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@RedbullOHIO Finals Week Campaign Recap


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@RedbullOHIO Finals Week Campaign Recap

Published in: Marketing
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@RedbullOHIO Finals Week Campaign Recap

  1. 1. @redbullOHIO Finals Week Campaign Michael Henry - Miami University SBM December 8th - 13th, 2014
  2. 2. Summary The goal was to engage @redbullohio’s audience during a critical studying period of the semester. I scheduled 11 tweets using Sprinklr with the help of Jeff Hardesty and Pete Rogos. The week before finals week, Jeff and I organized a photoshoot on Miami’s campus with 2 WTM and a photographer to capture images for the campaign. *view all images from photoshoot
  3. 3. Campaign Goals ✦Engage followers during ideal study times throughout the week ✦Embody Red Bull’s social voice focusing on inspiration and relevance ✦Utilize images from the photoshoot ✦Fuel engagement & learn from it! (This was @redbullohio’s first finals week campaign)
  4. 4. Results ✦ 96 total engagements ✦ Top tweet = 21,100 total impressions ✦ 3% overall increase in followers in 6 days ✦ Engagements per tweet almost triple the average (8.7 engagements/tweet compared to 3.2 lifetime average) *view full social engagement report (PDF)
  5. 5. Learnings ✦ Tweets earlier in the day (9 AM - 2 PM) saw the best engagement ✦ Followers interacted most with tweets that had positive encouragement during the start of finals week ✦ Images used from the photoshoot (as opposed to RB content pool) created the most popular tweets. The relevancy of the image to the message of the tweet was key *view full social engagement report (PDF)
  6. 6. Thanks for reading! For feedback or questions: