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ONS - Jonathan Athow

  1. Improving ONS data in response to the city region devolution agenda Jonathan Athow, Deputy National Statistician for Economic Statistics Public Policy Forum, 14 October 2016
  2. The need for change Changing policy landscape Bean Review
  3. ONS is undergoing radical change
  4. Regional and local statistics ONS currently produce a wide range of economic and social sub-national data
  5. Key regional economic outputs Regional Accounts • Regional Gross Value Added (GVA) • Regional Gross Disposable Household Income (GDHI) • Welsh Short term indicators Labour Market • Regional Labour Market Statistical Bulletin, monthly • Claimant Count • Business Register and Employment Survey (BRES), annual • Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE), annual Business Statistics • Business Demography, annual • UK Non-Financial Business Economy (ABS), annual Other • Sub-national productivity, annual • GVA for LEPs, annual • GDHI for LEPs, annual
  6. Other regional outputs / activity Analysis • City Regions and Northern Powerhouse short articles • Sub-national analysis – e.g. rural urban productivity, productivity by region by industry • Microdata improvement and analysis Small Area Statistics • Small Area Income Estimates • House Price Statistics for Small Areas • Small Area Housing Affordability International • Eurostat • NUTS regulation • European city statistics (Urban Audit) • OECD Other • Stakeholder engagement • Development of new statistical geographies to enable improved analysis – e.g. Travel to Work Areas, Towns and Cities
  7. Planned improvements • A number of developments were described in the following document, published in May 2016 income/articles/supportingdevolutiondevelopmentsinregionalandlocalstatistics/ 2016-05-25
  8. Planned work – Regional Accounts • Balanced regional GVA - produce a balanced measure, combining income and production measures (by end 2017) • The regional household account - develop annual regional estimates of household final consumption expenditure and the household saving ratio (by 2018) • Regional short term indicators – deliver quarterly output indicators for English regions (by 2018) • Flexible geography - provide a mechanism for compiling estimates for non-standard, flexible geographical areas by breaking down existing regional measures (mainly at NUTS3 level) to smaller areas and building back up (by 2019) Contact:
  9. Planned work – Public Sector Finances • Annual UK public sector finances – produce country and region estimates (by 2017) ONS will also continue to work with devolved administrations to provide them with the underlying data to allow them to produce their own country specific fiscal statistics (as is currently done with Scotland) • Devolved taxes - work with bodies responsible for administering devolved taxes to ensure that as taxation powers are devolved there is no drop in the timeliness or quality of tax data reported in the monthly public sector finances bulletin Contact:
  10. Planned work - Other • Administrative data – explore its use to increase the quality and timeliness of published estimates • Exports of services - publish experimental estimates by region and country of the UK, supplementing existing HMRC information on trade in goods by region (summer 2016) • Stakeholder engagement - develop an enhanced programme • Productivity estimates - combine estimates of regional and sub- regional productivity into a single output • Small area data - increase the range and timeliness of outputs, including income, poverty and house prices • Regional prices development - assess suitability of the current consumer price data for calculating regional price indices and consider alternative sources that could supplement the data Contact: