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Compliance Consulting 1 Pager


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For KAAG services related to compliance consulting

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Compliance Consulting 1 Pager

  1. 1. To get started, book a consultation at COMPLIANCE CONSULTING Cannabis/Hemp Industry * Non-profit organizations * Growth companies “Keeping You Compliant 365 Days a Year” Your Problem There is a maze of both federal and state laws, regulations and procedures by which your company needs to comply with so that your company or organization does NOT lose accreditation, licensing, non-profit status, clients, or just BUSINESS in general. But where do you find the time to be compliant AND run your business? Our Solution Let us be your chief compliance officer---handling everything from the legal compliance to being the personal business advisor for your organization. Don’t spend unnecessary time with paperwork and regulations when you should be focusing on building your business and brand. Let it to us! Our Results We have represented several companies (see on our website) with a variety of compliance issues savings them MILLIONS on dollars in lost business, legal costs and other fees. We have helped at •Most of our services are flat fee so you know EXACTLY what you are paying. We also offer creative payment solutions to meet your budget and timeline. We offer flexible payment options. •While we are only authorized to practice law in Georgia, we can manage your whole compliance procedure and team no matter where you are located. You do NOT have to be in Georgia for us to be your compliance officer. •It never hurts to hire an outside firm to double check compliance requirements and offer an unbiased, outside opinion. If you already have a compliance officer or team, let us be your outside compliance officer. •This means you don't have to worry about insurance, taxes, or office space. We communicate with our clients consistently and meet as needed. We are outside contractors so none of those "employee" worries. •If you are not ready to retain us just yet, not to worry! We have trainings, workshops and presentations that we can do for your team or a small group at your organization. We offer trainings, workshops and presentations on compliance.
  2. 2. To get started, book a consultation at the very beginning of the business, sometimes coming in to solve a specific issue, and some clients we have been through the whole process.