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Synap - Northern Stars 2017 Pitch


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Synap's winning pitch at the Northern Stars 2017 event!

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Synap - Northern Stars 2017 Pitch

  1. 1. An intelligent, peer-to-peer study platform, that helps people to learn more in less time @synap #studysmart
  2. 2. Case Study: Oxford University Press (OUP) ● 7% of the UK medical market in 6 months ● 270,000 questions answered ○ avg. 135 per person ● 16,000 hours spent on site ○ Avg. 8 hours per person ● Generated £60,000 in revenue @synap #studysmart
  3. 3. Spaced Learning: Results On average, students scores improved by 15% over 3 months. Those who engaged in Spaced Learning improved by 30%. Synap’s algorithms improve exam scores by a whole letter grade Controlled study commencing in January, testing Synap’s algorithms against ‘self study’ with 100 student doctors @synap #studysmart
  4. 4. Student Feedback @synap #studysmart
  5. 5. Case Study: mytaxi ● Beta: 200 people over 2 months ● 220,000 questions answered ○ avg 1,100 per person ● 1,600 hours spent on platform ○ avg 8 hrs per person Pass rate increased from 20% to 100%! @synap #studysmart
  6. 6. Expansion ● Recently gone ‘full time’ after graduating ● Taken on 2 employees, looking for 2 more ● Looking for investment to facilitate expansion: ○ New fields: Law, Finance, Engineering ○ Schools & universities ○ Businesses @synap #studysmart In talks with:
  7. 7. “Synap is absolutely perfect. It’s easy to use and helps you study with purpose. I failed the exam 3 times, then I started using Synap and passed after a few weeks. It was invaluable. Thanks for everything, I’m looking forward to joining mytaxi as soon as I am on the road. ” Tommy Connolly Soon-to-be driver for mytaxi! First driver to pass using the mytaxi Manual, powered by Synap @synap #studysmart
  8. 8. + 44 7503 164 278 james.gupta James Gupta | CEO @gupta_james Contact