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Ryan wang's minsk speech


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Blockchain 3.0 - What's after ethereum, what's driving the next wave and what's the real-world adoption of the blockchain technology

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Ryan wang's minsk speech

  1. 1. THE FUTURE OF BLOCKCHAIN INFRASTRUCTURE AND DAPPS Presented by Ryan Wang Founding Partner @ Outpost Capital & Chief Business Development Officer @ Mother Of All Chains
  2. 2. Outpost Capital • A leading frontier tech venture firm • Based in Silicon Valley and Beijing • Sectors: • Blockchain • VR/AR • Drones/Robotics • AI • Cross-Sector and Cross-Border Investments
  3. 3. The Village Casino Model The World Real Estate Stock The Crypto Market ICO
  4. 4. Blockchain In 2017: A World Wide Hype • 10x ROI • Globalization • It’s a Hype! • And It’s still just getting started!!! • But I’m not here to deliver the good news…
  5. 5. THE END GAME?
  6. 6. Let’s Go Back to The Village Casino • What if over 50% of the village population go to that casino? • What if 95%? • Smart villager’s tipping point • 50%? • 70%? • 95%? • How does the casino work?
  7. 7. Business Model of Blockchain (So Far)
  8. 8. –Eric Ly, Co-founder of Linkedin & CEO of Hub “The crypto world is a different reality. The pace is different, the expectation is different, and the language is different. It’s kind like the Matrix.”
  9. 9. The End Game is Dapps.
  10. 10. The Bad News • There’s little adoption of Dapps so far, except.. Kitties!!!
  11. 11. WHY Blockchain is NOT better, unless being used correctly. The existing infrastructure is not good enough.
  12. 12. Blockchain Portfolio of Outpost Capital
  13. 13. Mother Of All Chains 2000 TPS MicroChain as a Service Low Fee Open Ecosystem Interconnect All Blockchains Solve The Blockchain Trilemma A Multi-Layered Architecture built for superior smart contract, performance and scalability.
  14. 14. Ryan Wang Founding Partner, Outpost Capital Chief Business Development Officer, MOAC @ryanwangny