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Crank Up Your Recruitment Marketing: The Steps Recruiters Need to Take to Close More Candidates


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You’re here because you’ve done everything right.
…but you STILL haven’t penetrated the market.
Your brand is lacking.
Your pipeline is clogged.

Can you afford to lose the talent fight? No?
We didn’t think so. So why d’ya keep doin’ that?

Will Staney, Founder of Proactive Talent & Co-Founder of Talent Brand Alliance, is going to teach you how to embrace your underdog.

You are the Challenger.

If you keep playing Follow the Leader, you’ll come in second. Every. Single. Time.

In this webinar, Will is going to show you:
The importance of understanding your candidates’ “Why” motivation.
How to create your unique Challenger Brand.
His 6-Step tactical process to building your Talent Attraction Strategy.
“THE CHALLENGE” and defining your (and your candidates’) motivations.
Bonus – some really awesome slide deck graphics you get to download and stare at as LONG as you want. Woah…

Step into the ring, Recruiters.
Your candidates are waiting.

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Crank Up Your Recruitment Marketing: The Steps Recruiters Need to Take to Close More Candidates

  1. 1. Crank Up Your Recruitment Marketing: The Steps Recruiters Need To Take To Close More Candidates Will Staney, Founder & CEO, Proactive Talent June 4, 2019
  2. 2. Here’s the PLAN @willstaney You are in Listen-Only Mode. You can hear us, but we can’t hear you. This is an interactive webinar - don’t be shy! Use the questions bar in your side panel to communicate with Will. We’re live! Use the #rdaily tag to share on Twitter You will receive a copy of the slide deck and a link to this video after the webinar.
  3. 3. Will Staney Founder & CEO Proactive Talent. We just can’t fit everything that is Will on one measly slide. @willstaney Today’s Expert.
  4. 4. Crank Up Your Recruitment Marketing: The Steps Recruiters Need To Take To Close More Candidates Will Staney, Founder & CEO, Proactive Talent @willstaney
  5. 5. Will Staney Founder & CEO @willstaney Co- Founder & CEO Previously Recruiting & Employer Brand Leader
  6. 6. Who is Proactive Talent? is the leading power partner to your recruiting engine. We're a coalition of recruiting and talent brand practitioners who provide the necessary tools to tighten hiring gaps, bolster retention rates and embolden your company mission, giving you the competitive edge needed in the ever-changing recruiting industry. With a holistic approach, we work alongside clients to help them build a powerful recruiting engine that enables them to efficiently attract, recruit, and retain top talent. @willstaney
  7. 7. Our Services ● Recruiting Optimization ● OnDemand Recruiting ● Sourcing Sprints ● Employer Brand Strategy ● Recruitment Marketing ● Content Production @willstaney
  8. 8. Traditional Agencies Proactive Talent Where they get it wrong 1 Cost effective, focusing on our clients long-term success with their budget in mind. X ✓ ● Charge high fees per hire or per creative deliverable which incentivizes the wrong behaviors ● Business models promote vendor reliance rather than long-term self sustainability ● Don’t focus on educating the client 2 Work as a seamless extension of our client’s teams X ✓ ● Work entirely outside of clients systems and processes ● Are motivated by versions of success that don’t align to clients’ 3 Holistic approach to solve the big problem instead of lots of little ones X ✓ ● Even when an agency has that capability, it is siloed in other teams or departments ● All problems solved by more meetings, all of which become billable hours ● No single vision of how to get from here to there Proactive Talent vs. Traditional Agencies
  9. 9. Some of our customers
  10. 10. But first... @willstaney Let’s talk about recruiting problems...
  11. 11. Here are some difficult recruiting problems we see with companies we work with ● ● ● ● ● Outcome: most companies are way behind in the talent fight. @willstaney
  12. 12. You got here by doing the things you’re supposed to Pick an agency Build a career site Post to job boards Post to social media Buy lots of ads @willstaney
  13. 13. “Best practices” only work if you’re in the lead @willstaney
  14. 14. The world has changed @willstaney
  15. 15. You can’t treat them like candidates. They’re volunteers. @willstaney
  16. 16. Volunteers need a reason why. @willstaney
  17. 17. Where is the fight for talent happening? @willstaney
  18. 18. The fight isn’t happening on the job board @willstaney #EBrandCon @willstaney
  19. 19. The fight isn’t on career sites @willstaney #EBrandCon @willstaney
  20. 20. The fight isn’t on social media @willstaney
  21. 21. The fight isn’t on ads @willstaney
  22. 22. The fight isn’t about recruiters @willstaney
  23. 23. That kind of thinking is what got you into this. And what got you into it won’t get you out. @willstaney
  24. 24. It’s time to change… everything ● ● ● ● ● @willstaney
  25. 25. Element 1: Successful recruiting is about understanding candidate motives That is, we need to start with a “why?” @willstaney
  26. 26. Why do teachers teach? @willstaney
  27. 27. Understanding motivations @willstaney
  28. 28. Connect their motive with what you reward The virtuous cycle: ● ● ● ● ● ● What do you reward? Who wants to be rewarded for that? @willstaney
  29. 29. Element 2: Embrace your position as underdog @willstaney
