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Community of-practice alberta-agile_in_the_city_bristol_nov17


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A case study based presentation that explores the concept of community of practice applied to IT organisations, as social base for DevOps culture. The presentation goes from the sociological description to the practical application of community of practice to change the way teams work together with the aim to deliver better software, faster.

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Community of-practice alberta-agile_in_the_city_bristol_nov17

  1. 1. A Community of Practice: Speaking the Same Language Alberta Bosco Product Marketer @Puppet and Communicator
  2. 2. There is nothing constant except change…
  3. 3. Close the gap Respond to market changes Provide reliable service VS
  4. 4. People feel stuck in a system that preordains failure
  5. 5. Psychological safety 1. If I try something new and make a mistake, it will be held against me; 2. Our team has a strong sense of culture that can be hard for new people to join in; 3. My team is slow to offer help to people who are struggling; 4. Using my unique skills and talents come second to the objectives of the team; 5. It’s uncomfortable to have open, honest conversations about our team’s sensitive issues.
  6. 6. “Unsafe teams will break or underperform drastically because people can’t introduce change.” From John Looney’s blog: ‘Engineering a culture of psychological safety’
  7. 7. “DevOps is a culture of trust not a culture of fear. We have reorganised the team to drive a culture of trust.” — Thorsten Biel, Manager Cloud and Integration Services @ Porsche
  8. 8. “From siloed teams to product-centric teams.”
  9. 9. A community of practice is a learning environment.
  10. 10. Common Objective Mutual Commitment Shared Catalogue
  11. 11. Provide the community with tools that facilitate connectivity. Community members take responsibility for the learning program.
  12. 12. With no energy to learn the community stops. With no strong sense of belonging it breaks up. With no ability to think it becomes hostage of its own history.
  13. 13. DevOps community day @ NN Group
  14. 14. Lay the foundation for a DevOps culture within an organisation starts from a common understanding of the definition of DevOps and the best practices. That also helps establishing a collaborative way of working based on feedback and constant interaction. Workshop objective: Team players to come up with a shared definition of DevOps and the basic principles that enable the DevOps practices.
  15. 15. Workshop format How? Discussion format in small groups (6 people per group); What? Each group can pick a project or a subset of a big project. Choose to discuss one of the projects proposed as examples or pick another project; Who? Each group is composed of people covering different roles that can contribute to the project realisation. Every group has to choose a leader who plays the moderator role.
  16. 16. • Make sure the common objective is clear to everybody; • What tools we have available today, how we use them and what other tools we need to be more productive? • Our communication processes: are they effective to achieve the objective? Do we need to change it? The group discuss current way of working and ideas for improvements.
  17. 17. Workshop outcome “I do realise, by being in this workshop, that I came from my island. I would like to have more sessions like this one.” — Feedback from a workshop participant
  18. 18. Group 1 Project Add a new feature to the customer mobile app. This feature will allow the end user to check their credit score from the app; Discovery The group discover that NN Group has 3 mobile apps already available to customers and a 4th one is underway. The group suggest to create one app only, instead of 4; Analysis The group has questions around product usability, data location, security risks and app performance. Idea to develop on IOS, Android and Window. Need to find out what customers want; Tools Having a tool that we can all use, communicating with a common language
  19. 19. Project Add a new security policy to an environment and create a report for auditing purposes; Scope The group decide to implement multi-factor- authentication on all the administration interfaces of their Linux systems; Analysis The group has questions around reporting and auditing. Having an inventory of admin interfaces. Automate manual tasks that compromise the reliability of the report; Tools Need a tool to implement the security policies Group 2
  20. 20. Project Cloud adoption: migrate a data centre to the cloud; Scope The group decide to first migrate to a hybrid cloud and then move to a public cloud; Analysis The group think there is a need for standardisation in the process and they are looking at infrastructure as code. We are very good at spinning up things, but cleaning up is another story. We need to get rid of the temporary environment. How? Do we know how much does it cost? Tools No much time left to discuss what tools to use. TopDesk is the current CMDB but they think TopDesk will not provide good situational awareness when deploying 10 times a day. Group 3
  21. 21. Building high performance teams using the community of practice approach Join the Google Group A community of practice at work To join contact me Twitter: @alberta10
  22. 22. Change is unavoidable. Keep learning. Be kind.
  23. 23. Thank you! Stay in touch! Twitter: @alberta10