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What History Tells Us About What's Coming Next


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Dale Lutz, Vice President and Co-Founder, Safe Software

Published in: Technology
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What History Tells Us About What's Coming Next

  1. 1. LEASE MAPPING TECHNOLOGY SEMINAR Presented by WhiteStar Corp and DigitalGlobe What History Tells Us About What’s Coming Next Dale Lutz Vice President and Co-Founder Safe Software DENVER September 18, 2018 ★ HOUSTON September 25, 2018
  2. 2. Dale Lutz Co-Founder
  3. 3. G O A L ➔ To be able to use data whenever, however, and wherever it’s needed. P R O B L E M ➔ But sharing information between systems can be complex. S O L U T I O N ➔ FME lets people integrate and transform data by building workflows in a drag-and- drop interface.
  4. 4. Look Behind You So You’ll Know Where You’re Going So where have we come from?
  5. 5. Trends over time From files to cloud services
  6. 6. The evolution of FME
  7. 7. Diskette CD Rom Blue-rayDVD
  8. 8. Massive cloud data center racks and racks of computers
  9. 9. SpaceX FCC says SpaceX must launch 2213 satellites by April 2024
  10. 10. WhiteStar Legal Mapper Four methods. No limits. Map to infinity.
  11. 11. Trends over time Data has moved from the farm to the cloudy city of Beverly Hills
  12. 12. Trends over time: Audiences don’t get references to 60s pop culture anymore
  13. 13. Trends over time Time to insight
  14. 14. Why does it matter to access, transform, and share data?
  15. 15. Data is the new bacon
  16. 16. “In God we trust, all others must bring Data.” - W. Edwards Deming DATA IS THE NEW GOLD.
  17. 17. Data is Fuel
  18. 18. Heck, we knew that 15 years ago!
  19. 19. Data, the new currency in a digital world. Matt Watts Director, Technology & Strategy EMEA
  20. 20. “The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data” The Economist, 2017
  21. 21. How will you navigate the oceans of data washing into your business?
  22. 22. How will you navigate the oceans of data washing into your business?
  23. 23. Let’s prevent the next 25 years of data stress from changing you from this...
  24. 24. ... into this
  25. 25. Questions? @DaleAtSafe