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Achieve strategic objectives with Tempo and Jira - Eyglo & Thorunn Oskarsdottir, Tempo


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Presentation delivered at Atlassian in Scotland 2019, 19th March 2019, Glasgow by Eyglo & Thorunn Oskarsdottir, Tempo. Get insights into potential returns on a project, enhance transparency, and gain real-time insights into scope, resources, and timeline.

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Achieve strategic objectives with Tempo and Jira - Eyglo & Thorunn Oskarsdottir, Tempo

  1. 1. Eyglo Oskarsdottir Sales Manager Thorunn Oskarsdottir Solution Architect
  2. 2. We empower the world’s most productive teams
  3. 3. Montreal, Canada Tempo offices Reykjavik, Iceland Stockholm, Sweden
  4. 4. Used by over 120 of Global 500 Tempo is trusted by world leading companies, across all sectors.
  5. 5. Tempo Timesheets Tempo Planner Tempo Budgets Track and approve time Report with ease and flexibility Manage accounts Plan work for teams Maximize team capacity Find available resources View real time dashboards Navigate large project portfolios Easily create project budgets
  6. 6. What is PPM? A way to ensure that a company’s work contributes to its goals.
  7. 7. Broad AccessAddonsSingle System Workflows Change History The building blocks are there… we just need to finish the story. PPM in JIRA?
  8. 8. Pipeline Management Financial Management Change Management Resource Management Where are we today? Risk Management
  9. 9. Sets by categoriesSets by categories Pipeline Management
  10. 10. Start in JIRA 1. Create your WBS in JIRA 2. Add a functional role to each issue 3. Estimate!
  11. 11. Now that you’ve got the foundation, use Tempo Budgets to understand what projects will cost and how long they’ll take. Manage your pipeline with Tempo Budgets
  12. 12. Sets by categories Resource Management
  13. 13. Use Tempo to manage resources Plan work in Tempo Budgets and use the Resource Planning View of Tempo Planner to understand capacity at-a-glance.
  14. 14. Plans for your team are always visible to them in JIRA and the Tempo Mobile App. Plans can also be visible to other teams to ensure you don’t overwork shared resources. Tempo plans keep everyone on the same page
  15. 15. Sets by categories Financial Management
  16. 16. Tempo Budgets gives you everything you need to do end-to-end financial management in JIRA. Financial management with Tempo Budgets
  17. 17. Democratize Data! Make it easy for everyone to understand the status of different projects. Use Tempo Budgets dashboard gadgets to provide real-time visibility.
  18. 18. Sets by categoriesSets by categories Change Management
  19. 19. Make sure updates to the WBS proceed through a consistent process Gate changes with JIRA workflows
  20. 20. Define your scope based on issue fields to ensure consistent change management. Leverage JIRA fields in Tempo Budgets
  21. 21. Use Tempo Budgets to track changes to the project. Color-coded notes allow you to share important project updates. All major changes to folios and portfolios are tracked for transparency. Baselines allow you to plan your budget and track your progress.
  22. 22. Sets by categoriesSets by categoriesSets by categories Risk Management
  23. 23. How to manage risk in Jira? There are many options, but we want you to help us finish this story.
  24. 24. Thank You!
  25. 25. Free 30 day trial available on the Atlassian Marketplace Try before you buy