Innovation Stakeholders Brand partnership Employees Partners Business support Digital assets Compliance Resilience ROI Demand and supply management Internal SLAs Dataand BI Policies and procedures Redundancy Functional budget Strategy and Planning Continuous improvement Source-2-Pay Code of ethics Risk management Managed TCO Stock optimization Selective fast track SRM Audit trail Agility Revenue generation Lifecycle management Process visibility Improved cash flow Supply chain visibility Contract management Quality assurance Outsourcing PracticalEthicalReputational
  8. 8. Action Priority Matrix Internal SLAs Continuous improvement Selective fasttrack Process visibility Data and BI Source-2-Pay SRM Policies and procedures Code of ethics Audit trail Redundancy Risk management Agility Functional budget Revenue generation Improved cash flow Contract management Managed TCO Lifecyclemanagement Lifecyclemanagement Strategy and planning Supply chain visibility Quality assurance Innovation Brand partnership Employees Partners Give back Sustainability Stakeholders Outsourcing Effort ImpactExecute Prepare Attach Simplify High HighLow Low
  9. 9. Ability: Procurement value levers
  10. 10. Reinforcement: Practice value generation. Today. Revenue commitment Marketing partnership Barter Sales kickback Risk and Reward sharing Social responsibility