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Podcasting Summit Keynote


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No one leads and follows the podcast business better than Tom Webster of Edison Research. He practices what he preaches, producing podcasts and advising others who want to podcast and better understand a business that is doubling or tripling annually.

Tom reviews the history, present and future of podcasting, noting that it was invented to serve the iPod and is now thriving after the demise of its namesake. Tom tells how podcasts have shifted from download and manage to clicking and streaming, a parallel to the shift music is experiencing. He has extraordinary data at his fingertips on international growth and changes in the medium and its many formats, which include subscriptions and sponsorships.

Tom is specific on how music can join podcasters, making money through licensing music and promoting music through podcasts, at its core the next transformation of radio, a change that watched webcasting grow into a multi-billionaire dollar industry.
Podcasts are now at $250 million and climbing.

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