  30. 30. What’s a challenger brand? Market Leader Challenger Brand Microsoft in the 1990’s Apple Blockbuster Netflix Ford in 2000’s Toyota Mattress Firm Casper/Purple Marriott AirBnB LensCrafters et al Warby Parker Sears in the 1980’s Target/Walmart United/American/Delta Southwest/Virgin/JetBlue @willstaney
  31. 31. Avis and Hertz An entire brand built around not being #1 @willstaney
  32. 32. You may never have thought about it this way, but most every company in this room is a challenger brand, both for your customers and talent. @willstaney
  33. 33. How it works The Challenge
  34. 34. OurProcess Research Position M essage Distribute Activate M easure @willstaney
  35. 35. Intro: Which job would you apply to? ? @willstaney
  36. 36. Defining your motivations YARP @willstaney
  37. 37. YARP: Yet Another Recruiting Post Join me! I have an opening! Great opportunity! Wanted! Join us! We’re hiring! The channel and tactic doesn’t matter @willstaney
  38. 38. Big cities and small towns Smalltowns Programmatic coverage (display, video, mobile) Largercities Newspapers Geolocated ads Geolocated social media College channels Major market content sites Associations Event/education/conferences Geo-located/competitive ads Retargeting Retargeting Position-Driven Messaging @willstaney
  39. 39. Entry-level vs. senior-level Entry-level Position-Driven Messaging Senior-level Active Passive Job boards LinkedIn/Social Content sites Video ads (educational content) Glassdoor Social/Mobile Events/Conferences Programmatic Programmatic (stop ads) Geolocated/Poaching ads @willstaney
  40. 40. Persistent brand messaging Earned Owned Review sites Job postings Advocacy Referrals Conferences POS/store display Recruiter outreach Sharing on social/hashtag Scholarships/Boot camps Videos Swag Career Fair Events Position-Driven Messaging @willstaney
  41. 41. Case studies Examples of Solving Recruiting Problems with Great Talent Attraction Strategy
  42. 42. Case Study: @willstaney
  43. 43. SavATree (2018-2019) Employer Brand Positioning and Activation The Problem: Regional arboreal and plant services company going national via acquisitions. Having problems hiring the requisite technical staff to service clients and had existing brand issues. They needed a real strategy and a comprehensive plan that executed that strategy, but didn’t have a massive budget. They were losing millions of dollars per quarter due to talent shortages. @willstaney
  44. 44. SavATree Employer Brand Positioning and Activation We took a deep dive research (surveys and interviews) to determine their intrinsic brand position and how that position sits relative to their competition @willstaney
  45. 45. SavATree Employer Brand Positioning and Activation Based on the position research, we were able to deliver a 22-page roadmap/playbook they shared with leadership, marketing, and hiring managers.. The roadmap leveraged all aspects of the company to support the common goal of establishing and supporting a strong employer brand without massive changes in budget @willstaney
  46. 46. SavATree Employer Brand Positioning and Activation • The roadmap contained: ○ Detailed instructions on how all recruiters could write compelling job postings ○ Detailed instructions on how to ethically encourage more reviews on Glassdoor ○ Language to increase referrals and social sharing ○ Content and social media strategies and a one-month editorial calendar ○ Phased approach for work over the next 18-24 months ○ Career site redesign and content recommendations ○ Creative brief for future videos ○ CRM and event marketing plans @willstaney
  47. 47. SavATree Employer Brand Positioning and Activation • Outcomes: ○ Moved overall Glassdoor from 2.8 to 3.4 in two months, with a 3.9 rating for all current employees ○ Job postings ranking higher on Google for Jobs ○ Employer brand videos that are being shared by employees and prospects alike ○ Increase in referrals ○ Better-aligned creative across all channels ○ New tagline that the CEO is thrilled with • All in the two months since delivering the roadmap @willstaney
  48. 48. @willstaney Case Study:
  49. 49. UT Health East Texas Recruitment Marketing Problem: ● Regionally remote facilities ● Higher paying competition ● Unknown Brand and EVP ● Critical/hard-to-fill hires ● No prior RMK or EB strategy ● Challenger to Baylor & Parkland @willstaney
  50. 50. UT Health East Texas Recruitment Marketing + OnDemand Recruiting ● Deployed a team of 18 healthcare recruiters ● Built a multi-channel strategy from scratch ● Programmatic + Analytics ● click > app > qualified > interview > offer > hire @willstaney
  51. 51. UT Health East Texas Recruitment Marketing @willstaney
  52. 52. UT Health East Texas Recruitment Marketing What were the outcomes? ● Increased hires 51% month #1 and 126% month #2 ● Filled 1,327 positions in 6 months (2x+ the 600 goal) ● 60% of hires were critical (nursing) ● Decreased avg time to fill: 68 to 41 days (27 day reduction) ● Lowered CPA by 50% saving $2.6 million on staffing costs @willstaney
  53. 53. UT Health East Texas Recruitment Marketing How did we accomplish this? ● Position driven messaging ● Active + passive targeting ● Programmatic coverage ● Set benchmarks + target goals ● Eliminated wasted spend ● Extra fuel to rural jobs ● Full-cycle optimization loops @willstaney
  54. 54. Remember: Change or fail.
  55. 55. Questions?
  56. 56. Thank you! Will Staney, Founder & CEO, Proactive Talent