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Trackops Webinar: Understanding Account Security


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Slides for the Trackops Understanding Account Security Webinar, presented on 5/8/2019 by Charles Cox.

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Trackops Webinar: Understanding Account Security

  1. 1. Understanding Account Security Presented by Charles Cox
  2. 2. Today’s Itinerary • Overview of Account Security • Protecting your Password • Multi-Factor Authentication • Technical Controls for Data Protection • Administrative Controls for Data Protection • Using Trackops to Manage Account Security • Questions & Answers
  3. 3. Overview of Account Security • Protect your data from unauthorized individuals • Education is the number one safeguard • Use a combination of technical and administrative techniques • Regularly review your account security measures • Your goal is to avoid data breaches!
  4. 4. Protecting your Password • Should not be predictable • Should not be used more than once • Password length vs complexity (entropy) • Don’t share with others (not even with Trackops) • Understand email phishing • Properly storing passwords • Don’t use browser storage • Use a password manager (1Password, LastPass, etc…) • Adhere to client requirements (even if they’re overkill)
  5. 5. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) • Something you know AND something you have • Not just for Trackops, use MFA for everything! • Enforcement is important
  6. 6. Technical Controls for Data Protection • Require encryption at rest • Automate software updates • Enforce remote wipeable devices • Configure quick device locking • Avoid public (free) email services • Minimize email content (e.g. Case Updates) • Consider links vs physical attachments • Restrict Trackops permissions when possible
  7. 7. Administrative Controls for Data Protection • Prohibit public wifi access • Avoid public or shared devices • Don’t allow removable media • Prevent printing to paper when possible • Tell someone if data is leaked or device is lost • Use compliance policies to document understanding • Continuously educate staff members about security
  8. 8. Using Trackops to Manage Account Security • Enable multi-factor authentication • Set a minimum password length • Require password rotation (if necessary) • Audit with the Security Checkup report • Disable stale accounts • Review user roles to ensure least access • Manage your compliance policies and procedures
  9. 9. Questions & Answers Please send additional questions to