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Bass pro shops conservation programs


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Bass Pro Shops Conservation Programs

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Bass pro shops conservation programs

  1. 1. Our mission: To inspire people to enjoy, love and conserve the great outdoors.
  2. 2. Our Founder, Johnny Morris, is personally committed to conservation and connecting our next generation to the great outdoors. Johnny is the inspirational leader for Bass Pro Shops, Big Cedar Lodge and White River Marine Group conservation and outdoor efforts. The Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies presented to John the Inaugural Citizen Conservationist of the Year award in 2012. Conservation
  3. 3. “The people of our company believe very strongly that the future of our industry, the outdoor sports we serve, and the outdoor sports we personally enjoy, is absolutely more dependent upon how we manage our natural resources than anything else.” — Johnny Morris Conservation
  4. 4. Bass Pro Shops and John personally have donated more than $100 Million to conservation and outdoor education in the past five years. Conservation
  5. 5. Wildlife & Habitat Water QualityNorth American Model Habitat and Restoration Conservation
  6. 6. Kids & Families Conservation & Outdoor Skills Youth Outdoor Adventures Multicultural Outreach Conservation
  7. 7. Sportsmen’s Rights Connect Audiences to Action 2nd Amendment Rights Conservation Leadership & Advocacy Outdoor Recreation Access Issues Conservation
  8. 8. • 10 years ago, 50% of the nation’s waterways were impaired and 40% of our fish and other aquatic species were in decline or threatened with extinction. • The conservation community knew they had to do something...and do something they did! AMERICA’S FIRST EVER FISH HABITAT INITIATIVE WAS BORN Conservation
  9. 9. We spotlighted the need for a national fish habitat initiative We played a leadership role in the national launch of the America’s Fish Habitat Initiative We funded the first national habitat pilot on freshwater reservoirs We built the first fish habitat barges We convened federal, state, and other conservation groups to talk together about fish habitat Conservation
  10. 10. Conservation
  11. 11. Conservation
  12. 12. Bass Pro Shops brought together The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Missouri Department of Conservation, and Arkansas Game & Fish Commission to launch America’s Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Demonstration Project. Conservation Bass Pro Shops initially donated $2.5 million to the project which was matched by the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation’s More Fish Campaign.
  13. 13.  1,893 Brush Piles  104 Rock Structures  76 Stump Fields  26 Rock Fence Structures  11 Stump / Rock  Combination Structures Conservation
  14. 14. Conservation Fish Habitat Video
  15. 15. • 20 Fish Habitat Partnerships have been approved by National Fish Habitat Board • The National Reservoir Fish Habitat Partnership, co-founded by Bass Pro Shops, covers the total United States • Since 2007, 599 Fish Habitat Projects have been completed in 50 states by these partnerships We are moving the needle on fisheries conservation. Conservation
  16. 16. NFHP Return on Investment • 599 projects in 50 states • Restored nearly 27,000 acres and 1,560 miles of river • Conservation project funding has included 63 million dollars from U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and 102 million in private dollars • Habitat investments have generated over 1 billion in economic value and has supported over 20,000 jobs. • Return on investment totals nearly 18:1 Conservation
  17. 17. 18 The largest, most immersive conservation attractions in the world
  18. 18. Opening in 2017, Wonders of Wildlife will be the most significant fish and wildlife attraction in the world.
  19. 19. WOW Trailer Conservation
  20. 20. Aquarium: Over 225,000 sq ft Wildlife Galleries: 60,000 sq ft Education Facilities: 40,000 sq ft Over 300,000 sq ft overall
  21. 21. 1.5 million gallons 5 exhibits over 150,000 each Over 70 exhibits 34 Saltwater 26 freshwater 10 terrestrial 800+ species Overall over 35,000 in total population Over 1 mile of immersive trails
  22. 22. A Remarkable Collaboration In Conservation
  23. 23. 2015 National Conservation Summit Attendees Attendees: • Ron Regan, Executive Director, Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies • Tony Schoonen, Chief of Staff, Boone and Crockett Club • Jeff Angers, President, Center for Coastal Conservation • Ben Carter, Executive Director, Dallas Safari Club • Dale Hall, Chief Executive Officer, Ducks Unlimited • Tom Fulgham, Chief Communications Officer, Ducks Unlimited • Rob Kramer, President, International Game Fish Association • Jason Schratwieser, Conservation Director, IGFA • Bob Ziehmer, Director, Missouri Department of Conservation • Sara Pauley, Director, Missouri Department of Natural Resources • Andrea Balkenbush, Chief, Outreach and Education, MO Dept. of Natural Resources • Crista Gibbons, Senior Director, Global Corporate Partnerships, National Geographic • Termeh Rassi, Senior Director Explorer Programs, National Geographic • Wayne LaPierre, Executive VP and CEO, National Rifle Association • Tyler Schropp, Executive Director Office of Advancement, National Rifle Association • George Thornton, CEO, National