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Music Data Exchange: Linking Recordings and Compositions


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The lack of an efficient workflow to establish timely and authoritative linking of compositions to sound recordings is an incredible stumbling block in the music industry, arguably the most inefficient link in today’s royalty chain. When a label releases a track, it is frequently (almost always?) unclear who the publisher is and/or what their royalty share of that composition is. The problem is compounded by the fact that many songs have multiple writers and multiple publishers. The need to make this link and establish shares won’t ever go away.

The Fix: In cooperation with U.S. record labels and music publishers, SoundExchange has developed and launched a hub that centralizes the exchange of data between labels and publishers, gives publishers full visibility to claimed and unclaimed percentages and allows publishers to communicate their shares. The new Music Data Exchange (MDX) portal provides a workflow and central database for real-time, pre-release, highly automated (via DDEX messaging), efficient exchanges of data, resulting in owner-established links between new release recordings and their underlying compositions.

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Music Data Exchange: Linking Recordings and Compositions

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