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Comparing Social Media Management Solutions - BENCHMARK BY EBG - BARCELONA 2018


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Comparing Social Media Management Solutions - BENCHMARK BY EBG - BARCELONA 2018

  1. 1. # Comparing Social Media Management Solutions
  2. 2. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # Pascal MALOTTI Lead Strategist Valtech France SPEAKER
  3. 3. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # WHAT IS …
  4. 4. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # SMMP Category Boundaries CONTENT COMMUNITY RELATION ANALYTICS
  5. 5. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # MARKET TRENDS
  6. 6. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # Software vendors of the Category Integrated Marketing Suite Integrated Social Media Management Solution Specialized Platform
  7. 7. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # SWOT of the Category STRENGHT Use cases maturity Service offering Real value on the Customer Journey WEAKNESS Category complexity Brands governance Low investment OPPORTUNITIES ROI demonstration Data management New platform management THREATHS Technological & usage transformation Social Media Ecosystem dependencies
  8. 8. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # BENCHMARK
  9. 9. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # Who?
  10. 10. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # What? Community Management Campaign Analytics Social Listening Analysis Social Media Publishing Content Management Social Analytics Social Customer Care (Social CRM) Major Assessed Features
  11. 11. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # The first 4 features carry 20% of the overall weight, Social Listening Analysis and Social Analytics together receive 10% of the assigned weight whereas Social Customer Care carries 10%. The weight is distributed so that the primary task of social media management platforms is not social media analytics, while aspects of social customer care are partially included into the first 4 categories. Each of the major features involves a number of questions related to the feature module capability across different networks. If the feature module is available across a larger number of networks, the tool will score higher. How? In addition, each tool was reviewed on the perceived quality of service. Customer reviews are included in the assessment through customer feedback on whether the tool and tool providers are: • Meeting the customer requirements; • Ease of use of the tool; • Ease of setup; • Ease of administering tool; • Quality of support; • Ease of doing business with a tool provider; • Product direction.
  12. 12. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # Overall, there is a clear tendency that puts Facelift Cloud and Sprinklr above the rest, since they offer consistent features across multiple networks, both like jacks-of-all-trades. In terms of content management, Facelift Cloud offers the clearest advantages, while Sprinklr offers Chinese networks coverage to a greater extent. Meltwater and Falcon are median platforms, while Digimind is specializing in social-media listening features. Hootsuite performs slightly above the median value due to its ability to incorporate social-media management features across a variety of networks. Let’s add that the budget aspect does not come into consideration in this benchmark. Very often variable, it is complex to apprehend and can seriously be challenged only during a POC (proof of concept). Results
  13. 13. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # PANEL DISCUSSION
  14. 14. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # INTRODUCTION OF THE PANEL SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY #1 PROJECT CONTEXT #2 WHY YOUR PLATFORM CHOICE? #3 USE CASES AND FEEDBACK #4 PROJECT DIRECTION #5 Franck CHENET Group Digital Transformation and Marketing Services Director Antalis Tristan EHRINGER Directeur du Social Media L'Oréal France L’Oréal France Bruce HOANG Directeur Communication Digitale et Data Orange France
  15. 15. digitbench18WIFI digitbench18 # CONTACTS Pascal Malotti Consulting & Marketing Director Pascal.malotti@v +33663200737 Romain Chataigner Strategist Consultant Romain.chataigne +33661938897