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Otto new version


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This is the complete overview of Otto Collective.
Otto Collective is a marketing and communication start up which is aimed to work in a flexible, digital, innovative way. We are not an agency, we do not have structures, you pick skills and knowledge. Plus, we are all women

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Otto new version

  1. 1. titolo This is Otto Collective It’s time to tell you who we are.
  2. 2. Our EuropeanTeam A group of wonderful human beings A group of committed women Lisbon – Luxembourg - Ibiza
  3. 3. 5:I helped small brands and big agencies in pr stuff and marketing strategies. I helped other bloggers in developing the business too. 7:I stepped the next level being entrepreneur. I’m good as “advisor” I can see the big picture behind people and projects 8: I’m 40 and I moved to LISBON with My husband and partner in crime Cristiano who is a video editor and a massive visual communication counselor. Meet Chiara Proudly born and raised in Milano 1:In love with design, I started my career in one of the sexiest Italian luxury design brand: Baxter Made in Italy 2: Then I changed for streetwear fashion, I was the pr manager and marketing coordinator for the Italian distributor of RVCA, Obey, Sole Technology group, Vestal, WeSC and many other great international brands. 3: I started my own business & I CO-founded “Le FunkyMamas” it was 2009 4:I managed the blog business using my contacts and my marketing skills.
  4. 4. Meet Valentina:Proudly born and raised in Torino 1:I’m a woman in love with Economics but also with Literature and Storytelling 2:I speak Italian, English, Portuguese, French and Spanish (I am learning Luxembourgish). 3: I started my career in L’Oréal as a Product Marketing Manager: I spent two years working hard and learning as in all my years in university. 4: In 2004 I was hired by Ferrero International where I worked in Marketing, in Licensing and then in Digital and Shopper Marketing. 5:I learnt how to market a product and, being in charge of the acquisition of all the licenses for the Ferrero brands, I learnt how to negotiate. 6:In 2012 I left my job because I needed to respond to my childhood dream of becoming a writer. 7:I enrolled in many storytelling and creative writing schools and my first novel,”Il resto è ossigeno”, was published in 2016. 8: I’m 41 and I moved to LUXEMBOURG and with Otto Collective I combined my learnings in Marketing with the ones in Storytelling and I write stories for products.
  5. 5. 1:I’m in love with psychology since I was 6, when I decided to became a psychologist. 2:’m graduated in strategic and family psychologist and I worked like a therapist for 10 years in Milan 3: When I became a mother I started my online business: theyummymom a family blog for modern moms. 4: thanks to my blog I worked with most important Italian brands for digital projects. 5: I felt in love with web marketing strategies: I start studying SEO, social media, storytelling and how people are involved in social media marketing. 6: After 10 years in Milan I moved to Ibiza, with my family where I learned Spanish and I improved my English 7: In Ibiza I started another business: organizing and planning tailor made events and weddings. I work in Spain, Portugal and Italy. 8: I’m 37 years old and beside my job as event manger I’m a counselor. I use my psychologist background to dig deep into people and brands needs and behaviors. Meet Elena: Proudly born and raised in Romagna
  6. 6. Core activities and Method It’s time to tell you what we do and how.
  7. 7. Archetypal Approach Narrative Design Our Method Design Thinking Holistic Approach
  8. 8. Communication Consulting Marketing Consulting Strategies Developing Project Managing & developing Head Hunting Networking Diversity and gender enhancement Company and brand storytelling Our Core Activities Consultancy – Narrative – Strategy - People
  9. 9. Jump into our world We want to tell you a project
  10. 10. Let’s Play the Project Game a) We assume to be a lingerie and underwear company b) Our costumers are 90% women c) We need to launch a brand new super comfortable basic collection made in a wide range of colors and shapes. Fabrics and stiches are super tech and durable. The collection is super light and invisible Here we list some probable market issues and goals: It’s time to say goodbye to “TOO sexy ladies” It’s time to be ethic and sustainable Of course competitors are popping up like mushrooms You need to be digital and global You need to figure out how to hook younger costumers
