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Innovation in Content Marketing Starts with a Reality Check


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The heavy metal infused face-melting presentation from B2B Ignite. #IgniteB2B

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Innovation in Content Marketing Starts with a Reality Check

  1. 1. Innovation in Content Marketing Starts with a Reality Check Jason A Miller Global Content Marketing Leader at LinkedIn
  2. 2. Humans Have Shorter Attention Span Than Goldfish, Thanks to Smartphones You Now Have a Shorter Attention Span Than a Goldfish The Eight-Second Attention Span 4
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  7. 7. Digital media isn’t killing attention spans What we actually know about attention spans Smartphones aren’t killing attention spans We’re better than ever at processing and encoding information through short bursts of high attention We use our attention far more efficiently than at any other point in history We’re far better at multi-tasking, able to divide our attention among several different things without compromising our focus The main focus of our more efficient attention is to find content that’s worth paying attention to for a longer period of time 10
  8. 8. You can never over deliver on value in content marketing. 11
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  12. 12. The messy truth 15
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  17. 17. The new model a long-form blog 31 million unique visitors acquired 87 million page views through 80 articles that average over 2,000 words each 20
  18. 18. If you can blow someone's mind — really, genuinely blow it, again in a really well- written way — then that's something they want to share." “ 21
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  20. 20. Power Pages (How to, What is) Strong Opinions (Editorial) Research
  21. 21. We: +242% Increase in unique page views +128% Increase in Total Shares +146% Increase in Avg. Time on Page +67% Increase in Ave. Shares -8% Decrease in Bounce Rate 312% Increase YOY in Organic Sessions 2017 vs 2016 We are posting less, but traffic and conversions go up.
  22. 22. We believed anything worth doing is worth over-doing.” “
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  24. 24. Set up a test of different updates to reach different audiences. Big Rock Content Sponsored Content 1: Targeted to CMOs These insights can help you drive transformational change to your business. Sponsored Content 2: Targeted to Marketing Directors Need to demonstrate the ROI of your marketing efforts? These insights can help. Sponsored Content 3: Targeted to Social Media Managers Social media managers: Get the insights you need to drive the engagement you want. Example: B2B Marketing company XYZ has recently launched a new piece of research and is publishing updates to LinkedIn to drive marketers to download it. 27
  25. 25. Rich media images have 38% higher CRT than linkshare updates with a thumbnail image preview 28
  26. 26. VS “Guide” saw a 100% increase in click through rate (CTR). Image with quote saw a 30% lift in CTR vs. image without quote. Image with a face saw +160% CTR, +290% CVR vs. image without face. 29
  27. 27. Background color Does woodgrain feel more authentic, or provide more visual interest? Either way, the post with the darker wood background saw 32% more clicks than a lighter, white background. +32% clicks Test Creative Placement to Draw a Reader’s Eye Can you spot the difference? In one image, the model is looking right at the CTA button, subtly drawing readers’ attention to it. This image saw an 89% increase in clicks over the other image. +89% Click- throughs
  28. 28. 5.32% CTR 75% OR 6.19% CTR 61% OR 25% increase in open rate (OR) 95% increase in CTR Running Sponsored Content & InMail Together, we see: 31
  29. 29. 95% open rate
  30. 30. “The week that we recorded 95% — we sent 7,086 and recorded 6,743 —
  31. 31. Do You Know Where You Are?
  32. 32. Employees’ combined connections on social networks are, on average, 10x larger than a company’s followers 35
  33. 33. Shared content is more credible content Only 3% of employees share content, yet they generate 30% of all content engagement for a typical business. Employees get 2x higher CTRs from their shares, compared to company shares of the same content. 36
  34. 34. 6 job views 3 Company Page views 1 Company Page follower 6 profile views and 2 new connections established Every 6 pieces of content an employee shares on LinkedIn influences … 37
  35. 35. “A single employee sharing 3 pieces of content a day can add up to 23 million in additional reach in a year — this can add up to 60,000 additional events of people engaging with your content.”
  36. 36. Takeaways Attention Spans are not Shrinking Long Form is Essential Topics> Keywords If it can be Tested, it can be Improved Empower Employees as Advocates
  37. 37. Flashback
  38. 38. The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn The Big Rock (the debut) 42
  39. 39. SlideShare Infographics Webinar Podcast Blog post Mobile download Physical book Influencer blogs 43
  40. 40. One of our evergreen pieces of content, “The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide of LinkedIn,” continues to generate the highest number of downloads and the highest number of marketing qualified leads. k+ 44
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  44. 44. Thank you Jason Miller Group Manager, Content Marketing @JasonMillerCA @LinkedInMktg 48