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Developing a Process Manual example


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Development system for storing department processes.

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Developing a Process Manual example

  1. 1. Orlando Health Project: Process Manual Scope: Create an easy-to-follow interactive document structure, which will house all department processes.
  2. 2. Manual Cover
  3. 3. Process Template Process to Submitting - Develop a landing page with the following: [Process Title]: [Employee Name]: [Work Email]: [Work Phone Number]: << Upload Document >> << Upload Supporting Images >> [SUBMIT] - How do I receive? [SUBMIT] > TICKET PUSH TO EMAIL > REVIEW/ WALKTHROUGH > ADD REVISE: SET UP A CALL (30 MINS MAX) > CLARITY REVISION
  4. 4. Cover Page for Process
  5. 5. Department Process
  6. 6. Table of Content (Per Process)
  7. 7. Process Breakdown
  8. 8. Bookmark Example