Wild Turkey Federation • Becky Humphries, Chief Conservation Officer, National Wild Turkey Federation • David Casaletto, President & Executive Director, Ozark Water Watch • Lindsay Thomas, Jr., Director of Communications, QDMA • Brian Murphy, CEO Quality Deer Management Association • Dan Ashe, Director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service • Mark, Madison, Historian, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service • Mike Kromrey, Executive Director, Watershed Committee of the Ozarks • Buddy DuVall, Executive VP of Development, Wild Sheep Foundation • Steve Williams, President, Wildlife Management Institute • Martin MacDonald, Director of Conservation, Bass Pro Shops • Rob Keck, Director of Conservation, Bass Pro Shops • Mickey Black, General Manager, Wonders of Wildlife Host: Johnny Morris, Noted Conservationist & Founder of Bass Pro Shops
  24. 24. 2015 National Conservation Summit Hosted by Johnny Morris in Springfield, MO
  25. 25. 1908 Conservation Summit
  26. 26. Opened September 2013 will Surpass 1 Million Visitors in October 2016
  27. 27. National Bass Fishing Hall of Fame Relocating from Birmingham AL
  28. 28. Children are our Future!
  29. 29. WOLF School
  30. 30. Connecting People with Nature
  31. 31.  Outdoor Adventures  Outdoor Skills  Wildlife Conservation Conservation A Series of Outdoor Recreational Events Focused On:
  32. 32. Conservation Outdoor Days Video
  33. 33. Conservation
  34. 34. Conservation Nearly 40,000 Active Participants & Over 3,000 Overnight Campers Annually 2015 Ozarks Outdoor Days 11,000 Day Participants 1,500 Overnight Family Campers / 1,400 Overnight Organizational Group Campers TOTAL: 13,900 2016 Jefferson City Capitol Outdoor Days 6,000 Day Participants 150 Overnight Family Campers TOTAL: 6,150 2016 Saint Charles, Missouri Outdoor Days 5,000 Day Participants TOTAL: 5,000 2016 Heartland Outdoor Days 6,000 Day Participants TOTAL: 6,000 2016 Finley River Outdoor Days 10,000 Day Participants TOTAL: 10,000
  35. 35. Conservation The Overnight Camping Element Over 3,000 overnight campers at Outdoor Days Ozark, 2015
  36. 36. A Vision for Saltwater Recreational Fishing The Morris-Deal Commission Johnny Morris agreed to co-chair with Scott Deal a panel initiated by the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership called: “A Vision for Marine Recreational Fishing” Conservation
  37. 37. …to include a national policy for recreational fishing. The Morris-Deal Commission developed a vision for saltwater recreational fishing. The major recommendation is the reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Fisheries Conservation and Management Act… A Vision for Saltwater Recreational Fishing Conservation
  38. 38. The seafood industry has a strong and active lobbying effort. In the past, the saltwater recreational sportfishing community failed to organize. The Morris-Deal Commission and its vision and scientific recommendations mobilized the conservation and saltwater recreational community to a united and active advocacy. A Vision for Saltwater Recreational Fishing Conservation
  39. 39. Seeing a united saltwater recreational community and a solid set of Morris-Deal Commission scientific recommendations: NOAA Establishes National Recreational Fisheries Plan on January 1, 2015. A Vision for Saltwater Recreational Fishing The Implementation Plan is underway! Conservation
  40. 40. If you look at all the fish that are caught in U.S. oceans – from shoreline to 200 miles out or less – (and you go by weight) • 98% are caught by commercial • 2% by recreational anglers and charter boats A Vision for Saltwater Recreational Fishing Conservation
  41. 41. A Vision for Saltwater Recreational Fishing The new vision will be based on economics. …The 98% is based on history The 2% of fish caught by recreational fishing creates more jobs and economic benefit than the 98% caught by commercial fishermen. Bottom Line: More fishing opportunities on the horizon for saltwater recreational anglers. Conservation
  42. 42. A Vision for Saltwater Recreational Fishing The next step is putting the rest of the Morris-Deal Commission recommendations into law as part of the Magnuson-Stevens Reauthorization Conservation
  43. 43. Averting a National Fish and Wildlife Crisis
  44. 44. Group Game Species Other Species Mammals 68 348 Birds 79 689 Reptiles 0 283 Amphibians 0 231 Freshwater Fishes 97 702 Freshwater Mussels 0 292 Freshwater Snails 0 661 Terrestrial Snails 0 1,740 Crayfishes 0 322 Insects 0 91,000 Total 244 96,268 Source: Stein, Bruce A. et al. 2000. Precious heritage: the status of biodiversity in the United States. Oxford Univ. Press. 399 p.
  45. 45. $- $500,000,000 $1,000,000,000 1939 1949 1959 1969 1979 1989 1999 2009 For Nongame (SWG) For Game (PR+DJ) Source: System of wildlife funding is incomplete. Ninety percent of fish & wildlife species lack financial support
  46. 46. Charge: Recommend a mechanism to sustainably fund the conservation of ALL fish and wildlife National Co-Chairs o John Morris, Founder Bass Pro Shops o David Freudenthal, Former Governor Wyoming  Three Meetings Held in 2015  Final Report Released March 2016
  47. 47. Funding Target = Effectively Implement State Wildlife Action Plans Nationally = $1.3 billion annually in new funding (Average State Share - $26 million)
  48. 48. Release of Panel Recommendations: • National Press Club, Washington DC • March 2, 2016 #Funding4Wildlife
  49. 49. Conservation