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Lark show&tell 23 june 2016 coe


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ALIA LARK Show & Tell 23 June 2016

Published in: Education
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Lark show&tell 23 june 2016 coe

  1. 1. How do people use search tools in ebooks compared to print books? Mary Coe PhD candidate (Information Studies) Charles Sturt University
  2. 2. Setting the stage Medieval Help Desk
  3. 3. Research questions • How do users find information in print books compared to ebooks? • Which search tools do users prefer to use in print books compared to ebooks and why? (Search tools include the table of contents, indexes, and full- text search boxes.) • Are the search tools that users prefer able to help them find information successfully?
  4. 4. Assumptions • There is a paradigm shift occurring as users shift between print books and ebooks. • This shift does not include all elements of a print book (in particular, indexes). • Theories of information behaviour can be applied to the ebook environment.
  5. 5. Methods • How do I define an ebook? • Who will be my research participants? • What is their purpose for reading? • Use books that they are familiar with or not? • What is a successful search? • How to combine usability lab study with “real life” experience?