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Photo Drive UI


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Visual Design for a conceptual app.

Published in: Design
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Photo Drive UI

  1. 1. Photo Drive Photo Drive TaVon Sneed
  2. 2. Have you lost your phone? Has your phone been stolen? Do you want to save space are on your phone? Are you upset because all you camera pictures are gone? If your answer is yes to all these questions, then you need Photo Drive to store and back up all your photos online to free up space on your phone. Photo Drive Photo Drive is a conceptual app that makes it simpler for smart phones users to save photos on their phone. Helping them store photos without having to worry if it is lost/stolen or just to clear up space. Photo Drive
  3. 3. Personas Photo Drive
  4. 4. Paige is an active person who is a freelance journalist and has a travel blog. She is constantly online documenting her travel experiences through photos on her blog, social media. She spends a lot of time on the go traveling to different locations writing about her adventures and reviews of different places for various magazines. Background Name: Paige Age: 25 Location: Washington, DC Occupation: Travel Journalist/Blogger Martial Status: Single Kids: None Income: Middle Education: Bachelor’s Device: Iphone CHARACTERISTICS • Active person (gym, yoga) • Loves traveling • Foodie • Easy going • Tech savvy • Organized • Likes to planGOALS/NEEDS • Wants to be able to back up, save, and organize all her photos Photo Drive
  5. 5. Jewels is a flight attendant; social butterfly who loves to take pictures. She is always on the go and takes pictures/videos of all her travel destinations. She shares them with her friends, family, and always post on social media. CHARACTERISTICS • Fitness • Loves traveling • Shopping • Taking selfies • Tech savvy • Outgoing • Foodie GOALS/NEEDS • Wants to be able to back up all her photos and free up space on her phone Background Name: Jewels Age: 27 Location: Atlanta, GA Occupation: Flight Attendant Martial Status: Single Kids: None Income: Middle Education: Bachelor’s Device: Iphone Photo Drive
  6. 6. Sitemap/User flow Photo Drive
  7. 7. Photo Drive
  8. 8. User Flow Photo Drive
  9. 9. Wireframes Photo Drive
  10. 10. Photo Drive
  11. 11. Design Approach Photo Drive
  12. 12. Mood Board Travel - flights - hotel - vacation Photo Drive
  13. 13. Photo Drive Click prototype Prototype
  14. 14. Photo Drive Style Guide f2f5f8 000000 00d2ff ffffff Color Type SEGOE UI HELVETICA NEUE
  15. 15. Photo Drive The End