  11. 11. Explore the problem. Find the Why (exercise 1: FORGET TO BE A LINGERIE BRAND) If you want to do something really good, you need to go deep and be focused: you have to find YOUR REASON WHY. (exercise 2: RECALL YOURSELF YOU’RE A LINGERIE BRAND) If you want to sell something, communicate something, tell anything you want is exactly the same: FIND THE REASON WHY AND ASK YOURSELF: WHY DO THEY HAVE TO CHOOSE ME? Once you have this vision, you can start. If you don’t have it, search it again. Find your core is the first step: EMPATHIZE & DEFINE
  12. 12. Who are you, Costumer? (exercise: FROM TARGET TO CLUSTER) Thanks to big data we can even call our costumers by name. Big data are awesome, but they are what they are: datas, numbers. Forget datas for a second. Costumers are HUMANS HUMANS HAVE FEELINGS HUMANS HAVE LIVES CHOOSE YOUR CLUSTERS OF HUMANS (We use psychology to do that) Use a Lifestyle Approach that fits your values and reason why EMPATHIZE AND DEFINE again Search wisely to whom you want to tell your story. They will be ready to listen: find your unicorns.
  13. 13. We are ready to ideate. (In the next slides you’ll see how we imagine to market this collection) Which is our REASON WHY? “I DON’T NEED TO SHOW YOU ANYTHING” I can do it and I did it whether you like it or not. Possible situation (empathy):I can wear red undies with a pink pen skirt and you’ll never had a clue of that. CLUSTER: Heroes and Explorers Why we choose those clusters? Our Values are: fun, comfort, durability, freedom to choose and wear thus we need someone who: plays, travels, pursues freedom, tries hard to achieve, inspires others, searches new paths. WHAT DO WE NEED IN THIS NARRATIVE? Do I need models or some “influencer”: NO Do I need REAL stories? WHY NOT Do I need COLORFUL stories: YES Do I need a “bit of tech”: YES Do I need simple women stories: OF COURSE
  14. 14. Show me. Let’s prototype the project HOW CAN WE BUILD THIS NARRATIVE IN THE BEST WAY? a) We totally FICTION 3 stories b) We PROTOTYPE potential costumers as narrative protagonists c) Our cluster have to be INSPIRED BY us, WE’RE NOT SEARCHING FOR FULL IDENTIFICATION: We need power and action. WE NEED SOMETHING NEW - WE NEED TO GO BEYOND SEXY LADIES – WE HAVE A SUPER COOL PRODUCT EUREKA: WE GIVE THE ASSIGNEMENT TO 3 WOMEN CARTOONIST
  15. 15. The Woman who run the Pink Cartoonist and Illustrator: Bianca Bagnarelli
  16. 16. The Woman who kiss the yellow Cartoonist and Illustrator: Olimpia Zagnoli
  17. 17. The Woman who choose colors Cartoonist and Illustrator: Anna Parini
  18. 18. Does it works? Show me. (LET’S SEE IF THE PROJECT WORKS) 1. Do I have a strong and outstanding creativity: YES 2. Can I use it to deliver billion of narratives to the press: YES 3. Does it fits with my products: YES 4. Is it fresh? YES 5. Can I use it for my web site? YES 6. Can I use it for my social networks: YES 7. Can I build other tactics such as Prizes, Call to Action to engage my costumers and fan base: YES 8. Can I set up gorgeous off line events: YES 9. Can I use it as below the line adv? YES 10.Can I use it for my Shops, POP and Sales purposes: YES 11.Is this Pink Washing: NO, ITS’ COOL 12.Can I give back to the community supporting arts schools? Does it make sense: YES 13.Can I use it Internationally? YES
  19. 19. This is how we did the Project Game Archetypal Approach Narrative Design Holistic ApproachDesign Thinking We used it to develop the whole project. Is our A to Z method. Empathize-Define- Ideate-Prototype- Test. We adopt SCRUM for the whole process We used it to imagine our costumers. Their lifestyles and routines, as well as willing, dreams and oddities We are used to figure out a real book. A good structure and the right tone of voice are the keys for success. A project has to be functional at many levels. We use the Holistic approach to ensure it: we cover the whole Marketing Mix, then you choose.
  20. 20. Those are the activities we exploited in the Project Game Communication Consulting Project Managing & developing Head Hunting Diversity and gender enhancement Company and brand storytelling
  21. 21. Why Otto Collective? We do not have structures. You pay for skills AND yes, we are skilled. We are liquid and we can work or partner with anyone for the time of a call or forever. We are not an agency, we act like MUSSELS. We stick to the commission and then we can leave. We are good. Did you like the project play? This is just a brief part of what we can do.
  22. 22. Contacts +39-3487092183 +352-691197601 +351-214683889 Thank you