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Improve your customer experience with engagement marketing - Marketo - Benchmark by EBG Barcelona 2018


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Improve your customer experience with engagement marketing - Marketo - Benchmark by EBG Barcelona 2018

  1. 1. # Améliorer votre expérience client grâce au marketing d’engagement
  2. 2. Extensible Enterprise Platform 6000+ Customers across 41 Countries 1,400 employees Top Rated Engagement Platform Marketo Marketing Nation Community of 60 000 Marketers Marketing Nation Summit 2018 in San Francisco
  3. 3. “Marketo’s key strengths include product innovation, roadmap and ecosystem of partners.” Leader: Gartner Lead Management MQ, 2017 Leader: Gartner Multi-channel Campaign MQ, 2017 Leader: Gartner Digital Marketing Hubs MQ, 2017
  4. 4. Page 4© Marketo, Inc. 4/9/18 A NEW BUYER FOR THE DIGITAL AGE Need Evaluate Options Gather Information MARKETING SALES NURTURING Buying Decision Purchase Brand Awareness 66-90% of a buyer’s journey is self-directed before they interact with you, according to Forrester Research.
  5. 5. Ask 1,000 people if they want to be "marketed to" and you'll get a unanimous and unqualified response of absolutely no. So why is it that most companies today—in spite of being aware of that pretty fundamental preference—still spend vast amounts of time, money and effort bombarding prospects and customers with marketing junk that has no relevance, no context, and no sense of connection? Steve Lucas, CEO Marketo
  6. 6. The State of Engagement in Marketing Today: European View Insights on Engagement from 2,000 Marketers and Consumers 2017 interviews
  7. 7. Who did we survey? • ~1,200 Marketers* • ½ B2B • ½ B2C** • 1,000 Consumers ½ B2B ½ B2C** The Marketers Mid Market = 250 – 999 employees * Marketer data collected from UK, France, Germany and the US ** B2C data collected from US and UK markets
  8. 8. #1 Marketers are not keeping up with buyer expectations
  9. 9. Brands must have a deep understanding of their needs in order to engage them successfully 73% Brands could do a better job aligning their engagement activities with their preferences 66%65% Expect all of their interactions with a brand to be personalised Buyer expectations are higher than ever Source: State of Engagement
  10. 10. Most buyers don’t believe you are trying to understand them 83% 33% of buyers believe brands try to deliver value of marketers say their engagement efforts are effective Source: State of Engagement
  11. 11. Implication for Marketers: LISTEN to what your customers are telling you
  12. 12. #2 Engagement happens everywhere
  13. 13. Website / E-commerce Email Social media Customer service & support Sales Mobile app In physical location All of the above Marketers have not yet integrated all Touchpoints 14 61% 56% 53% 40% 40% 35% 26% 8% 91% Touchpoints marketers have integrated: 2% Have ALL Touchpoints integrated Only% of marketers who consider their Touchpoints integrated 94% 91% 91% 2% 8%9%
  14. 14. 57% 45% 44% 44% 41% 41% 37% 36% 34% 64% 48% 53% 40% 54% 41% 52% 41% 56% Buyers want consistency and customization 15 Provide a consistent customer experience Provide multiple channels for communicating with relevant customer service personnel Provide a clearly stated policy for how they will engage with me and how I can tailor those engagements to my satisfaction Survey customers about their preferences for how they wish to be engaged or communicated with Share feedback from customer surveys, and indicate actions that will be taken to improve customer experience Demonstrate a transparent commitment from senior executives that customer engagement is their number one priority Clearly demonstrate a culture & value system that aligns with mine Distribute regular customer satisfaction surveys that measure more than just willingness to recommend Have my customer information and account history available across all touchpoints #1 Expectation: Provide a consistent customer experience, (across channels and touchpoints) B2C Customers: Importance of activities Reporting: Very or Extremely Important B2B Customers: Importance of activities Reporting: Very or Extremely Important COMBINED 61% 46% 48% 42% 47% 41% 44% 39% 45%
  15. 15. Implication for Marketers: LEARN by turning information into insight
  16. 16. #3 Engagement requires and creates data and insights
  17. 17. We’re starting to use data to engage Globally, 72% say they are using personalised messaging… 72%71% 65% 74%
  18. 18. But, we’re not quite hitting the mark 20
  19. 19. Implication for Marketers: ENGAGE by turning insight into action
  20. 20. #4 Marketers believe that the customer experience is critical, but some aren’t sure their executives agree
  21. 21. Customer Service & Support Sales Product / Service Strategy Brand and Marketing PR / Communications Executive Leadership Marketers are more aligned to Support, Sales and Product than with their Execs 24 75% 70% 68% 67% 64% 59% Is your engagement strategy aligned with…? 66% Don’t feel their customer engagement strategy is aligned with their Executive Leadership 55%66%61%
  22. 22. The Engagement Economy The Engagement Economy—the reality that we consume and market in today—is a new era where everyone and everything is connected. Consumer expectations have shifted to expect more from the brands they buy from— they seek a personal relationship that offers them value wherever they are and whenever they are ready to engage. As a result, marketers have had to rapidly transform their strategies, methods, and tactics in order to stay relevant.
  23. 23. Take-aways ü CMOs must revise their approach to meet consumers expectations ü True engagement requests coordinated data and insights ü Structure, buy-in and alignment are critical to engaging successfully at scale ü Don’t lose sight of the Horizon Adios CMO! welcome to the Chief Engagement Officer
  24. 24. ENGAGEMENT ECONOMY This new world is the And it’s here today Think Value over Volume Thanks
  25. 25. Download the full report from Marketo’s Resource Center Marketo Proprietary and Confidential | © Marketo, Inc. Click here to download
  26. 26. Q & A